~ Should younger guys date older women?

Doesn’t seem like a big deal of a question for today’s times, right?  I mean, go watch the Jerry Springer show and they have people dating dogs and trees and god knows what.  But after doing some of it, not the dogs or tree stuff, I mean the older women thing, and after my buddy did the same, we wondered.  I mean women are women, and yes for you ladies out there in the dating world like us, men are men.  I know.  But what I mean is, are older women better?  The same as your own age?  Are younger women better?  Look, let’s be honest, younger bodies are tighter for the most part, women and men.  And yes, I know there are many older people who stay fit, but still.  So body-wise, generally, the younger the better.

But what about brains?  Now I know some of you are saying, who wants brains?  I just want to have fun.  And there is something to be said about that.  But my view is this.  If you want to do the one-night deal, then yes, screw brains.  Screw conversations.  Screw what the hell is happening in the world, and what politician or country is doing what.  Just get it going, and move on.  And age doesn’t matter.  But if you start dating someone for something more meaningful, like let’s see if this thing works out, then you may not want to be with a complete moron as a partner.  And even smart people can be morons.  I am saying you want common sense.  Many younger babes may act like babies, and not be mature enough for a long-term thing the way you want.  Now don’t get mad.  I’m just saying, even though older people can act stupid as well, the odds are the immature ones will be the younger ones.

So age is relative.  If you want a simple romp in the sack, who cares about age?  You want more than a simple bang-a-roo, you don’t want an idiot.  But you ask, what about sex and experience?  Good point.  So that’s another thing.  For a one-shot thing, then maybe the older ladies will be better.  And not just because of experience, but because they will be grateful.  You get a double whammy all at once.  No sex awkwardness and someone who if she hadn’t had it in a long time, will be only more willing to satisfy.  Long suffering sex-deprived (depraved?) guys can and should be appreciative as well.  And FYI, people, everyone should try to do that, women and men both.  So, good luck out there.

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