~ Want to have hot dates? (And I don’t mean the fruit.)

Because of what I do and where I work, I have often been asked how to get dates or how to get hot girls, or wild girls, etc.  People think that my work makes me the genius when it comes to the dating world and getting what I want when doing so.  Look, I won’t lie.  I probably get more than my fair share.  Kind of like anyone in any line of work gets stuff at that place or gets discounts or knows more about how to do things.  For example, I have a good friend who is a real estate broker.  And so he knows what is going on with houses, and when he knows of a good one, well below market value, he buys it himself and flips it.  Just the nature of things.  And it’s kind of funny because one of my friends who struggles with finding good dates says he can’t get any because me and all my co-workers are taking them and for the world to be in balance, someone has to get screwed, so it’s him, lol.

Well, and I know you have heard this before, and it applies to a lot of things, it’s a numbers game.  You have to work it to get it to work.  Don’t think if you limit yourself in your search that you will get tons of wild women knocking on your door.  You want to have great dates?  Want to have wild dates?  There are ways you can do it, but you need to be active.  Numbers, numbers, numbers.

You can be active with bars and clubs and even chatting it up at the supermarket, that does work by the way, assuming you don’t come across like an idiot.  And/or, and this really is the easiest way to get the ladies, join a site for singles or the type of niche dating in which you have an interest and look there.  You can find enough sites here on this website.  That is so much quicker and so much easier than the bar scene.  And cheaper!  No need to buy drinks for girls who just want the drinks and nothing more.  And don’t forget, success is in the numbers.  There are plenty of people out there looking and if you keep trying you will find what you want.  You will.

It’s a numbers game, so play the numbers.

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