~ Valentine’s Day evening hookup

Last night we received an email from someone, let’s call him Earl, who, taking our recommendation and being alone and wanting some companionship for at that time, the upcoming Valentine’s Day, joined FlirtBuddies.com.  Even though the holiday is really for women in his thinking, and for guys who want to suck up to their women to make sure they keep in their lady’s good graces, he used the site for finding a woman who herself was without a boyfriend or FWB friend and who didn’t want to be alone on the holiday.

Smart guy.  He said he started his search early last week and he rapidly found a nice girl who was between boyfriends who wanted some romance and more on Valentine’s Day.  She was a few years younger than him, just out of college – having just graduated in the mid-year, and looking for work.  5’ 5”, strawberry blonde hair, slim to medium sized body, with a great laugh.  I will call her Kelly.  She wasn’t depressed she told him by her predicament, but she felt a bit under pressure and wanted some relief.  He wrote that they got along right from the start and that both agreed that there would be no pressure to do anything more than hook up and go from there.  But she did want a nice dinner, not too fancy, she was down-to-earth, and he wanted that too.

Now Earl told us he wasn’t the greatest catch when it came to looks and some things like being financially secure.  He said he had an average, not perfectly-in-shape body, was only 5’ 7”, and that he been laid off from his job a couple months before and was looking for work himself.  It actually worked as an icebreaker of sorts.  Yeah, hey, I’m unemployed too!  Let’s have sex!  He said he actually said that.  Kelly loved it, and after they talked and talked, they both knew where things would go.  She sent him some explicit pictures, more than were on her profile and he did the same with her.  They planned to get together Saturday night, in fact they were so hot and bothered, it almost happened before but Kelly wanted a Valentine’s Day evening tryst.

Earl said he was cool with that, and when they spoke that day to confirm they each talked about a news story they had heard that day about some 20 year old guy who got naked and had sex with some semi-naked 37 year old lady on the sidewalk in front of a dress shop in Chula Vista, CA in the San Diego metropolitan area.  They agreed not to do the same, but to consummate their hookup privately in the confines of his place, and after their good time, to get in his car, and go to some public area but not in the open, as a tribute to the gutsy but crazy southern California couple, who had only just met on the trolley right before they did the nasty on the streets of San Diego County, lol.  Needless to say, Earl ended up a very, very happy man.

Hey, boys and girls.  I am not here to tell you where to have your hookups, only to tell you to have them if you want, and to use the sites we recommend to find your partner.  It is easier to do so than it has ever been.  You can use FlirtBuddies.com as Earl and Kelly did or other sites we recommend.  Enjoy!  But find a more comfortable place than laying on concrete!

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