~ Tom and NaughtyMatch

Yesterday, we got an email from a very grateful hook up site user who signed up for and had been using NaughtyMatch.com.  It did not get a 5-star review here because of the ads that were on the pages.  But 4 out of  5 ain’t bad and the guy chose that site and he swore by it.  He wrote that it was our review that convinced him to join the site and that in less than a month’s time without a whole heck of a lot of effort, he had several great hookups.  He loved NaughtyMatch!  Because he left his phone number, I gave him a call.

Tom (not his name, but he sounded like a Tom, lol) answered the phone and I introduced myself.  We went through some nice formalities including the fact that his father had gone to the same college I had, but many years earlier, of course.  So I asked Tom to tell me all the juicy stuff, and not to worry about using graphic language.  I won’t use the same but I wanted to know all the details.  I mean, the guy seemed so happy in that email.  So why not?  I really wanted to know and I like when there is someone who takes our advice and has something good to say.  As you may expect, companies will only hear complaints when things aren’t going well, and although I can’t remember the last time I got any complaint, it is nice when someone has something positive to say because even the happiest and most satisfied customer rarely contacts a company to praise it and thank someone.

OK, so what did Tom have to say?  He told me about his last date first.  He said the girl was gorgeous and he didn’t think he had a shot because of her looks.  He felt she was way out of his league.  But she liked his profile and sense of humor and she made it a point to say she was down-to-earth and low-key.  She just wanted to have a good time with a nice guy, looks be damned, who shared her kinks.  So after they chatted a few times, they hooked up and Tom tells me it was pretty wild time.  They have another date next week, but date really isn’t the word, because there is no dating with what they are doing, lol.

Tom then told me about his other hookups.  One wasn’t so great but there was action, so it was something.  The others were pretty good he said.  One lady was not perfect in body but was married and wanted to have done to her what her husband wouldn’t do.  He said he enjoyed that immensely, and hopes to get together with her again.  There were a couple just so-so dates meaning nothing kinky, but still good times.  So we chatted for a while, Tom was very happy and grateful and he told me to tell you all to join NaughtyMatch.com.  So do it!  🙂

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