~ Super Bowl date

So like everyone watches the Super Bowl, and many people go to parties and bars and the like.  Nothing new here.  I went to one too.  The boss gave a nice one at his house.  It was a great bar-b-que with all kinds of stuff, he covered all the food and drinks, but as a good boy I did bring a couple bottles of wine.  I just think that even when a host says don’t bring anything, you do.  Just good manners.  A couple other people brought stuff too.  I went alone being between girlfriends as a few others also came by themselves, and some other guys and gals brought their partners.

Nothing weird there.  But one of my co-workers, a girl, I will call her Belinda, brought a guy who met on one of the hookup sites we have reviewed here.  It was interesting because it was a hook up dating site, NaughtyMatch.com.  I mean why advertise you are hooking up like that to all, lol.  But Belinda is cool, very cool, and damn cute. I wanted to go out with her but we all know it’s best not to date within the office.  No official rule, but HR has told us if something goes wrong and it affects work we could get canned, so we just know it’s best not to.

But back to Belinda and this guy, Warren.  She has guts.  She could have just said I know this guy from here or there, but nope, she told us in advance she may bring this guy from the site.  We didn’t believe her, but she did.  And it’s hard to tease anyone who doesn’t really give a crap what anyone thinks.  I mean what are we to think?  She met a guy on a hook up site for what?  Reading poetry?  More power to Belinda, and the guy too, I guess.  After all, he didn’t care either.  He seemed nice.  Clean cut, respectful, even funny.  They looked like they were happy with each other for a first date at the boss’ house with a bunch of others there.

Well, we watched the game in the boss’ den.  He has a big den in his big house.  It’s good to be boss.  No one got wasted.  And it seemed we were split down the middle with our loyalties, half for the Patriots, half for the Seahawks.  I left the place very dejected so you know who I wanted to win, or rather who I didn’t want to win.  Exciting and then disappointing ending, as you know.

What is the lesson of this story if there is one?  Take the plunge, don’t worry, don’t care what other people think.  Make yourself happy however that will be.  You can find your Belinda or Warren too.  And you can tell from Belinda that at least some of the ladies like her are pretty darn bold.  And as for her being within a site that we review, and is that OK?  Yes, in fact, the boss wants us to use the sites so we have our own legitimate experiences and can be credible when reviewing or working with the sites.

Again, Belinda used NaughtyMatch.com.  You can also try others on DateSitesReview.com – Hookup Sites.  Enjoy!

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