~ A very strange date

It was 4 years ago.  I had just started my work here and I was giving dating advice as well as doing some technical things and more. Here is what happened.

My old college roommate, Dennis, told me he had a sure thing for me.  You know those sure things, right?  The girl who will give it up no matter what.  He even told me that she was called “Easy Ellie” in school.  He never met her but his friend from work told him about her.  So I called the number Dennis gave me and I got one of those phone company recordings saying the number I called was not working.  That should have been a sign for me not to pursue the date.  But no, I called Dennis and told him her number didn’t work.  So he called her and got back to me with a new number.  So I called that number and again, it didn’t work.  Well, I got a fax sound, lol.  Second hint, not taken.  Third time a charm, I get the right number and I call and get through to Ellie.

Now Ellie sounded a bit hoarse, not like a horse, but horse as in she had a raspy voice.  She said that was normal.  We had a careful conversation.  I tried chatting it up with my customary charm, lol, but it seemed Ellie didn’t want any of that.  We just had some polite chit chat and then we decided to meet.  Now remember, this was not supposed to be anything special for me although in my mind I am always like, who knows.  In any event, the plan was for me to pick her up and then we are to go to a mall.  It had theaters and all kinds of food, and I was not able to get her to commit to anything short of going to the mall first.

So I go get her and when I get to the door I could see she was at least 10 years older than me.  Dennis had told me she was around my age.  But I went with the flow and escorted her to my car and drove to the mall.  As much as I tried to have a conversation, I couldn’t get her to open up.  We get to the mall and I say, “Let’s go to the theater to see if there is something you might want to see.”  There were 12 movie theaters.  She says OK and we walk to the place.  As we start looking at the movies, she starts crying.  Crying!  Hell, it was so weird.  She said she had a horrible day and that she just wanted to go home.  So I took her home and that was that.  Very strange.  I never called her again.  And I never trusted Dennis again, at least with women.

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