~ Sometimes it’s best not to rush

So the holiday season got you down?  It gets to me too.  We can keep busy only so much before we have some free time and then we think, boy, wish I was with someone.  Because of that, I want to tell you a story about me wanting it so bad, I rushed into what turned out to be a bad situation.

Four years ago, just after Thanksgiving when I was feeling sorry for myself at being the “extra” at a Thanksgiving dinner, because I had no date, I met a girl at a library.  Right, a library of all places, lol.  She was a brunette, about 5’ 4”, pretty good body, had glasses, was cute, really.  About 26 years old.  She was there to meet her friend who was taking college courses and needed to get some information on psychology or something like that.  Anyway, she sat down at my table and she saw me.  I was waiting for someone too.  My nephew had some school project and I was helping him on it.  Why teachers send kids to the library today I don’t know, with the internet and all, but it had to be done.  So because I was just sitting there without a book or anything, she asked me what I was doing there, and laughed.  She said you won’t get anything out of this place if you don’t open a book or something.  So we chatted.  Turns out she was just over some relationship.

Both my nephew and her friend were late and so we had a nice talk for about 15 minutes before her friend showed up.  When she did, the girl I met gave me her number.  Call me tonight she said.  So later that night, I did.  She was funny on the phone, telling me about all her past flings, etc.  I should have known something was up because she had so many in such a short amount of time.  She insisted she wasn’t a slut just had bad luck with guys.  (And I like sluts anyway, lol.)  So we decided to meet up that weekend. She wasn’t far so I picked her up and we had dinner and then hit a movie.  After the movie, in the car in the parking lot she was all over me.  I mean she sucked my face like she needed oxygen and her hands went to my swollen, you know.  Wow, I thought.  Cool!  I figured this was so fast, it would be a one night thing.  Or a few more one nights, maybe a FWB thing.  We went back to my place and had some fun.

Next day, she calls me before I even had a chance to call her, and she is making plans for all sorts of stuff even before I knew what was up.  So I tried to back it off a bit saying, hey, let’s slow it down.  She wanted a trip to a museum and a weekend trip and even wanted me to meet her mom.  I was like, holy crap.  After one night in the sack, this is what’s happening?  Then I realized her problems.  She was way too controlling and she had these fantasies in her head about what happened and what was expected.  I had to break it off right then and there.  So when I told her slow down, she got mad.  But too bad.  I ended it.  She called me like 5 more times and I had to let the calls go to voicemail the last 3.  So there you go.  Sometimes, the fun just ain’t worth it, and it’s better not to rush even when you are feeling down.

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