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CBS will be using the Orange is the New Black actress, Laverne Cox, in its new legal drama, Doubt, starting out as a TV movie this year.  It is still in filming production.  Cox plays a transgender Ivy League-educated attorney.  Her role was made for a transgender actress from the start.  CBS didn’t just decide to throw her in after some thought as to who would play the part.  That in and of itself is a great thing – a major network deciding from the start to cast a TG person who is one who plays a TG role.  Typically, while there have been TG characters in past TV shows, they have either been short-term or comedic in nature.  And may have just been someone who was not in reality transgender playing the role.  In this case, not only will a successful debut create a recurring role, but the lead actor will be an actual transgender person, Cox.  The success of diverse TV shows such as Orange and others drove CBS to make its decision and if things work out, and there should be no reason they don’t as long as the show is tight with its writing and production, Cox won’t be the last TG person to be on the small screen.  It may even advance roles on other Hollywood venues.  Broadway has been there for a while already to a certain degree.

So what does that mean to you, my readers who are transgender or transsexual or anyone with a gender identity that may be related to this topic?  Anything at all that shows that people who are TG acting as normal people in a work or social environment is helpful.  Things are hard enough with transgender or transsexual people trying to live and thrive in society.  But seeing their roles as regular members of society not only pushes their gender identities and decisions to the public forefront, it makes, ever so slowly unfortunately, acceptance come about.  Hopefully to the point that gender identity won’t cause anyone to flinch or look the other way.  You can look at almost any article on this topic, and if comments are allowed, the vast majority of them are so hateful as to remind many of how blacks were seen a generation ago.  (And still by some today, sadly.)

Perhaps one day, as Facebook has done, by adding gender identification profile options, the mainstream dating sites will do the same.  There are a number of major personals sites out there, but you know they don’t contain any semblance of ways for TG people to find those who seek them or those who seek TG-identified people.  So what do you do?  You know the answer.  You use online dating websites that cater to transgendered people, transsexuals, crossdressers, and those who are looking for ladyboys or shemales.  (And yes, some may get offended by these terms, but others not.)

Please go to DateSitesReview.com – TS Dating to connect with TS or TG like-minded people, those who are, and those who seek those who are.  TSdating.com is one of the great sites we recommend.  There is no shame anymore; there never should have been.  Find your short or long-term partner, and be happy.

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