~ Senior ladies and MILFs

There is something to be said about dating women older than you, and sometimes even much older.   And older MILFs.  Cougars are older ladies, sometimes as MILFs and sometimes not.  These older ladies like younger guys, called cubs when with cougars, and they love that they can explore their sexuality either within a marriage or outside or after.  So today I am writing about both older women and MILF older women.

I must tell you I have not had lots of dates with older women but yes I have had a few.  And the best one was with a lady 30 years older than me.  Laura was so liberated and carefree.  And yes, her body was not perfect, but it was still pretty good.  And I am not perfect myself so why should I care.  She had 3 grandchildren and was pretty proud of them from what she told me.  Her marriage of 27 years went south and so she got divorced and became a wild lady.  And I was pretty darn glad.

Laura and I dated for like 3 months.  It was mostly physical more than dating going out dating.  Which was fine by me.  The whole reason we got together was for fun. I found her on MatureLoverSearch.com and she was quick to respond.  We noted back and forth a bit and then talked on the phone, which was super wild by the way, then we shared pics, hers very wild, and then we met.  Lots of “thens” here, lol.  Anyway, we had the same in-the-sack interests and she was only too happy to please.  As was I.  I think that’s important.

The only reason Laura and I stopped “dating” was because she saw her high school sweetheart at a restaurant and decided to give it a try with him.  I had no issue with that at all being we were only a physical thing anyway.  And I wanted her to be happy.  I never heard from my cougar again and I assume she is happy and having a nice life.  So do yourself a favor.  Look for the older MILFs or senior ladies.  They will add a new dimension in your life.  Again, you can find women like Laura at MatureLoverSearch.com.  (Here is a great MILF site by the way – MilfAholic.com.)

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