~ Ouch!

This happened 3 months ago.  My buddy Dave dared me to get a date on BDSM.com.  I am sure you are familiar with that lifestyle and more power to those who are into it.  Personally, I think everyone should be happy in their lives and as long as you aren’t hurting people or selling drugs or something, do what you can to be happy.  Life is too friggin’ short and there is enough misery in the world.  For the reviews on this site, we had a few people in the office join sites and make contacts and dates and you can see that here.  But anyway, me?  Not into the whole BDSM thing but I don’t mind learning things and of course, having fun.

Anyway, once I decided, or Dave decided, lol, that I would have a BDSM date, it was like OK, should I be a Dom?  A Sub?  He said he would give me $100 if I had a date with a Mistress and got my ass kicked, lol.  Spanked and humiliated, really.  And you know, even though that is different for me, many guys like it, so why not?  I am one to do dares sometimes and who knows, it might even be fun.  Well, I perused the site and found several prospects pretty darn quick.  It’s a great site.  I settled on a particular lady because aside from her saying she loves newbies, she also had a couple nice and nasty pics up.  And from her profile and the chats we subsequently had, I could tell she was a nice lady.

So we decided to meet first near her and if all went well, to then go to her um, dungeon and she would proceed to teach me a few things, a lesson as well.  🙂  The chat was nice.  She was 36 and had a tight body, and her eyes were such a light blue.  When I told her that, she said it was for them to pierce through me.  Oh oh.  After about 45 minutes of the banter, I followed her to her place, and we went downstairs to her dungeon.  Well, it’s a basement and off to the side was a washer and dryer, but they were curtained off.  She had all the Master/Slave stuff.  I gulped when I saw what she had in there.  Even a medieval rack!  Yikes!  First she tied me to this x-post looking thing.  She made a point to say she uses ropes for everything and not clasps or belts because she believed in authenticity.

Oh, I was in my underwear by then.  So she starts whipping me with this whip thing on my belly.  Not too hard but sometimes it hurt.  And she called me names I hadn’t heard since my mother used to yell at me when I was a kid, lol.  Next she put a collar on me, rope collar, and walked me around the room like I was a dog.  Then she had me bend over this sawhorse-looking thing and had me take down my jockeys and she whipped my ass.  That did hurt.  She did it for 15 minutes at least.  Then she spanked me, paddled me and even poked me with a cattle prod.  I won’t mention the last thing, but she did ask first and I consented.

So there you have it.  Dave was happy to lose the 100 bucks for my ordeal and I couldn’t sit down for 2 days.  But looking back, I would do it again I think and I may anyway, even without the prodding, no pun intended.  🙂

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