~ Onsite dating approach versus “the meet”

I have been asked many times about how to approach a woman online.  And like so many other answers, it all depends.  I had heard others say it’s the same as approaching a woman in real life.  I disagree.  It is not the same.  Online dating allows for you to use different techniques or ways to approach a prospective partner.

First let’s look at conventional, non-online dating.  There are a multiple of ways people can meet, they can be fixed up, they can meet at someplace like a bar or club or even church or they can meet at some dating venue.  If you are fixed up, sometimes you may have some good info on the mate, most of the time not.  So when you first talk to someone you may want to date, you have to start from scratch right in front of their face.  Awkward.  And you have to date a bit and waste time finding out what your commonalities are or are not.  Time and money.

The internet takes away that first and second and maybe even third time awkwardness and time-wasting and money-wasting.  You use your profile as your introduction to any prospective partners, and she uses hers the same way.  And you can go back and forth with notes well before meeting if you wish, to see if you both are on the same page.  And a good thing is even if you see pictures, until you really actually meet, you can see if you gel without the pressure of looks, which is a good way to do things.  Looks only go so far.  If you get along first, you can go farther.

OK, so now what.  It depends on what both of you want.  And that is also the beauty of online dating.  If you want a long-term thing you can say so and you can join sites that cater to that.  If you want a simple hookup, you can make your profile there.  Like certain ethnicities?  Online.  Lifestyles?  Online.  If you want the long-term thing and you know the one you are chatting with on the dating site has the same desire, work it that way.  If you just want sex, and the one you are chatting with on the dating site wants the same, approach it as aggressively as you think you can.  It’s all as simple as that.

Here is  good long-term serious relationship, non sex hookup site – MatureLoverSearch.com.  Don’t let the name fool you.  There are ladies of all ages on here, that’s why I recommend it for serious dating.

Want the hookup deal?  FlirtBuddies.com will definately float your boat.  Have fun!

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