~ Never too old

It was last year I think that I read an article about senior women becoming more and more openly sexual.  Now I don’t mean having sex in public, I mean more open with feelings and activities that many of them do, some now starting to do more.  And so, when I was in a sex shop with a friend who wanted to get some stuff, I was not surprised to see two older women, looked like in their upper 50’s to mid 60’s shopping there.  Hey, truthfully, I had to look twice as did my friend, but I wasn’t shocked or offended.  In fact, I was like, cool, you go girls.  One had greyish hair, the other blonde but you knew it was dyed.  Which was fine.  One was a medium frame, the other kind of petite.  They had a basket and were loading it up.  As we walked by the ladies on the way to the aisle my friend needed – and yes, he was getting stuff, not me, lol – I looked in the basket.  I could see a box of condoms, this huge black double-sided dildo (the ladies were white, fyi), red panties, handcuffs and there was other stuff, but I didn’t want to make it look like I was staring in their basket so I moved quickly and didn’t see what the other things were.

It didn’t matter.  They saw me looking and the smaller lady said, “Hey, see anything in there you like?”  We all laughed, and I said. “The condoms looked like my brand, but I don’t know that I could do anything with that dildo.”  The two ladies laughed and the bigger one said, “We aren’t so sure we can do anything with it either!”  So my friend and I stopped to continue to talk to them.  “If you don’t mind me asking, are you two new to the thrills of the double dong?”  They both said yes.

Here is the deal.  Both were friends and divorced, fairly newly divorced, and they were sick of the boredom of the bedroom they had with their exes.  They were not lesbians or even bi, but they were curious and they wanted to celebrate their freedom by playing with each other and these two other guys they met on a dating site.  I was so amused by the whole thing I didn’t ask her what site.  I normally do that, so I felt bad later that I didn’t.  But anyway, they said that the next day they were going to all get together at the smaller ladies place – she said it was big – and they would all get it on.  The men didn’t know each other but they were more than happy to take part in the celebration, lol.  The ladies said one guy was younger another near their age.  They also asked if we wanted to join.  We said no.  I said, “Hell I don’t know that I am that good with a 2-some, how can I handle a 6-some!”

Well, we all went our separate ways wishing each other good luck, and what this occurrence did was reinforce to me that age means nothing when it comes to enjoying oneself.  Young or older, anyone can still have any kind of fun they want.  I knew this already.  Older men and older women enjoy companionship and yes, sex, with people their own age or with those younger or older.  And more power to them!  MatureHookupDating.com is an excellent seniors dating site to join.  I hope you consider doing so.

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