~ I met her at the laundromat

When I first moved out to Cali and I rented a small guest house that didn’t have a washer/dryer, I used to go to a laundromat about a mile away.  It was kind of a pain in the ass and although as a bachelor guy I wasn’t super into being perfectly clean, I felt a bit weird using the same rows of machines that the great unwashed masses used.  I mean think about it.  Who uses laundromats?  I was a bit embarrassed as I schlepped my dirty clothes into some noisy room loaded with people like me, and those not like me.  I also felt bad for some.  It was one thing for young people who are just starting out having to go somewhere to pump quarters into washers and dryers.  It was sad seeing moms with kids and even a few elderly folks doing the same.  One would hope that all those who went to laundromats were those just starting out.  Not so.

But I digress.  The third time I did my laundry, and I was loading a washer, this cute chubby girl came up next to me and asked me if I was using the machine to my right.  I told her no.  So she said cool, and put her stuff on the bench behind us and started separating things and putting clothes in that machine and the one next to it.  Whites and coloreds she was doing.  Like me.  She had a nice smile so I introduced myself and she did as well.  Emily was her name.  She was from South Dakota.  I told he I had never met anyone form there till now and she said, “Then this is your lucky day.”  I told her it was hers too.  We both laughed.

Emily was a graduate student and she also worked part-time as a waitress.  She was about 5’ 5”, and was a bit heavy.  But damn, if she didn’t have a great personality.  I normally just put my stuff in the machines and go back to my place while the machines are going or I take a walk or something, rather than stay in the place, and Emily said she also would leave her stuff and come back.  But we were having such a good chat we both stayed and we did our laundry at the same time even using the dryers and chatting by them.  After we were both done and had folded our clothes and put everything in our baskets and cars we made a date to be back In two weeks to do our laundry together again.  I didn’t want to ask her out right then and there.  So it was OK, see you here same time in two weeks.

Sure enough when I got to the laundromat a couple weeks later at that time, um, she was not there.  I was a bit sad as I finished loading my stuff, even hoping I could keep the two washers next to me open for her.  Well, after I had fed the coins into both machines and turned them on, she came in and smacked me on the butt!  I told her that she had better mean it if she was going to do it.  When she took her jacket off I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra.  In fact, she could see that I could see, lol.  “No clean bras,” she said.  “You don’t mind do you?”  I told her I actually preferred it.  We both laughed.  And then I asked her out.  When I did I told her it wasn’t because of her flimsy top with no bra underneath where I could see very well the outline of her lovely chest.  She said, “Too bad, because that was the effect I was trying to make.”  Needless to say, we dated for a few months and had lots of fun.  It kind of just fizzled as each of us became too busy to mess around anymore and it was mostly that, messing around.

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