~ Life imitates art, ouch!

Well, well, I guess it was only a matter of time from when the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” came out that someone would get put in jail for emulating it somehow.  A University of Illinois at Chicago freshman named Mohammad Hossain, all of 19 years old, was just charged over the weekend with sexually assaulting a 19 year old coed.  Apparently he was reenacting a scene from the popular movie.  Yesterday, bail was set at half a million bucks for the Christian Grey (main movie character) wanna be.  Yikes.  Where will a 19 year old kid come up with that kind of dough?  And get this, Hossain was actually not the troublemaking kind.  He was involved in school leadership programs, was on the triathlon team and was a student ambassador to the university’s alumni association.

So what happened?  According to prosecutors, Hossain had messed with the girl in the past even though they were not dating, a FWB thing I guess, and this past Saturday, she went to his dorm room in the early evening.  He asked her to strip down and she did leaving on her bra and panties.  He used a couple belts to tie her to his bed, stuffed a tie in her mouth and used a cap to cover her eyes.  Hossain then took off her bra and panties and started whipping her with another belt.  The girl was able to tell him he was hurting her and she started crying telling him to stop.  And guess what?  Not only did he not stop, he started punching her too!  She was able to get her arms free but he held them down and sexually assaulted her too while she begged him to stop.  Rape apparently.  Oh boy.  I have not seen the movie or read the book.  Was that all in there?

Well, after a bit the girl was able to get away and she told someone what happened, and that person called the cops.  Hossain was arrested that night and admitted his assault to detectives.  But what was his excuse?  He said they were reenacting the Fifty Shades movie and that she consented.  Right.  Good luck with that, playa.  She says no, she did not consent.  And poor Mr. Hossain wrote the following on his Facebook page an hour after his “scene” before he was arrested, “I’m finally satisfied.”  I have a feeling others locked up in the same place as the kid will be “satisfied” too, with the young man.  If he can post bail somehow he will be electronically monitored and he is forbidden to go back to the university.  And if Hossain is convicted he could get 30 years in prison.  Wow!

So there you have it.  BDSM done without permission, and I will add allegedly, but if it is done without permission, it will get you into boatloads of trouble.  So friggin’ don’t do that, lol.  But, and this is an important but, if you do have someone consenting, then by all means, get it on.  People do it all the time.  That’s why there are BDSM and fetish sites, so that men and women can whip or get whipped, or take part in Dom/Sub activities, or some other fetish.  And more power to them.  We have a number of free BDSM fetish sites reviewed here – DateSitesReview.com – BDSM Dating. Or better yet, I can personally vouch for this BDSM site – BDSMsingles.com.  Get your Fifty Shades on.  Legally, please.  🙂

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