~ Humiliation and joy

(Because I personally am not into BDSM, I asked a lady from one of the sites we reviewed here to write about an experience she had.  I figure who would be better than the type of person to whom many who seek a BDSM relationship is attracted.  So, without further ado, a short story by Donna.)

I am a submissive.  I have a Master and he tells me what to do.  I call him Sir when addressing him.  What might be unusual to some of you who may not know is that unlike typical male/female relationships where closeness and love really have to do with both partners being together in the same town or area, Dominant/submissive relationships can be as intense as any vanilla (non-fetish) liaison, or even more so, from long distance.  Now I know some of you will say that there are many very good long distance normal relationships, and there are, and that’s fine.  But eventually the partners will want to meet and be together.  Both partners can be in a long distant BDSM relationship with never any intent or desire to ever meet the other person.

I am in New York and my Master is in California.  Last week he sent me a birthday gift.  I was told to call him as soon as it arrived.  It was tracked so when I knew it was almost at my house, I left work to be there when it came.  It did and I immediately called Master; not doing so would invite punishment.  He told me I could not open the box until I got naked, and I had to do so slowly telling him every move I made as I undressed.  He then told me to lie down on my bed and put the still unopened box on my belly.  He then commanded me to open the box.  In it were two things, an object to use for sexual pleasure and a digital camera.  He had me put the camera on the bed and hold the object.  Then he told me to close my eyes and think of him with me, alternately punishing and rewarding.  Master was on the speaker phone, and he directed me.  He would shout and speak softly.  I could not open my eyes.  And I had to act out with sighs and cries what was being done to me in his and my imagination.  My whole body was involved.  Master had me take picture after picture of what I was doing.

I was told I could not be too explicit here so I will just say that for the next hour I did as was directed by Master.  It had to do with doing things to myself, some for very short lengths of time, some longer.  I did a couple things I never had done before, and when I objected to one, Master yelled at me and I had to be punished.  I was, me doing what he wanted to cause myself pain.  All the while I took pictures as was directed.  Then I was told to do something that made me hesitate.  Master told me to upload all the pics to my computer and then send them to several other Masters he knew.  He had sent me an email with their email addresses.  When I hesitated and questioned Master, I earned another punishment.  So I did what he wanted.  I uploaded the pictures and sent them to 12 men I didn’t know.  I felt humiliation, happiness and gratitude.  The humiliation was obvious.  But I was happy I did what Master wanted and was grateful he cared so much about me to love me this way.  I may never meet Master but I hope we always are together.  What a wonderful birthday I had.  Thank you, Master.

(So there you have it.  Thank you, Donna.  We have reviewed some great BDSM sites here.  One of the very good ones is BondageDating.com.  Find your partner there.  Punish or be punished, or both as a top or a bottom, as long as you are happy.)

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