~ How humiliating!

Are you looking for a Dom?  A mistress?  A slave?  A sub?  Are you a vanilla looking for someone to show you the ropes, so to speak?  One of the very good sites we reviewed and hope you will consider is BondageDating.com.  We received an email from someone who had joined the site and very quickly met someone and had a great experience with more coming.  Here it is:

Hi.  First I would like to thank you guys for recommending BondageDating.com.  I am a guy who had been interested in being a sub or a slave, for oh about 5 years.  I was too chicken to do anything about it, so I just kept putting it out of my head.  See, I need to be discrete.  I am a married man with 3 kids.  I also have a sensitive type job.  So, I have to be very careful.

Anyway, I joined the site and spent some time looking around and then made my profile.  I tried to be as honest as I could be, because I am of the belief that you do unto others as they would unto you.  I don’t want anyone lying to me so I won’t lie to anyone else.  There is just too much of that going on.  So I told whoever would be reading my profile that I had never been in the lifestyle at all, had been very curious about it and wanted to, and to be a sub or slave.  I looked through the profiles of Mistresses and there were many in my area.  I didn’t write any just yet because I was still a bit tentative even though I took the first step.

3 days after I joined the site, I was contacted by a Mistress whose profile I had viewed.  We got to sending emails back and forth and I decided to take the plunge. First we met at a Starbucks just to see if we both could be comfortable with one another.  We chatted a bit and then took a walk outside to get into more talk of what she did and whether or not I wanted it.  The Starbucks was a bit crowded and the tables were so close together and we didn’t want anyone to hear.  There were tables outside too, but still there would be no privacy.  She told me her definition and how she sees the difference between subs and slaves.  She decided I was a sub, lol.  She also told me she specialized in humiliation and not just pain and she gave me the choice for the first thing we would do.  Pain or humiliation.  But she said, whatever I chose I had to do.  I could not back out.

I chose humiliation, thinking I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get the crap kicked out of me just yet, lol.  And how bad could the humiliation be, right?  She told me I had chosen FemDom.  I said OK.  She said I needed to come to her place the next day at 4 PM sharp, and I would then serve her.  I promised I would do so.  The next day when I got there, she had 7 lady friends at her place.  She made me get naked in front of them, and shower in front of them, all the while with them making nasty emasculating comments, slapping me a bit, grabbing me, and teasing parts of  me.  Then she had me dry off and walk around like a dog with a leash on me.  Next I had to serve coffee and tea to the ladies naked.  It really was humiliating.  And I loved it!  Thanks again!!!

There was a bit more that I left out, and I edited some.  But you get the drift.  So if you are a sub or a slave or want to be, or if you want to dominate anyone, join BondageDating.com.  Do it, or else!  🙂

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