~ Huh? What happened?

OK, so now it’s my turn to bitch. I am in the dating pool just like you and the rest of the restless world.  “Looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the song goes.  But truly, I have also looked in the right places.  Sure I have sought my female partner in bars and the like, but I have done the same at churches, and why not.  You know what?  I think they ought to combine the two.  Maybe like a church bar, or a bar church or something.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Doesn’t it always help when you can down a couple wherever you may be?  I wonder if I could patent this idea.  But I digress.

Last week, I was set up by my buddy Dave.  No searching in a bar or club, just a sure bet from my friend.  And hey, that doesn’t necessarily mean sex, but who knows, right?  I don’t force myself on anyone, but damn, I can be so charming and lovable, the ladies just want to want me so bad, lol.  Dave told me the girl was a friend of a friend and he was told she was more cute that hot.  Fine by me, I am no Brad Pitt.  (Hey. I am no arm pit, either.)  But he said she was really nice and a lot of fun bordering on the wild.  Maybe even kinky.  Strawberry blonde, blue eyes, built.  Sounded good enough for this weary man.

So how did it go, you ask?  OK, OK, I will tell you.  It started out pretty good.  I didn’t pick her up; we met at a bar located between the two of us.  It was like you always see in the movies or on TV.  Hi, are you so and so?  Awkward at first, but with the drinks, we both loosened up, and I think we both looked better to each other.  (Oh, so that’s what the alcohol is for.)  And she was very cute, a medium framed gal, but pretty.  We had a great chat, I mean really good.  The conversation flowed like the fluids going down our throats.  And get this.  We played darts.  I mean friggin darts.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had done that.  Things went so well, and for like 2 hours, I was thinking to myself, wow, this will only get better.

But then, a weird thing happened.  She suddenly said she had to go.  And it wasn’t one of those, excuse me while I take this call kind of thing with a friend calling to give a her way out.  There was no call.  She just all of a sudden had to go. Just like that!  And she did. It was bizzare.  I wasn’t imagining we were having a great time, because we were, really, believe me.  She just about ran out and we didn’t even exchange numbers.  I asked my friend the next day if he could find out what happened, and when he got back to me, he just said the girl said the date was nice, and that was that.  Sheesh.  Next!!

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