~ Holiday time

Ah, the holidays.  This is the busiest time of year for most, people buying gifts, traveling, seeing grandma and all.  And it’s a busy time for me here, because this is the time when those who have been alone look for some comfort to fill the vacuum of yes, for many, loneliness.  And it’s also a time for those who are have ended a relationship and are starting over and who want to find someone to continue being with a partner.  It’s all normal.  What I tell people who write me at the company, and what I tell friends and others is, don’t despair.  With this internet thing, if you make a small amount of effort, you will find someone.  Either someone who will be your forever, or maybe who will be your today or tomorrow only.  And whether you just want a today or tomorrow only, or if you want a forever and it won’t be, it’s OK.

I find that the two biggest problems people have with this dating thing is first, they don’t even try to find someone, and of course, they will just bitch about that.  And second, if they do start looking, they don’t put in the effort.  They think someone will just fall in their laps.  It is so easy and fast now to find who and what you want and in whatever niche or fetish you may like, that it’s a crime to not take advantage of what you have right in front of your face.  Just spend all of a few minutes joining a site, making a profile and then searching for your mate.  And hey, it’s fun too.

Look, I know I’m in the business here and so, you would expect me to promote the sites I have reviewed, and fyi, not all get good scores.  But I truly, honestly want people to be happy, especially those who take the time to join the sites I recommend.  I have looked at all the sites, my reviews are not bogus and I know what works and what doesn’t.  It’s funny, my dad told me last week when I called to tell him what time I would arrive back home, and when he asked me how things were, that he remembers being alone earlier in his life on the holidays.  And he said this, “Hell, boy, had I had all this computer dating stuff when I was younger, I would never have left the house except to meet the ladies and you know.  But then again I would probably have never met your mother; I would have been too ******* busy!”  And then I heard my mom yell at him and she got on the phone and yelled at me.  As usual.

So anyway, happy holidays and take some action.  Join a site and have some fun!

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