~ My high school dating

When I was in high school I didn’t really date until I was a senior.  OK, I admit it, I was a bit scared.  In fact, terrified, lol.  Girls got me all nervous.  I said the wrong things, I did the wrong things, I always had my foot in my mouth.  So I just fantasized and got frustrated through most of school, but 3 weeks after I started 12th grade, I met a girl, Dana, in the cafeteria and she was cute and just used to giggle at no matter what I would say, so I became more aggressive and the dating thing between us just sort of happened.

We hung out more and more and then went out.  I had a 6 year old Mustang, the car, not the horse, lol, and she liked it.  She made the first move one night after a movie and then we just went from there.  She was my first, I was not hers.  No biggie.  We started doing everything together.  My parents were pretty happy.  I think they were worried I was gay, lol.  Not that they are homophobic or anything.  They were just wondering from where they would eventually find me a partner, lol.  Dana and I spent so much time together we started becoming too used to each other.   We got bored.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We had lots of fun for a few months, but after that it just sort of fizzled.  We stayed friends as we both moved on.

Dating Dana was a good learning experience for sure and so I finally got more confident and lost most of the jitters that had haunted me through my junior year.  I was quite the heartbreaker by the way, when I was in kindergarten, I understand.  But after that, fugetaboutit.  In any event, after Dana I even became charming, lol.  My best friend used to tell me, Dude, you have quite a rap there.  I became a good talker.  Didn’t mean half the crap I said, but that was good learning as well.  I don’t think anyone means half of what they say.

After winter break, I met Allison.  She was pretty damn cute.  Redhead, petite, very athletic, and just plain nutty as well.  Very spontaneous.   Allie was loads of fun.  Sometimes she would piss me off and sometimes I would piss her off, but we made it work.  This was also the first time my dating made my friends nuts.  They felt I was whipped.  Allie was controlling but I kind of didn’t mind.  She was nutty as I said.  I can’t tell you the kinds if weird things she was into.  But I liked it and went along.  More learning about girls and dating, I figured, even if things wouldn’t work out.  I knew many people married their high school sweetheart, but I didn’t even think about that.  Whatever would be would be.  We dated through till the end of the year and then we both went off to college and that was that.  On to college!

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