~ What happens in Vegas

So I went to Las Vegas this past weekend.  I had a bachelor party of sorts to go to, and well, although this wasn’t like the movie, The Hangover, it was fun and wild.

The guy getting married, Warren, was more of an acquaintance of mine, a friend of a friend, so it wasn’t like I was going to be the best man or anything at his wedding.  Hell, I wasn’t even invited to the wedding, which is this coming Saturday by the way.  But the best man, Frank, or Frankie, is my friend, and he wanted the groom’s last free weekend to be memorable for him.  So Frankie, a good friend to people, put together a group of guys, 7 in all, to go to Vegas with him and Warren to mess around, cavort, etc.  Now Warren’s fiancé wasn’t super thrilled, but she was OK with the whole thing as long as Warren didn’t do anything sexual.  He agreed and we all agreed that the rest of us had no such restrictions to worry about, lol.

We drove in two cars Friday at about noon, and hit Vegas at about 5, a little after.  Not bad for a Friday.  I don’t want to mention the hotel we stayed at because of what happened.  You will see.  Frankie had arranged for 2 strippers to some to one of our rooms to do their thing, and he also knew a couple girls from LA who had moved to Vegas who he asked to come by and also to bring friends.  So we were all excited about the whole thing, not knowing what would happen.

We had a good dinner and got Warren semi-drunk and then went back to our rooms.  We all crashed for a couple hours till 9:30 PM when we went to Frankie and Warren’s room and waited for the girls.  Frankie’s friends brought three other girls and they showed up at 9:45.  We all had a good time chatting and drinking and then the strippers showed up near 10.  They had this guy with them and we weren’t too thrilled with that but it seems sometimes that’s what happens.  He did leave after a bit, but it was a damper for the early part of things.  The strippers stripped to music on the box they brought and they went from guy to guy in the kind of circle we had and they also played with the girls.  That was fun to watch.  Damn, if two of the five weren’t bi in the least.

If you have ever been to one of these kinds of things, then you know what goes on.  As the night wore on the strippers got kind of wild.  One got drunk and fell and she knocked over a small table that had several drinks on it, wine and whatever, and all that liquid made a complete mess of the carpet.  When she got up she fell backwards against the curtain of the patio window and grabbed it and pulled the whole thing with its holder down, lol.  It was nuts.  Frankie would work it all out with the hotel but made me promise I would not reveal the name.

Anyway, after all that stripping stuff a few of us went out with Frankie’s friends and their friends and I had a great time with one of them, Angela.  Really hot, great legs and the rest. I say legs first because she had on this super short mini skirt.  Sigh.  We talked about all kinds of stuff, and believe it or not, Angela had a profile on NaughtyMatch.com.  I looked it up and we laughed about some of what she wrote.  She wanted a hookup and I asked her of we could make this get-together one of those.  She complied and we um, hooked up.  Want your own Anglela without having to go to Vegas?  Join NaughtyMatch.com.

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