~ Don’t be confusing

I got a call today, from someone who had used our reviews to join MrandMissBlack.com.  He liked that our review had the balance between the site being looking for those either interested in a long-term serious relationship if one wanted or the possibility of meeting someone who was freaky for a casual thing.  He was super happy.  But that was today.  I first spoke to the guy when he called two weeks before and his call was directed to me.  At that time, the guy, I will call him Evan, was really mad.

Here is what happened.  Evan joined the site, made his profile and looked around.  Then he started contacting people.  After sending notes to 15 girls, he only got two replies, and they both fizzled immediately.  And no one contacted him by just seeing his profile.  He was pissed.  And had I not known anything but that, I would be pissed too.  We have a reputation here.  We join the sites, we tell what is what.  We want people happy with our reviews.  Angry men or women don’t help us.

I allowed Evan to say his piece without interruption and while he did, I looked at his profile.  When the guy was finished, and it took him a few minutes going through things, I told him that I absolutely understood, and if he didn’t mind I would like to tell him my thoughts.  He was fine with that.  Evan’s profile was not that good.  In fact it was plain bad.  Look, the sites do try to get everyone to make their profiles clear and complete, but well, many people don’t do that.  Or some do a little and think it’s enough.  I don’t blame people for wanting to get right to it and search.  Hell, I might do the same.  But if I didn’t make the best profile I could right way, I would get back to it and very soon.  Profiles are your first impression.  I tell people that all the time.  It is you introduction.   It’s, “Hi, this is me.  What do you think?”  If your “me” sucks, or if it is confusing, what do you think will happen?  It really only takes a few minutes to make a decent profile, and you can always change it.

Evan, as I mentioned, joined the site for two reasons.  Both different.  His profile was confusing.  It was kind of a mix between he wanted a life partner and he just wanted a casual partner.  I broke the profile down to him.  I told him he had to do one of the other, not both at the same time.  And he admitted to me the notes or mail he sent out was also confusing.  People, you cannot do that.  Know what you want and go for it.  After a bit of chatting, he told me he wanted a long-term thing but wanted it with a girl who would also be physical sooner rather than later.  I told him to try making his profile one of long-term with his personality showing, and that within the new profile words that would show his own possible, but subtle, naughtiness.  It’s easy to do that while still looking like a long-term guy, which is really what he was.  I then told him to look for like-minded ladies’ profiles in the demographic he wanted.  Send notes only to them, work the back and forth and take it from there.  In many cases, the girl will take the lead anyway making it all easier.

Evan took my advice and he did much better, generating a lot of interest.  And yes, he and a girl on the site met and the rest looks like it will be history.  Evan is smitten and he has the exact relationship he wanted.  So check out MrandMissBlack.com and find your own perfect relationship.

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