~ I didn’t think he would do it, but he did

One guy at work, a big talker, told a few of us a story that we all found hard to believe, but if it happened to anyone, it happened to him.  He had been at a bar and they were talking about some story on TV about girls who date for money.  No, I am not talking about hookers or even escorts.  There are sites out there that cater to women, many younger who need help with college or who just want money, who hook up and go out.  Sometimes it leads to sex, sometimes not.

So there was this one girl who had 3 dates in one day, and made a chunk of cash.  No sex, just dates, looked good on the guys’ arms and was good company and that’s it.  Some guys, many guys I guess, don’t mind blowing cash to look good, spend time with girls, and get nothing in return.  I’m not like that for sure.  But hey, it’s a free country, so whatever floats your boat, right?

Well, Mr. big talker, let’s call him, Rico, because that’s his name lol, says he can do the same with 3 girls from  3 different sites here and have sex with all 3 in one day.  Right.  OK, how can we prove that?  He said he would let a person stay in his closet when he brought each girl home.  So we all say OK.  The next weekend (he needed to get a feel for the girls with writing and such so we gave him 10 days to get it together), he is ready.  It will be Saturday.  Rico says he has the girls ready.  One for a breakfast date, one for a late lunch and one for dinner.  I would be outside his building when he went in with the date.  And one of the guys would be in the closet.  I didn’t want that option, lol.

OK, so I have to admit it, the man came through.  A gal named Shana in the AM, another, Leah at about 3 PM, and the last, a Sonyita, at about 10 PM.  And she stayed over, so our other work friend was stuck there the whole night!  Rico is smooth, that’s for sure.  Wish I had his guts.  And his stamina.  Apparently he was at it all night, lol.  Go figure.

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