~ Dating black women

Why do guys like to date black women?  More to the point, why do guys love to date black women?  Can this question be answered without being racist or stereotypical in some kind of way?  That’s a tough question.  Because everything today seems so politically correct.  People can be so sensitive.  There are cultural habits or customs with different races that, like it or not, define that race.  Asian women are another group that are defined in a way that infuriates some people.  Trust me, in this dating work world in which I live, I have seen it all and I have heard it all.  Sometimes I just want to give up when it comes to defining people.  For every black lady who will agree with an opinion, another may get pretty mad.  Generally, those who complain might be more sensitive, or even feminist.  Go look, google it.  You will find that those black or Asian women who complain about some things that others think or say, and really without malice, are very vocal.  Usually those who protest are those we hear.  People who are not unhappy, or are happy, stay quiet.  That’s with anything.

So having said all that, I will preface my answer to the above question as to why there are guys who love dating black women with the caveat that these are opinions.  I have heard these views and I must say I have had them with my own dating.  Because at one point for a couple years, I would only date black women and I am a white guy.  Therefore if there is anyone out there who objects, I respect your opinion.  I mean no disrespect or harm.  These are just thoughts and at least for me, those I dated told me they were OK with my feelings as to why I was attracted to them.  And now the two reasons I have had, in no particular order.

Looks.  I think African American women, and black women all over the world are beautiful.  And yes, I mean for now on the outside.  Maybe it’s because as a white person, I am attracted to something that is so different than me in appearance.  Maybe it’s that I find them more exotic looking than many others.  And so what?  It’s a compliment.  Their appearance of being darker than me attracts me to them, period.  People are attracted at first by looks, that’s just the way it is.  Some may like blonde women because of their hair, or tall women because of their legs.  Women may like men because of their muscles or butt, or facial hair or lack of facial hair.  Is that bigoted?

Attitude.  And this includes confidence.  In my experience, black women have a lot of confidence and a great attitude.  About themselves and what they do and feel.  They are happier and more accepting of their looks, and when even a not so attractive girl has an air of confidence it makes that person attractive, I think.  In the same way if a very beautiful girl acts miserably to me, I find that person unattractive, even physically.

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