~ Dating advice for my sad friend

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen and talked to in years.  Holiday season and all, some people catch things up with long lost relatives and friends as you know.  I did some myself.  Well, anyway, I said hey, let me give you a call and let’s chat about old and new times.

So I called Larry and I am sorry to say he was not the happiest camper in the world.  He is in his 30’s and twice divorced, no kids, I guess that is lucky, and he is always looking for a woman because he doesn’t want to end up alone.  Geez, he’s not that old, but he’s worried.  And he wants kids too.  So he tells me about 2 full years of dating/girlfriend woes.  And he was so sad.  Seems he just can’t catch a break in the ladies department.  And I didn’t mean ladies department as in, “4th floor!  Women’s shoes!”  I mean bad luck or no luck in finding a woman.  So because of what I do he wants advice, dating advice, and wants to know what site or sites I recommend.

I asked him what he was doing to find someone and he told me the usual, clubs, bars, etc.  He said he was worried about websites because he felt it was too impersonal. I asked him what century he thought he lived in.  Was he kidding?  Is he like the only guy not on any personals site?  He did say he had joined a couple but had no luck so he termed his profiles.

I know I am biased because I am in the internet dating world but I really believe it’s the way to go for so many reasons.  So I told him about all of it and after he told me what he really wanted, and trust me, I had to force the guy (I think his ex-wives had eaten his balls for breakfast), I recommended 3 sites for him to consider.  Larry likes Asian girls so I recommended AsianFriendFinder.com.  His mom is Asian by the way, so I think that’s part of it.  (I hope he doesn’t want to date his mom!)  Larry also said he may just want a good time with no strings attached.  For that, i told him about Ulust.com.  Lastly, Larry wanted to meet an older woman.  (Hmm, maybe he does want to date his mother.)  So of course, MatureHookupDating.com.  Larry said he would join all 3.  I will let you know what happens.  As long as he is not dating his mother!

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