~ Chastity, NOT :)

Yesterday, my first cousin Marty gave me a call.  He had to tell me about this date he just had.  “I gotta tell you about this date I just had!” Marty gushed.  He always has to tell me about them, all of them, lol.  So what happened with Marty?

First a little background.  Marty dates a lot.  I mean a lot.  He loves women and he loves fun.  My boy is a maniac when it comes to the ladies.  He makes good money as a stock broker and it seems he spends it as soon as he earns it.  On women.  And yes he has a nice car and other bling but he really loves to go out.  And he loves to then stay in and have fun.  So Marty is the classic “player.”

So this is a Marty story.  I am sure I will have more, lol.  Marty found this wild girl, I am happy to say on ULust.com.  I am happy to say because I believe that whatever two consenting adults want to do, let them.  It’s none of my business, and some sites are just for that, the wild hookup.  So I am glad he used a site I recommend for his rendezvous du jour.  So this girl, he said her name was Chastity, of all things, is anything but, lol.  He found her pretty darn quick when he was searching for a girl near him.  They got to talking and she tells him she has the desire to be spanked and whipped, pretty much messed with that way and also of course have wild sex.  Now he has done that spanking and whipping thing before to girls who wanted it, so he is like, “Sure, no problem.”

She actually goes to his place the next day, they didn’t go out to eat or anything, she just wanted to get down to business.  I don’t see any issue with that.  She brought a multi-tailed bullwhip with her.  First they had sex, and he said she was wild.  No need to get into all that, lol, just use your imagination.  Then she said, “I have been naughty, daddy, and I need to be punished.”  So he turned her over and started spanking her.  She yelled, “Harder, harder,” and Marty says he was spanking her so hard his hands were aching.  Then she said, “Whip me.”  So he did.  Her butt, he said, was so red.  But then she said, “My turn.”  And she told Marty to turn over as she wanted to spank him.  Poor Marty had never been spanked, at least not since my aunt Sue caught him smoking in the basement.  But he went along, what the hell.  So Chastity, according to Marty pushes him down from all fours so that he is laying on his stomach.  She sits on his upper back facing his legs, and doesn’t spank him.  She starts whipping him!  Hard!  Marty tries to get up, but she is planted on his back in such a way that it took him like almost a minute to get away from the girl.  But she had whipped him like 15 times.  She just laid in on him fast.

And get this.  These were Marty’s last words to me on the phone.  “Hey, Bud, I can’t sit down, but you know what?  I am seeing Chastity again this coming weekend!!”

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