~ The best dating site?

I have been asked so many times I wish I had a buck for each time, what the best dating site is.  And you know the answer.  It depends, lol.  There is no one best.  That is because there are so many niches now.  If you ask what is the best fetish site, that is one thing.  Or if you ask what is the best Asian site, well, that is another.  That makes sense.  But there is no one best overall I don’t think.  And yes, I know, there are these major websites that are all inclusive supposedly that have zillions of people that get good marks by a lot of people.  And maybe if you asked me what the best mainstream site was I would give you an answer.  But those large catch-all sites are really not that way.  Do you think you can easily find someone who will want their feet worshipped on those major mainstream (boring) sites?  You know the answer.  Or do you think you can easily find a kinky transsexual there?  C’mon, you know you can’t.

So that is why we are here.  For you.  Sounds snooty, I know, but it’s true.  We firmly believe that for people who want to find someone in a particular niche or for a particular reason, you should look at places that specialize in that.  If you needed a particular surgery, would you go to a general surgeon or one who specializes in that precise field of medicine?  With whom would you be most comfortable?  You go to the one that specializes in whatever you need, you don’t go to the one who does it all but has too much forest and trees, if you know what  I mean.

Do you want a hookup tonight?  Do you think you can get one easily on one of those huge catch-all sites?  Ha!  That is why we have FlirtBuddies.com.  You WILL find your casual fling thing on that site.  If you make a decent profile and you don’t act like a jerk, you will.  And don’t think you need to be Brad Pitt or young or old.  There are many women there looking for you.  Be yourself and you can thank me later.

AsiaFriendFinder.com  has become a standard in the industry.  When building the review site, after doing much research, I read and heard a couple things about the site that were negative.  As always, I don’t knee-jerk believe what I hear, I need to see for myself, and I need to have definitive proof of anything before I form an educated opinion.  You WILL find your Asian beauty on that site.  And she will find you.

Have a fetish, maybe into some form of BDSM or some other kind of kink?  Do you think you will find that on a mainstream site no matter how big it may be?  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Go to http://BDSM.com.  There you WILL find not just BDSM, but every kink.  Go join and for free.  You will see.

So there you go.  More on the others soon, but for now, you know what to do.  🙂

~ What happens in Vegas

So I went to Las Vegas this past weekend.  I had a bachelor party of sorts to go to, and well, although this wasn’t like the movie, The Hangover, it was fun and wild.

The guy getting married, Warren, was more of an acquaintance of mine, a friend of a friend, so it wasn’t like I was going to be the best man or anything at his wedding.  Hell, I wasn’t even invited to the wedding, which is this coming Saturday by the way.  But the best man, Frank, or Frankie, is my friend, and he wanted the groom’s last free weekend to be memorable for him.  So Frankie, a good friend to people, put together a group of guys, 7 in all, to go to Vegas with him and Warren to mess around, cavort, etc.  Now Warren’s fiancé wasn’t super thrilled, but she was OK with the whole thing as long as Warren didn’t do anything sexual.  He agreed and we all agreed that the rest of us had no such restrictions to worry about, lol.

We drove in two cars Friday at about noon, and hit Vegas at about 5, a little after.  Not bad for a Friday.  I don’t want to mention the hotel we stayed at because of what happened.  You will see.  Frankie had arranged for 2 strippers to some to one of our rooms to do their thing, and he also knew a couple girls from LA who had moved to Vegas who he asked to come by and also to bring friends.  So we were all excited about the whole thing, not knowing what would happen.

We had a good dinner and got Warren semi-drunk and then went back to our rooms.  We all crashed for a couple hours till 9:30 PM when we went to Frankie and Warren’s room and waited for the girls.  Frankie’s friends brought three other girls and they showed up at 9:45.  We all had a good time chatting and drinking and then the strippers showed up near 10.  They had this guy with them and we weren’t too thrilled with that but it seems sometimes that’s what happens.  He did leave after a bit, but it was a damper for the early part of things.  The strippers stripped to music on the box they brought and they went from guy to guy in the kind of circle we had and they also played with the girls.  That was fun to watch.  Damn, if two of the five weren’t bi in the least.

If you have ever been to one of these kinds of things, then you know what goes on.  As the night wore on the strippers got kind of wild.  One got drunk and fell and she knocked over a small table that had several drinks on it, wine and whatever, and all that liquid made a complete mess of the carpet.  When she got up she fell backwards against the curtain of the patio window and grabbed it and pulled the whole thing with its holder down, lol.  It was nuts.  Frankie would work it all out with the hotel but made me promise I would not reveal the name.

Anyway, after all that stripping stuff a few of us went out with Frankie’s friends and their friends and I had a great time with one of them, Angela.  Really hot, great legs and the rest. I say legs first because she had on this super short mini skirt.  Sigh.  We talked about all kinds of stuff, and believe it or not, Angela had a profile on NaughtyMatch.com.  I looked it up and we laughed about some of what she wrote.  She wanted a hookup and I asked her of we could make this get-together one of those.  She complied and we um, hooked up.  Want your own Anglela without having to go to Vegas?  Join NaughtyMatch.com.

~ Miranda from New York

I love television.  I do.  And I am not ashamed to say it.  Truth is, sometimes I would rather watch certain TV shows, be they comedies, or movies, or sports, rather than have sex.  Anybody out there like that?  Is it because I am getting older?  Or maybe I don’t care so much anymore?  I don’t know, but I have always loved TV even as a kid. The reason I bring this up is because I was reminded last night of an encounter I had with a someone on TV.  Not a main character on any show, but she did commercials and was a semi-regular on a comedy.  I cannot say who, I am sorry, but you understand.  For the sake of this story, I will call her Miranda.  Miranda was 24 and she did fashion commercials, clothing and the like, and she also played a friend of a main character a few years ago.  By the way, she was very cute, not a knock-out, in fact a very normal looking girl, but damn cute.

I met her at the airport one day when I was picking up a cousin.  I was parked at the waiting area at the curb in front of the arrival section by the baggage area, which is a bit of a no-no for too long.  Security and all that.  The cops move around and chase you away.  I saw Miranda sitting on one of the benches near one of the glass door entrances; she was right opposite my car.  So I got out and went to the door to look through the glass to see if I could find my cousin at the baggage carousel.  But I really wanted to get a good look at the girl.  Miranda was wearing very short shorts along with a kind of revealing top.  She had this gym bag thing and a small suitcase.  So I looked at her and she saw me and I was taken aback a bit because maybe others might not recognize her but because I watched so much TV, I did.  So I said, “Hey, please forgive me for bugging you but you look familiar.  You were on a TV show, right?”  She smiled and said, “Yep, and thank you for knowing.”  I apologized to her for not know her name and she told me it was OK and told me her name.  And I said, “Right!”  And we both laughed.

Anyway, she was waiting for her car to take her where she was going.  She was visiting her great aunt.  I told her I was probably going to get moved away by the airport police very soon – I saw a guy a bit down the way moving toward me, talking to drivers – but thanked her for the chat.  She said no worries and she got up and told me to open my car’s trunk.  I did and she put her stuff in.  “Leave it open, and when the guy comes I will tell him you are halfway there, that there are two of us and the other person is about to get her stuff.”  And this is exactly what happened.  The cop gave me a sour look and said OK.

Before my cousin came out, I asked Miranda how I could repay her.  And she said to take her out that night.  I did, and we had a great time.  She came back to my place and we thanked each other most of the night, lol.  Miranda went back to New York City from where she flew in, and that was that.  That was how she wanted it.

I tell you this because an idea came to me, and I know this works for no strings attached hookups like this.  When you join a site and you make your profile, mention you like to travel, who doesn’t, and also look for girls who do.  If you are in a big metro area, you will be able to hook up or meet someone coming to your city, or you may go to hers when you travel.  You can do this with all the sites here but recently this one worked for me – Ulust.com.  It will work for you too.

~ Valentine’s Day evening hookup

Last night we received an email from someone, let’s call him Earl, who, taking our recommendation and being alone and wanting some companionship for at that time, the upcoming Valentine’s Day, joined FlirtBuddies.com.  Even though the holiday is really for women in his thinking, and for guys who want to suck up to their women to make sure they keep in their lady’s good graces, he used the site for finding a woman who herself was without a boyfriend or FWB friend and who didn’t want to be alone on the holiday.

Smart guy.  He said he started his search early last week and he rapidly found a nice girl who was between boyfriends who wanted some romance and more on Valentine’s Day.  She was a few years younger than him, just out of college – having just graduated in the mid-year, and looking for work.  5’ 5”, strawberry blonde hair, slim to medium sized body, with a great laugh.  I will call her Kelly.  She wasn’t depressed she told him by her predicament, but she felt a bit under pressure and wanted some relief.  He wrote that they got along right from the start and that both agreed that there would be no pressure to do anything more than hook up and go from there.  But she did want a nice dinner, not too fancy, she was down-to-earth, and he wanted that too.

Now Earl told us he wasn’t the greatest catch when it came to looks and some things like being financially secure.  He said he had an average, not perfectly-in-shape body, was only 5’ 7”, and that he been laid off from his job a couple months before and was looking for work himself.  It actually worked as an icebreaker of sorts.  Yeah, hey, I’m unemployed too!  Let’s have sex!  He said he actually said that.  Kelly loved it, and after they talked and talked, they both knew where things would go.  She sent him some explicit pictures, more than were on her profile and he did the same with her.  They planned to get together Saturday night, in fact they were so hot and bothered, it almost happened before but Kelly wanted a Valentine’s Day evening tryst.

Earl said he was cool with that, and when they spoke that day to confirm they each talked about a news story they had heard that day about some 20 year old guy who got naked and had sex with some semi-naked 37 year old lady on the sidewalk in front of a dress shop in Chula Vista, CA in the San Diego metropolitan area.  They agreed not to do the same, but to consummate their hookup privately in the confines of his place, and after their good time, to get in his car, and go to some public area but not in the open, as a tribute to the gutsy but crazy southern California couple, who had only just met on the trolley right before they did the nasty on the streets of San Diego County, lol.  Needless to say, Earl ended up a very, very happy man.

Hey, boys and girls.  I am not here to tell you where to have your hookups, only to tell you to have them if you want, and to use the sites we recommend to find your partner.  It is easier to do so than it has ever been.  You can use FlirtBuddies.com as Earl and Kelly did or other sites we recommend.  Enjoy!  But find a more comfortable place than laying on concrete!

~ Super Bowl date

So like everyone watches the Super Bowl, and many people go to parties and bars and the like.  Nothing new here.  I went to one too.  The boss gave a nice one at his house.  It was a great bar-b-que with all kinds of stuff, he covered all the food and drinks, but as a good boy I did bring a couple bottles of wine.  I just think that even when a host says don’t bring anything, you do.  Just good manners.  A couple other people brought stuff too.  I went alone being between girlfriends as a few others also came by themselves, and some other guys and gals brought their partners.

Nothing weird there.  But one of my co-workers, a girl, I will call her Belinda, brought a guy who met on one of the hookup sites we have reviewed here.  It was interesting because it was a hook up dating site, NaughtyMatch.com.  I mean why advertise you are hooking up like that to all, lol.  But Belinda is cool, very cool, and damn cute. I wanted to go out with her but we all know it’s best not to date within the office.  No official rule, but HR has told us if something goes wrong and it affects work we could get canned, so we just know it’s best not to.

But back to Belinda and this guy, Warren.  She has guts.  She could have just said I know this guy from here or there, but nope, she told us in advance she may bring this guy from the site.  We didn’t believe her, but she did.  And it’s hard to tease anyone who doesn’t really give a crap what anyone thinks.  I mean what are we to think?  She met a guy on a hook up site for what?  Reading poetry?  More power to Belinda, and the guy too, I guess.  After all, he didn’t care either.  He seemed nice.  Clean cut, respectful, even funny.  They looked like they were happy with each other for a first date at the boss’ house with a bunch of others there.

Well, we watched the game in the boss’ den.  He has a big den in his big house.  It’s good to be boss.  No one got wasted.  And it seemed we were split down the middle with our loyalties, half for the Patriots, half for the Seahawks.  I left the place very dejected so you know who I wanted to win, or rather who I didn’t want to win.  Exciting and then disappointing ending, as you know.

What is the lesson of this story if there is one?  Take the plunge, don’t worry, don’t care what other people think.  Make yourself happy however that will be.  You can find your Belinda or Warren too.  And you can tell from Belinda that at least some of the ladies like her are pretty darn bold.  And as for her being within a site that we review, and is that OK?  Yes, in fact, the boss wants us to use the sites so we have our own legitimate experiences and can be credible when reviewing or working with the sites.

Again, Belinda used NaughtyMatch.com.  You can also try others on DateSitesReview.com – Hookup Sites.  Enjoy!

~ Birthday BBW

Today I had lunch with a lawyer friend of mine, Larry.  We have these lunches I would say every four weeks or so.  Most of the chats we have while savoring our food are about politics, sometimes family and other things. I will admit to you that I am a political junkie, current events and all that as well.  I think I know more about what is happening around the world than most people, probably more that I should know.  I worry about things, like terrorism and the economy and energy and well, everything, lol.  I know I worry too much.  But anyway, my buddy Larry’s birthday is coming up next week so we were discussing, after the politics of course, what he would like on his birthday.

Poor Larry is coming off his second divorce.  His first marriage was years before his second, and this latest breakup has been pretty hard on him.  He wanted to make things work, she didn’t.  He actually sees her still, because they work near each other and he keeps seeing her on the street.  Bugs him no end and I feel bad for him.  He is a good guy and I am familiar with these one-sided breakups.  They are indeed painful.  She also calls him up every so often asking for something, a favor or whatever.  She cut the cord but apparently still hangs on to it.  And you know how it is, even after an official, legal separation, if the one you wanted to stay with still wants some kind of relationship even if it just to get something from you, you don’t object.  You hope maybe she will come to her senses and want you back.

But I digress.  Anyway, Larry is now into this ‘woe is me’ I am alone thing.  But Larry, who has always been a long term arrangement kind of guy, actually tells me he wants a hook up, and in some very colorful language, specific what he wants language.  And of course he asks me how to go about doing it because of what I do.  I was a bit surprised because my friend is a bit-straight laced and in the years I know him I never heard him say that.  And I know Larry so I know he is very much attracted to larger women.  It’s a bit funny because Larry is kind of short and thin, but hey opposites attract, right?  But he wanted to know what BBW site to join, so he can get the um, good time he wants.  And he doesn’t want a hooker or anything, just a nice big girl he can have fun with, maybe more than once.  And by the way, i think he really wants to settle with one again.  His first wife was a BBW.  He really thinks they are such good people, and I don’t disagree.

OK, so my first free adult dating site recommendation was FindaBBWLover.com.  That site has always performed for people.  I also recommended BBWDesire.com, another hookup performer.  I did tell Larry that if he wants to try again – and his second wife was not a BBW, quite the opposite, she was very petite, and maybe that was an issue – a very good relationship BBW site is CurvyBBW.com.  Happy birthday, Larry.  You have about a week to find your gift.  And if you use the sites above, you won’t need that long to find it, and unwrap it.  🙂

~ Dating black women

Why do guys like to date black women?  More to the point, why do guys love to date black women?  Can this question be answered without being racist or stereotypical in some kind of way?  That’s a tough question.  Because everything today seems so politically correct.  People can be so sensitive.  There are cultural habits or customs with different races that, like it or not, define that race.  Asian women are another group that are defined in a way that infuriates some people.  Trust me, in this dating work world in which I live, I have seen it all and I have heard it all.  Sometimes I just want to give up when it comes to defining people.  For every black lady who will agree with an opinion, another may get pretty mad.  Generally, those who complain might be more sensitive, or even feminist.  Go look, google it.  You will find that those black or Asian women who complain about some things that others think or say, and really without malice, are very vocal.  Usually those who protest are those we hear.  People who are not unhappy, or are happy, stay quiet.  That’s with anything.

So having said all that, I will preface my answer to the above question as to why there are guys who love dating black women with the caveat that these are opinions.  I have heard these views and I must say I have had them with my own dating.  Because at one point for a couple years, I would only date black women and I am a white guy.  Therefore if there is anyone out there who objects, I respect your opinion.  I mean no disrespect or harm.  These are just thoughts and at least for me, those I dated told me they were OK with my feelings as to why I was attracted to them.  And now the two reasons I have had, in no particular order.

Looks.  I think African American women, and black women all over the world are beautiful.  And yes, I mean for now on the outside.  Maybe it’s because as a white person, I am attracted to something that is so different than me in appearance.  Maybe it’s that I find them more exotic looking than many others.  And so what?  It’s a compliment.  Their appearance of being darker than me attracts me to them, period.  People are attracted at first by looks, that’s just the way it is.  Some may like blonde women because of their hair, or tall women because of their legs.  Women may like men because of their muscles or butt, or facial hair or lack of facial hair.  Is that bigoted?

Attitude.  And this includes confidence.  In my experience, black women have a lot of confidence and a great attitude.  About themselves and what they do and feel.  They are happier and more accepting of their looks, and when even a not so attractive girl has an air of confidence it makes that person attractive, I think.  In the same way if a very beautiful girl acts miserably to me, I find that person unattractive, even physically.

Now you know how I and other guys feel.  So guys, if you want to date a black lady, and I don’t blame you at all you now know, we have some great sites we have reviewed in which you may be interested.  One is BlackTryst.com.  It’s a great hook up site.  Looking for a less wild free black dating site?  Then consider MrandMissBlack.com.  By the way, you can find a relationship on BlackTryst.com and a hook up on MrandMissBlack.com.  Enjoy!!

~ Better with age

What is it about older women?  I mean what is it about how great they are.  Now don’t freak on me.  I am not asking you young ones to start dating 85 year old women, unless that is your thing of course.  Who am I to get in the way of any kind of true love?  I am talking about older men looking for older women and yes, younger men looking for women older than themselves.  Maybe a few years or maybe more, to the point that these ladies are seen on a seniors dating website.

Before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear.  Older men and women, seniors, actually, wait for it, don’t get weird,  actually have sex!  Yes, that’s right.  And why not?  Aside from the fact that just like anyone else, they don’t want to be lonely and want to share their lives with someone, either for an hour or for years and years, seniors enjoy sex just like someone in their 20’s.  Now maybe some do it less, and I think many do it more, but however many times they do it, they do it.  People have desires.  When I was in college my Sex Ed professor showed us the most explicit film I had seen to that point in my life and hell I was a horny college kid!  It was wild!  Two senior citizens doing the kinds of things I had dreamed about, lol.  And I learned a lot!

It is true that many older people might put more stock in companionship than a simple hook up, but guess what?  They hook up too, lol.  Older men and older women.  Older men and younger women.  Older women and younger men.  And let me tell you a secret.  When you join any senior dating site listed here, you will find people of all ages on the sites.  Most are seniors yes, but there are many men and women younger than you think looking around and they are real.  The senior sites are for older men and women who are looking for a partner, and that’s good, but there are 30 year old girls looking for an older guy and 30 year old men looking for an older women as well.

Look, I am not trying to get younger people who want a hook up to use the senior dating sites.  The goal of the senior site is first, to give seniors their own personals sites that they can join and enjoy.  I want those who are alone or not happy to find happiness.  I want them to find others their own age, those they can understand and to whom they can relate.  Relate life experiences and pursue dreams that they may have.  There are two excellent seniors dating sites here and other good ones.  You can read the reviews and choose.  But let me tell you about the two we thought were the best.  The first is MatureHookupDating.com.  The next is MatureLoverSearch.com.  If you want a nice companion for the rest of your life, you can find that on any of the seniors sites.  If you want a simple hook up, you can find it on those sites, or our hookup sites.  If you want very open-minded ladies, you can find them on all our sites.  If you are alone, find someone.  You deserve that.

~ Lonely wives want you

Yesterday, I told you about Tom and NaughtyMatch.com.  Tom had a great time with some hookup, no strings attached, ladies and one of those was a married women.  I can tell you that the lady is also on LonelyWifeHookup.com.  She is one of many ladies who are married who are not getting what they want at home. You can call her a MILF or cougar if you want.  Now I have been criticized by some for advocating the sexual cheating, I call it freedom, of married women.  We can get into the morality of it all, but if we are going to be worried about morality the lines can be drawn anywhere.  How about no sex at all outside of marriage?  No gay love?  No masturbation, even?  So come on, please don’t lecture me about morality, especially when so many act holier-than-thou act in ways that are so contrary to any semblance of morality.  People in glass houses and all that.  But enough of that.

As you know by now, I truly feel people should be happy.  It was no fluke that our founding fathers declared that we as a people were deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, or doing something criminal, do what you can to be happy.  There is way too much misery in the world.  You see it each day, and in each person’s own world, there may very well be misery.  So when one has a chance, just friggin’ be happy.  And you know if that translates to crazy meaningless wild sex with some woman who has her own misery because of a bad marriage, so be it.  She deserves happiness as well, don’t you think?

OK, so where am I going with this?  I am touting a site that delivers.  The women are hot and they show it with hot and hotter pictures.  Why do they do this?  Because many of them are free to fool around because they are in open marriages, and many of them who may not be in open marriages at least want the freedom to give their lives some joy.  You out there are what they seek.  They want to screw someone’s brains out.  They may not getting it at home.  Or perhaps they are not getting enough at home.  Or perhaps they are and just want variety.  Or maybe they are on a mission to make guys who want to be with a married women have their dream come true.

After all, married women are experienced, they know what they want sexually, and if you find one who wants that with you, then you are damn lucky.  Join LonelyWifeHookup.com and you may very well find a wife or MILF who wants to please you as you please her.  She will be grateful and you will be satisfied and vice versa.  And who knows, it may turn into more than a hook up and may be many hook ups.  Go have fun with one or with many.  They are looking for you as you are looking for them.  Just be smart about things and make a good profile.  That always helps.  And be nice.  That will definitely help.  If you don’t want to be nice you can see our BDSM sites that we recommend, but that’s a different story for a different blog column.  🙂

~ Tom and NaughtyMatch

Yesterday, we got an email from a very grateful hook up site user who signed up for and had been using NaughtyMatch.com.  It did not get a 5-star review here because of the ads that were on the pages.  But 4 out of  5 ain’t bad and the guy chose that site and he swore by it.  He wrote that it was our review that convinced him to join the site and that in less than a month’s time without a whole heck of a lot of effort, he had several great hookups.  He loved NaughtyMatch!  Because he left his phone number, I gave him a call.

Tom (not his name, but he sounded like a Tom, lol) answered the phone and I introduced myself.  We went through some nice formalities including the fact that his father had gone to the same college I had, but many years earlier, of course.  So I asked Tom to tell me all the juicy stuff, and not to worry about using graphic language.  I won’t use the same but I wanted to know all the details.  I mean, the guy seemed so happy in that email.  So why not?  I really wanted to know and I like when there is someone who takes our advice and has something good to say.  As you may expect, companies will only hear complaints when things aren’t going well, and although I can’t remember the last time I got any complaint, it is nice when someone has something positive to say because even the happiest and most satisfied customer rarely contacts a company to praise it and thank someone.

OK, so what did Tom have to say?  He told me about his last date first.  He said the girl was gorgeous and he didn’t think he had a shot because of her looks.  He felt she was way out of his league.  But she liked his profile and sense of humor and she made it a point to say she was down-to-earth and low-key.  She just wanted to have a good time with a nice guy, looks be damned, who shared her kinks.  So after they chatted a few times, they hooked up and Tom tells me it was pretty wild time.  They have another date next week, but date really isn’t the word, because there is no dating with what they are doing, lol.

Tom then told me about his other hookups.  One wasn’t so great but there was action, so it was something.  The others were pretty good he said.  One lady was not perfect in body but was married and wanted to have done to her what her husband wouldn’t do.  He said he enjoyed that immensely, and hopes to get together with her again.  There were a couple just so-so dates meaning nothing kinky, but still good times.  So we chatted for a while, Tom was very happy and grateful and he told me to tell you all to join NaughtyMatch.com.  So do it!  🙂