~ Clint night

When I was in college, some of us in the dorm had Clint night.  Yes, you guessed it.  We would all get together in the dorm room of the one in our group who had the biggest TV to watch a Clint Eastwood movie.  Every two weeks we did that with Clint’s movies.  Sometimes it would be on a date not exactly two weeks from the previous movie night, but such is the way things go in college, and if we couldn’t do it on Clint night it would be the day before or after.  Usually, it was a Thursday night at about 7.   Pizza and Clint Eastwood, what could be better?

There were four guys and three or four girls at Clint night.  John and Sara were dating, two others had boyfriends or girlfriends, the rest of us were freelance, lol.  But we were all good friends.  And we loved Clint.  Hey , I know I am saying Clint a lot, lol.  But how else can I write this?  I could call him Dirty Harry, I guess.  That was after all one of our favorites.   Mine was The Outlaw Josey Wales.  I liked the story, Josey gets revenge for what was done to his family.  I also liked his plain talk.  One of my favorite scenes is the quick eulogy for the young guy who rode with him who died.  Anyway, lol, I didn’t mean to get caught up in the movie story, but I really like that movie.  If you haven’t seen it, you should .

So this one night, I think it was when we had scheduled Escape from Alcatraz, before the movie, I went to get the pizza.  Normally we would have it delivered, but the place we got the pizza, didn’t have enough drivers that night and so we didn’t want to wait.  So your truly volunteered to get the pizza.  One of the girls brought a friend that night, a black girl named Tiara, really cute.  A sophomore, about 5’ 5”, medium dark skin, really big eyes.  Damn, those eyes.  Also a nice body, yes, but those eyes, wow.  She was visiting for the weekend from another college, hell if I remember which.  Oh well.  But she offered to go with me to get the pizza and other stuff from the pizza shop.  Great pizza, by the way.  This place called University Italian.  Anyway, Tiara came with me and we had a very interesting chat in the car for the ten minutes it took to get to the place.  You may not believe this, but it’s true.  She told me she had a favor to ask me.  I said, “What about?  Your amazing eyes?”  She laughed and said, “I knew I made the right choice.”  Hmm, I was perplexed.

Tiara told me that she had never had sex with a white guy and her friend told her about Clint night and that all the guys were worthy, and to pick one.  At least one that wasn’t in a relationship.  So she picked me because I was cute myself she said, but also because I was funny and I volunteered to get the food, when no one else wanted to do it.  Cute and generous of spirit, she said I was.  And who am I to argue?  🙂  So we went out the next night to get some dinner and then well, she got her wish.

I tell you this because black women are well known for being bold and maybe at times blunt in saying what they want, being strong and confident.  You get my drift.  And Tiara was that way as a 19 year old.  And I was damn grateful.  Black women are wonderful.  BlackCrush.com is a fantastic site where you can and will find your own bold, black beauty.  You will see.

~ Don’t be confusing

I got a call today, from someone who had used our reviews to join MrandMissBlack.com.  He liked that our review had the balance between the site being looking for those either interested in a long-term serious relationship if one wanted or the possibility of meeting someone who was freaky for a casual thing.  He was super happy.  But that was today.  I first spoke to the guy when he called two weeks before and his call was directed to me.  At that time, the guy, I will call him Evan, was really mad.

Here is what happened.  Evan joined the site, made his profile and looked around.  Then he started contacting people.  After sending notes to 15 girls, he only got two replies, and they both fizzled immediately.  And no one contacted him by just seeing his profile.  He was pissed.  And had I not known anything but that, I would be pissed too.  We have a reputation here.  We join the sites, we tell what is what.  We want people happy with our reviews.  Angry men or women don’t help us.

I allowed Evan to say his piece without interruption and while he did, I looked at his profile.  When the guy was finished, and it took him a few minutes going through things, I told him that I absolutely understood, and if he didn’t mind I would like to tell him my thoughts.  He was fine with that.  Evan’s profile was not that good.  In fact it was plain bad.  Look, the sites do try to get everyone to make their profiles clear and complete, but well, many people don’t do that.  Or some do a little and think it’s enough.  I don’t blame people for wanting to get right to it and search.  Hell, I might do the same.  But if I didn’t make the best profile I could right way, I would get back to it and very soon.  Profiles are your first impression.  I tell people that all the time.  It is you introduction.   It’s, “Hi, this is me.  What do you think?”  If your “me” sucks, or if it is confusing, what do you think will happen?  It really only takes a few minutes to make a decent profile, and you can always change it.

Evan, as I mentioned, joined the site for two reasons.  Both different.  His profile was confusing.  It was kind of a mix between he wanted a life partner and he just wanted a casual partner.  I broke the profile down to him.  I told him he had to do one of the other, not both at the same time.  And he admitted to me the notes or mail he sent out was also confusing.  People, you cannot do that.  Know what you want and go for it.  After a bit of chatting, he told me he wanted a long-term thing but wanted it with a girl who would also be physical sooner rather than later.  I told him to try making his profile one of long-term with his personality showing, and that within the new profile words that would show his own possible, but subtle, naughtiness.  It’s easy to do that while still looking like a long-term guy, which is really what he was.  I then told him to look for like-minded ladies’ profiles in the demographic he wanted.  Send notes only to them, work the back and forth and take it from there.  In many cases, the girl will take the lead anyway making it all easier.

Evan took my advice and he did much better, generating a lot of interest.  And yes, he and a girl on the site met and the rest looks like it will be history.  Evan is smitten and he has the exact relationship he wanted.  So check out MrandMissBlack.com and find your own perfect relationship.

~ Keesh

(I am a guy as if you didn’t know that and so everything I write comes from a guy’s perspective.  Sometimes I have others write this column, but when that happens, they are all men.  So I am pleased to tell you that this column has been written by lady.  It’s a good column with good advice for men who want to date black women.  Here you go.)

My name is Keisha, also known as Keesh to my friends.  I am a 34 year old African American woman, with about an average body, 5’ 6”, and I have nice breasts and a great booty.  I am on two of the sites reviewed here and I have dated and continue to date guys who contact me and who I contact.  Now that does not mean all the guys who are on the other side of my emails or notes, but some.  You wouldn’t expect me to date all, would you?  I wouldn’t have time to breathe.  And I don’t agree to date some even if I have the time, because of how I am approached.  As you probably have guessed I am in this thing for a good time, casual get-togethers, hookups.  When I have time of course, because I can be busy.  But when I am free to date I love being freaky.  OK, so now you know some about me.

I am here to give some advice to guys, white, black, Asian, whoever, who want to get with me or girls like me.  I do want to say right now that not all of us black girls are alike in what we want and what we expect from a guy.  Like other women, we can range from wine me, dine me before you **** me, to enough with the talk, let’s just go!  You may have to figure it out a bit with a few of us who are complicated, lol.  It is true, at least in my opinion, that black girls are a bit more aggressive than white or others.  We know what we want, and we have no problem telling you.  We also don’t play games, we don’t like wasting our time either.  Especially when what we want is some fun and I don’t mean going bowling.  I mean sexual fun.

So you want to know how to approach women like me?  Black women who want to be freaky?  Be yourself, be honest, be respectful.  And don’t worry about trying to impress.  Yes, some women like to see bling and want some of that, but you would be surprised at how many black women just don’t give a **** about that ****.  Hey, if we are looking for a husband that’s different.  Yes, we want to be able to get things, shoes, do up our hair nice, as examples, but I think that’s like any girl.  When we want the nasty we want it and we are aggressive about it.  We can take charge if you are a bit nervous.  Especially if you are nice and polite.  We love that.  And it is possible that we can be freaky and nasty (in a good way) but still act nice ourselves.  I don’t lack from confidence and if you are bit nervous it’s OK.  But don’t harp on any black/white thing.  I get it that you are attracted to me because of my skin color and attitude.  Fine.  No need to tell me, I don’t need to hear it, lol.  Making me laugh gets you points but don’t sweat that.  The bedroom is more important.

Personally, I like to handle it if you know what I mean.  I like oral, getting and giving.  But if you want to get it, you best give it baby.  I like attention paid to all of my body but especially those things that protrude in some way.  As someone looking for a hookup, I don’t want bull****.  I want to get going.  Feel you need to do something nice?  Make me dinner.  Have some wine available.  I don’t care about flowers.  Sometimes I can go for something unusual or different but only once we get some normal stuff done.  Oh, and it’s important you practice good hygiene. I don’t want some guy who doesn’t know what a shower is.  Don’t come with funk.  I will be fresh and clean, you be the same.  Sounds like something obvious, but it’s not to some.  Be ready for sex if that is what we are planning, and with me it is.  Don’t be like you have to do this or that.  Be ready.  I will be.  If I need to come to you, don’t be making excuses.  Sometimes I can get you here at my place, sometimes not.  So that’s it.  I hope this helped.  See ya.  Maybe.

(Thanks Keesh.  Good stuff.  Guys, she is on these two sites: BlackTryst.com and BlackCrush.com.  And there are many like her there, so don’t worry.)

~ Dating black women

Why do guys like to date black women?  More to the point, why do guys love to date black women?  Can this question be answered without being racist or stereotypical in some kind of way?  That’s a tough question.  Because everything today seems so politically correct.  People can be so sensitive.  There are cultural habits or customs with different races that, like it or not, define that race.  Asian women are another group that are defined in a way that infuriates some people.  Trust me, in this dating work world in which I live, I have seen it all and I have heard it all.  Sometimes I just want to give up when it comes to defining people.  For every black lady who will agree with an opinion, another may get pretty mad.  Generally, those who complain might be more sensitive, or even feminist.  Go look, google it.  You will find that those black or Asian women who complain about some things that others think or say, and really without malice, are very vocal.  Usually those who protest are those we hear.  People who are not unhappy, or are happy, stay quiet.  That’s with anything.

So having said all that, I will preface my answer to the above question as to why there are guys who love dating black women with the caveat that these are opinions.  I have heard these views and I must say I have had them with my own dating.  Because at one point for a couple years, I would only date black women and I am a white guy.  Therefore if there is anyone out there who objects, I respect your opinion.  I mean no disrespect or harm.  These are just thoughts and at least for me, those I dated told me they were OK with my feelings as to why I was attracted to them.  And now the two reasons I have had, in no particular order.

Looks.  I think African American women, and black women all over the world are beautiful.  And yes, I mean for now on the outside.  Maybe it’s because as a white person, I am attracted to something that is so different than me in appearance.  Maybe it’s that I find them more exotic looking than many others.  And so what?  It’s a compliment.  Their appearance of being darker than me attracts me to them, period.  People are attracted at first by looks, that’s just the way it is.  Some may like blonde women because of their hair, or tall women because of their legs.  Women may like men because of their muscles or butt, or facial hair or lack of facial hair.  Is that bigoted?

Attitude.  And this includes confidence.  In my experience, black women have a lot of confidence and a great attitude.  About themselves and what they do and feel.  They are happier and more accepting of their looks, and when even a not so attractive girl has an air of confidence it makes that person attractive, I think.  In the same way if a very beautiful girl acts miserably to me, I find that person unattractive, even physically.

Now you know how I and other guys feel.  So guys, if you want to date a black lady, and I don’t blame you at all you now know, we have some great sites we have reviewed in which you may be interested.  One is BlackTryst.com.  It’s a great hook up site.  Looking for a less wild free black dating site?  Then consider MrandMissBlack.com.  By the way, you can find a relationship on BlackTryst.com and a hook up on MrandMissBlack.com.  Enjoy!!

~ Lila

I have written about black women before.  Doubtless I will do it a lot.  It is because I love black women.  I had a black girlfriend some years ago, Lila.  I must admit she was a bit difficult to handle.  And not because she was black.  She was just a lot Type A.  And being a Type A myself, the mixture was at times explosive, lol.  When it was good it was good, when it was bad, boy was it bad.

Here is an example of the good.  Her body.  I loved it.  She had a medium frame, no fat really, and well, without getting graphic, I found parts of her wonderful.  I couldn’t get enough of her physically.  Also, even though we came from very different cultures, she was always quite interested in mine.  I was interested in hers but it wasn’t so important to her.  She admired my background and would always love family-oriented things and anything religious that would go on.  She made a point to help my family prepare things for different occasions and couldn’t have been more accepting of things until she knew me she had no idea about.  When we dated, she was a lot of fun.  She had a big laugh and it was infectious.  She liked my sense of humor and my personality.  Hey, not everyone does.  Also, she liked when I helped her with things such as budgeting and taxes, etc.

Now the bad and the ugly.  Lila was not an alcoholic but when we went to clubs she liked to drink and when she drank she sometimes couldn’t stop and a couple times it got downright ugly.  One time in a club north of LA, she got drunk and was so belligerent she wouldn’t listen to anyone, let alone me.  I didn’t know she had gotten so inebriated because she went off with a couple girlfriends and they dared her to do shots and well, she did.  Plenty.  I tried calming things as she got angry at something, I don’t even remember, and I couldn’t help her actually getting thrown out of the club.  She was so out of control that they club called the police and she was arrested!  I couldn’t get her out of there to make sure that wouldn’t happen.  It was nuts!  We had a big fight about it, and that was one of the reasons we broke up.

Also, she liked to argue about everything.  It became tiring.  And she would accuse me of not doing this or that for her.  Sigh.  The relationship was just too explosive.  The physical was not enough for a long-term dating prospect.  I couldn’t take that.  So we broke up after about 8 months.  I am surprised it lasted that long.  But please don’t let this story dissuade you from dating a black woman.  I still do, but because I am not looking for anything serious or long-term I go that route.  You can too.  Check out BlackTryst.com.  The ladies there are hot and hungry for fun.  The site will wear you out.  Want a long-term, take it slower thing?  Go here, MrandMissBlack.com.  There you will find your lovely for life.

~ What do women want?

Women like well, who the f*** knows, lol?  I was asked this yesterday, and I stood there with my mouth open and I didn’t have an answer.  Sheesh!  “Hell, if I know,” I finally blurted out.  So I went into Cindy’s office (well, her cubicle), and I said, “Cindy, you’re a women, right?”  Before I could continue, she says, “You just figure that out, Einstein?  No wonder you haven’t been promoted.”  “Ha.  No I mean what do women want?  Like, what do you want?”  “I want a Porsche and a guy who makes four times as much money as you at the minimum, and lots of shoes, and oh yeah, not you.”  OK, so that’s what Cindy wants.  I tell her to just give a good answer, one that could shed some light on this mystery from when the caveman dragged his lady by her hair as he went after some dinosaur.  So Cindy tells me everyone woman wants something different and of course it depends on the woman.

And that’s what I figured, it depends on the woman, like, it’s all relative.  Some women want the flash and the cash.  Others a home and kids.  So then it depends on what the man wants and to whether he is with the girl who wants to get what he is willing to give, whether it’s a lot or hell, not much at all.  Maybe the lady just wants fun, partying, drinking, or sex or all of that.  Maybe she wants the house and yard and white picket fence as she calls out the kitchen window and tells her kids to come in to dinner.  Is it possible that some women say they want some things but then they really don’t, or vice versa.  Of course.  So what is a man to do to make his lady happy?

Well, before the whole thing starts, you have to be sure everyone is on the same page.  And that is where the whole dating thing comes in.  I have said it before to you people and I will say it again, communicate and know what you want and she wants.  The way to do this is from the beginning, from when you look for the lady or she looks for you.  And that is where I come in.  Well, not me exactly but what I do.  The dating sites.  That is where it starts if you use cyberspace to get a partner.  It is the easiest way to find what you want in a woman, and more times than not, even just from her profile, you can know what that particular woman wants from you or out of life.  Now not every woman will be honest about that or straight about it, but once you make contact with her or her with you, you can dig into it all and find out.

And it is a two-way street.  Women have to know what men want too.  What do you want, guys?  Do you want a family or or do you want to do what it tales to make kids without the kids happening, if you know what I mean?  If you want the relationship, take the girl home to meet mom and dad thing, then I suggest you look here MatureHookupDating.com.  Believe it or not, and I know, you will find younger women who want the serious thing on the site.  I mean that, check it out, that is why I am recommending it.  Or here if you want an African American sweetie, and you can go here  even if you are not black, yep that’s true too – MrandMissBlack.com.  Sweet Asian ladies here – AsiaFriendfinder.com.  Lovely Latinas here – Amigos.com.  Wanna just get laid, lol, go here – Ulust.com.

But really, what do women want?  What you can convince them they want.  🙂

~ Black women are beautiful!

Yes they are.  I have always had this thing for black ladies and I will tell you why.  Black women aside from being exotically beautiful to me are also very confident.  It doesn’t matter what their body type, the women have a high esteem and carry themselves well.  They also are more aggressive I have found, with a sometimes wimp like me, lol.  So, simple enough, I love them.

Three months ago, I was looking through BlackCrush.com for another wonderful lady with whom to have another wonderful rendezvous and I found this sweet and wild really hot babe called Wanda.  We exchanged only 2 notes before we decided to take it to the next level, talking by phone.  If I were to note down here what was discussed, not only would I again be exhausted but I would have to bleep and ****** most everything.  🙂  Let’s just say it was um, well, you know.

I had to go out of town on business for a week, but Wanda and I skyped a couple times and made a date to meet.  I offered to make her dinner at my place and she accepted.  We had already advanced to a very comfortable level , so why not just come on over.  We both wanted something physical without the nonsense of courting and wasting time.  So after  I came back on a Thursday, Wanda came over that Friday night.  I had made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad, and I actually made a chocolate cake.  Well, it was a cake mix, but hey, my lady appreciated the effort, and she said, “Chocolate cake for a chocolate lady.”  After polishing off a bottle of wine, we headed off to do what we both couldn’t wait to do.

Look, some of you may not like this kind of thing.  But many of you would.  There are a zillion Wanda’s out there, all you have to do is join a really good site like BlackCrush.com and put in a small bit of effort, which is fun anyway.  Wanda and I “dated” for 6 weeks and we do meet sometimes for um, more spaghetti, last time at her place.  So go make your own dinners!