~ Never too old

It was last year I think that I read an article about senior women becoming more and more openly sexual.  Now I don’t mean having sex in public, I mean more open with feelings and activities that many of them do, some now starting to do more.  And so, when I was in a sex shop with a friend who wanted to get some stuff, I was not surprised to see two older women, looked like in their upper 50’s to mid 60’s shopping there.  Hey, truthfully, I had to look twice as did my friend, but I wasn’t shocked or offended.  In fact, I was like, cool, you go girls.  One had greyish hair, the other blonde but you knew it was dyed.  Which was fine.  One was a medium frame, the other kind of petite.  They had a basket and were loading it up.  As we walked by the ladies on the way to the aisle my friend needed – and yes, he was getting stuff, not me, lol – I looked in the basket.  I could see a box of condoms, this huge black double-sided dildo (the ladies were white, fyi), red panties, handcuffs and there was other stuff, but I didn’t want to make it look like I was staring in their basket so I moved quickly and didn’t see what the other things were.

It didn’t matter.  They saw me looking and the smaller lady said, “Hey, see anything in there you like?”  We all laughed, and I said. “The condoms looked like my brand, but I don’t know that I could do anything with that dildo.”  The two ladies laughed and the bigger one said, “We aren’t so sure we can do anything with it either!”  So my friend and I stopped to continue to talk to them.  “If you don’t mind me asking, are you two new to the thrills of the double dong?”  They both said yes.

Here is the deal.  Both were friends and divorced, fairly newly divorced, and they were sick of the boredom of the bedroom they had with their exes.  They were not lesbians or even bi, but they were curious and they wanted to celebrate their freedom by playing with each other and these two other guys they met on a dating site.  I was so amused by the whole thing I didn’t ask her what site.  I normally do that, so I felt bad later that I didn’t.  But anyway, they said that the next day they were going to all get together at the smaller ladies place – she said it was big – and they would all get it on.  The men didn’t know each other but they were more than happy to take part in the celebration, lol.  The ladies said one guy was younger another near their age.  They also asked if we wanted to join.  We said no.  I said, “Hell I don’t know that I am that good with a 2-some, how can I handle a 6-some!”

Well, we all went our separate ways wishing each other good luck, and what this occurrence did was reinforce to me that age means nothing when it comes to enjoying oneself.  Young or older, anyone can still have any kind of fun they want.  I knew this already.  Older men and older women enjoy companionship and yes, sex, with people their own age or with those younger or older.  And more power to them!  MatureHookupDating.com is an excellent seniors dating site to join.  I hope you consider doing so.

~ Joannie and the Bobster

I was going to write about another encounter I had with an older lady, but one of the guys here at work insisted I tell his story.  I don’t usually just cave to people who want me to tell their thing, but Bobby told me his story over lunch, and it was an intriguing tale.  And he bought me lunch.  It was good too.  My favorite fast food place, lol.

OK, so here is Bobby’s story.  I told you a bit back that the boss wants us to join the sites we research, unless we are in a relationship.  Then we don’t have too.  A few in relationships do actually use the sites because they are in open relationships, so it’s cool.  (And yes, I am sure there are a few cheaters here too, lol.)  Anyway, Bobby had a profile on one of our free senior dating sites, MatureLoverSearch.com and he would periodically connect online with ladies there, but had never met anyone.  The Bobster, as I call him, loves the older babes, he just does, and a lot older than him.  He is 26 and he has been with ladies in their upper 50’s.  And good for him.  Everyone deserves some lovin’, right?  So the Bobster says that as he was surfing around on the site a couple weeks back, he gets this IM from a lady, 52 years old, and pretty darn cute.

Her names was Joan.  She told Bobby to call her Joannie.  Booby told me he told her his name was Bobby but to call him Jethro.  Funny guy.  But hey, he told me with that first joke, he had her.  Turns out Joannie didn’t live too far from Bobby and it was a Friday evening, so Bobby said to her, “Hey, if you aren’t doing anything, want to get a drink?”  She said sure and they met at a bar about 20 minutes from him.  Close to her place.  The Bobster said she looked great.  He got there before she did and when she walked in, he recognized her from her pictures, they were spot on, he could see she indeed had the great body her pictures showed, and for someone her age.  Bobby told me at that moment he knew he wanted her.  That somehow he would have to have her.  Sooner or later, would all be up to her.

So they got to talking and Bobby said it was as if they had known each other for a long time.  He told her directly after they each had two drinks in them, that he was very attracted to her and he was hoping they could get to the point where he could get to the next level.  Bobby actually said he told her, “Damn, you are hot, I would like to get to te next level with you as soon as I can and I don’t mean the second floor here, unless you think I am being too forward and fast, and then in that case yes, I mean the second floor.”  She laughed.  He then asked her if that meant yes.  He says she replied, “What do you think?”  “Yes?” the Bobster sheepishly asked.  She then put her hand in his lap, the upper part, and repeated, “What do you think?”  And Bobby went home with er, and he saw her again a few days later.  Looks like the Bobster is doing the nasty with another older babe, and they are both happy.

Hey people, if you like the older ladies, or even if you are not sure but are curious, try MatureLoverSearch.com you may end up like Bobby, and that’s not bad, not bad at all.

~ A frigid wind from Canada

Some years ago, I met a girl on a dating site, not one of the free adult dating sites reviewed here, and I think I can safely say it was one of the worst dates of my life.  It wasn’t completely unbearable, but it was pretty bad.  Anyway, I don’t remember who started with who, to be honest, but I do remember we had nice chats.  I was on the west coast and she was in eastern Canada of all places, Montreal, over 3000 miles away.  Her pics looked really nice.  She was a petite girl, cute, and she had a nice personality.  I had no plans to go to Canada but she said she had friends out here and that she visited fairly often.  So that was good.  Even though I liked her well enough long distance, I didn’t know if I was ready to go all the way toward her after what really wasn’t a long “courtship,” if you could call it that.  That would depend on how long it all went on.

So sure enough, as we stayed in touch, she was coming to Los Angeles where I lived.  We were both excited.  Our conversations had been great, about family and work and friends and travel, and more, etc.  We had a lot in common, and I had relatives in Canada not terribly far from the girl, so if things worked out, I would go visit her.  At that time, I really wanted to find my life partner and so, I thought, hey, this long distance thing might work out.  She could be the one, who knows?  So as we planned for her visit, we became even closer.  We talked a lot more and enjoyed each conversation.  There seemed never to be any down time in our chats.  So soon the day arrived.

Because we spent hours on the phone chatting, I was pretty sure we covered most things, at least most important things.  She knew about what I did and I knew what she did for a living.  I didn’t leave anything out and I just went with the flow as did she.  And I was completely honest, about my age and anything else that came up.  So she came to LA and we immediately made plans to meet.  For our first date, I would pick her up and take her to the beach for lunch and some walking around.  We were both cool with that, figuring it would be a good way to get started.  So the day after she arrived I drove about 20 minutes to pick her up.  As I got to where she was staying, flowers in hand, and rang the bell and she opened the door, that was when the whole fantasy stopped.

When she opened the door, I was shocked.  As I said, I was honest.  She was not.  Her pics must have been taken at least 10, maybe 15 years earlier.  And although mine were current, I had a baby face so I looked years younger.  For sure she lied about her age, and I could see she had displeasure as well.  I am sure it was because she thought I would lie like she did.  Now I have had people lie about looks and age and send me old pics before, and that’s just not right, but this was a bit ridiculous.  I was mad but I was determined to try things out anyway – I am polite, I just couldn’t yell at her, “You lied!” and so I said, “Ready to go?”  She said yes and she did go with me to my car and we did go where we planned.  But there was absolutely no conversation.  Zero.  I did try, really.  The date went very fast and I took her home, no talking in the car pretty much the whole way back to her place.  Oh well.

So people, the lesson for today is, tell the truth.  If not right away, do it before things blow up in your face.  There are a number of great dating sites you can find on this site and the best are listed here: DateSitesReview.com – Top 10 Dating Sites.  Being my date was much older than she advertised, here is a great seniors dating site, LOL – MatureHookupDating.com.  You can find young people here as well, I just thought after this blog column, it made sense.  🙂

~ Open house

Several years ago when I was looking for a house, I came upon one in a pretty nice neighborhood.  Too nice and too rich for my blood, but what the heck, I decided to go in and take a look.  The house was Spanish style, an off white, pretty big, 2 floors, nice landscaping.  There was an open house going on.  I saw the signs when I was driving around the neighborhood.  I had only 15 minutes left with the open house, but figured with a house I couldn’t afford anyway, stop to look, and dream.  And maybe the realtor will know of something not that far away – I liked the neighborhood, that would work for me.  And the last place I saw had a plate of chocolate chip cookies and some cold drinks, so maybe there would be something good to munch on at this house too, lol.

When I walked through the door, damn nice door, there was a couple there speaking to who appeared to be the realtor.  I didn’t take a good look at them, I just started walking around, from the foyer into the living room, den, dining room, all that.  It was a nice spacious house.  Clean and really nice, like white paint and bright everywhere.  I like that.  The realtor saw me and said she would be with me in a minute.  So I just kept walking around.  I went into the kitchen and unfortunately, there had been something to snack on, but it was done.  Oh well.

After a minute or so in the kitchen, the realtor came in.  Now I could get a good look at her.  She looked around 60, was well-dressed and smelled great.  I remember the perfume to this day.  Kind of lemony with some spice, I don’t know.  She had blonde hair, was tan and had an amazing body.  Clearly she took care of herself or someone took care of her.  I would say she was 5’ 5”, had blue-green eyes, and a nice chest.  This was an upscale neighborhood and an upscale home and of course the real estate broker would be perfect looking.  Classy, and all that.

She introduced herself, Jessica, and we chatted about the house.  I told her right away that I couldn’t afford it.  It was near the end of the open house and I didn’t want to waste her time anyway.  I was my usual charming self, telling her after she asked me what I thought I could afford, that it was a box, but a nice split level box with double-hung windows.  She laughed and said she might have that.  I told her that yes, double-hung was even better than single-hung, but as long as it’s hung it’s better than not hung.  She looked me in the eye and then burst out laughing.  Then I did.

I told her what the hell, if she wasn’t sure about my jokes, no harm no foul, there would be no smiles.  But if she was sure, she might be happy I showed up and find me some cookies, lol.  Again, she laughed.  “I like you,” she said.  The she asked if I could hang around as she locked up.  I said sure.  I liked where this was going.  Now before you think she came back in, tore off her clothes and mine and then we did it on the kitchen table, forget that, lol.  That didn’t happen.

But we did get together an hour later after she took care of all her signs in the area, collecting them.  I went to her home.  She told me this will be a one time thing and we had a very nice one time thing.  For hours.  She had a nice Jacuzzi and we spent some time in there as well as the bedroom.  Good times.  I love older ladies.   She might have been a senior, but damn, she was as passionate and exciting as a 20 year old.  I mean that.

If you are a senior looking for a senior or if you are younger looking for a passionate older lady to love, for a few hours or for life, please see our rated free senior sites here: DateSitesReview.com – Senior Dating Sites.  Or we hear lots of good things about MatureHookupDating.com so you could just check that one out.  Have fun!!

~ Better with age

What is it about older women?  I mean what is it about how great they are.  Now don’t freak on me.  I am not asking you young ones to start dating 85 year old women, unless that is your thing of course.  Who am I to get in the way of any kind of true love?  I am talking about older men looking for older women and yes, younger men looking for women older than themselves.  Maybe a few years or maybe more, to the point that these ladies are seen on a seniors dating website.

Before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear.  Older men and women, seniors, actually, wait for it, don’t get weird,  actually have sex!  Yes, that’s right.  And why not?  Aside from the fact that just like anyone else, they don’t want to be lonely and want to share their lives with someone, either for an hour or for years and years, seniors enjoy sex just like someone in their 20’s.  Now maybe some do it less, and I think many do it more, but however many times they do it, they do it.  People have desires.  When I was in college my Sex Ed professor showed us the most explicit film I had seen to that point in my life and hell I was a horny college kid!  It was wild!  Two senior citizens doing the kinds of things I had dreamed about, lol.  And I learned a lot!

It is true that many older people might put more stock in companionship than a simple hook up, but guess what?  They hook up too, lol.  Older men and older women.  Older men and younger women.  Older women and younger men.  And let me tell you a secret.  When you join any senior dating site listed here, you will find people of all ages on the sites.  Most are seniors yes, but there are many men and women younger than you think looking around and they are real.  The senior sites are for older men and women who are looking for a partner, and that’s good, but there are 30 year old girls looking for an older guy and 30 year old men looking for an older women as well.

Look, I am not trying to get younger people who want a hook up to use the senior dating sites.  The goal of the senior site is first, to give seniors their own personals sites that they can join and enjoy.  I want those who are alone or not happy to find happiness.  I want them to find others their own age, those they can understand and to whom they can relate.  Relate life experiences and pursue dreams that they may have.  There are two excellent seniors dating sites here and other good ones.  You can read the reviews and choose.  But let me tell you about the two we thought were the best.  The first is MatureHookupDating.com.  The next is MatureLoverSearch.com.  If you want a nice companion for the rest of your life, you can find that on any of the seniors sites.  If you want a simple hook up, you can find it on those sites, or our hookup sites.  If you want very open-minded ladies, you can find them on all our sites.  If you are alone, find someone.  You deserve that.

~ What do women want?

Women like well, who the f*** knows, lol?  I was asked this yesterday, and I stood there with my mouth open and I didn’t have an answer.  Sheesh!  “Hell, if I know,” I finally blurted out.  So I went into Cindy’s office (well, her cubicle), and I said, “Cindy, you’re a women, right?”  Before I could continue, she says, “You just figure that out, Einstein?  No wonder you haven’t been promoted.”  “Ha.  No I mean what do women want?  Like, what do you want?”  “I want a Porsche and a guy who makes four times as much money as you at the minimum, and lots of shoes, and oh yeah, not you.”  OK, so that’s what Cindy wants.  I tell her to just give a good answer, one that could shed some light on this mystery from when the caveman dragged his lady by her hair as he went after some dinosaur.  So Cindy tells me everyone woman wants something different and of course it depends on the woman.

And that’s what I figured, it depends on the woman, like, it’s all relative.  Some women want the flash and the cash.  Others a home and kids.  So then it depends on what the man wants and to whether he is with the girl who wants to get what he is willing to give, whether it’s a lot or hell, not much at all.  Maybe the lady just wants fun, partying, drinking, or sex or all of that.  Maybe she wants the house and yard and white picket fence as she calls out the kitchen window and tells her kids to come in to dinner.  Is it possible that some women say they want some things but then they really don’t, or vice versa.  Of course.  So what is a man to do to make his lady happy?

Well, before the whole thing starts, you have to be sure everyone is on the same page.  And that is where the whole dating thing comes in.  I have said it before to you people and I will say it again, communicate and know what you want and she wants.  The way to do this is from the beginning, from when you look for the lady or she looks for you.  And that is where I come in.  Well, not me exactly but what I do.  The dating sites.  That is where it starts if you use cyberspace to get a partner.  It is the easiest way to find what you want in a woman, and more times than not, even just from her profile, you can know what that particular woman wants from you or out of life.  Now not every woman will be honest about that or straight about it, but once you make contact with her or her with you, you can dig into it all and find out.

And it is a two-way street.  Women have to know what men want too.  What do you want, guys?  Do you want a family or or do you want to do what it tales to make kids without the kids happening, if you know what I mean?  If you want the relationship, take the girl home to meet mom and dad thing, then I suggest you look here MatureHookupDating.com.  Believe it or not, and I know, you will find younger women who want the serious thing on the site.  I mean that, check it out, that is why I am recommending it.  Or here if you want an African American sweetie, and you can go here  even if you are not black, yep that’s true too – MrandMissBlack.com.  Sweet Asian ladies here – AsiaFriendfinder.com.  Lovely Latinas here – Amigos.com.  Wanna just get laid, lol, go here – Ulust.com.

But really, what do women want?  What you can convince them they want.  🙂

~ To app or not to app

Lately, I have received many inquiries about dating apps.  Makes sense.   I am in the dating business and I am in the technology business and I melt the two together, so why not?  You may think that being I promote dating through online websites that I might be against apps.  I am not.  In fact, many of the sites I use and promote have apps of their own.  Today, to stay competitive, you have to at least try to have that capability.  So generally I like dating apps, and I think they can be useful.

But, and this is an important but, there are issues with apps, some technological and others more scam-related and some a mix of the two.  The technological issues are those of downtime.  The scam-related issues are many seeded fake profiles or many prostitutes (yes, it’s true) and escorts with profiles, and a combination of the two, such as “hooker bots,” fake profiles that clutter the apps with pages and messages.  Yes, this has gone on and still goes on within dating sites, and if any of you use CraigsList, you may know about un-real people that attract searchers and then send them emails with links to pay sites, or escort sites, etc.  But the phenomenon of the apps includes why they are so popular.  It is because they are quick.  Phone app dating has become a “swipe” community.  Zoom, one way or the other.  There have also been criminals meeting up with people and making trouble.  And so much of this is because there is no care taken.  Again, it is all so quick.

I don’t tell people not to use apps.  I think like anything, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  But make sure your basket includes dating personals websites.  The app scams are wasting people’s time and money, and they are becoming dangerous.  Google it.  They are even a problem for gay dating or niche dating.  There have been complaints about how the apps are being used to racially profile, and it is making people mad.  Use apps, enjoy.  But by also in the least using dating sites, and taking a little, not very much, time to look around and find someone, you are usually better off.  Aside from the fact you see many more pics of people and much more data, you can also easily see everything.  Your computer monitor is much bigger than your cell phone’s screen, if you can even call it that.

Apps are being used mainly for the fast hookup.  You can find a great hookup here – FlirtBuddies.com.  And you can find great hookups even on sites where you think that might not be the case, like here – MilfAholic.com. Finally, even niche sites like MatureHookupDating.com, BBWdesire.com and BlackCrush.com can be easily used for the hookup.  So have a portfolio if you will of sites and/or apps that can and will work for you.

~ Onsite dating approach versus “the meet”

I have been asked many times about how to approach a woman online.  And like so many other answers, it all depends.  I had heard others say it’s the same as approaching a woman in real life.  I disagree.  It is not the same.  Online dating allows for you to use different techniques or ways to approach a prospective partner.

First let’s look at conventional, non-online dating.  There are a multiple of ways people can meet, they can be fixed up, they can meet at someplace like a bar or club or even church or they can meet at some dating venue.  If you are fixed up, sometimes you may have some good info on the mate, most of the time not.  So when you first talk to someone you may want to date, you have to start from scratch right in front of their face.  Awkward.  And you have to date a bit and waste time finding out what your commonalities are or are not.  Time and money.

The internet takes away that first and second and maybe even third time awkwardness and time-wasting and money-wasting.  You use your profile as your introduction to any prospective partners, and she uses hers the same way.  And you can go back and forth with notes well before meeting if you wish, to see if you both are on the same page.  And a good thing is even if you see pictures, until you really actually meet, you can see if you gel without the pressure of looks, which is a good way to do things.  Looks only go so far.  If you get along first, you can go farther.

OK, so now what.  It depends on what both of you want.  And that is also the beauty of online dating.  If you want a long-term thing you can say so and you can join sites that cater to that.  If you want a simple hookup, you can make your profile there.  Like certain ethnicities?  Online.  Lifestyles?  Online.  If you want the long-term thing and you know the one you are chatting with on the dating site has the same desire, work it that way.  If you just want sex, and the one you are chatting with on the dating site wants the same, approach it as aggressively as you think you can.  It’s all as simple as that.

Here is  good long-term serious relationship, non sex hookup site – MatureLoverSearch.com.  Don’t let the name fool you.  There are ladies of all ages on here, that’s why I recommend it for serious dating.

Want the hookup deal?  FlirtBuddies.com will definately float your boat.  Have fun!

~ Senior ladies and MILFs

There is something to be said about dating women older than you, and sometimes even much older.   And older MILFs.  Cougars are older ladies, sometimes as MILFs and sometimes not.  These older ladies like younger guys, called cubs when with cougars, and they love that they can explore their sexuality either within a marriage or outside or after.  So today I am writing about both older women and MILF older women.

I must tell you I have not had lots of dates with older women but yes I have had a few.  And the best one was with a lady 30 years older than me.  Laura was so liberated and carefree.  And yes, her body was not perfect, but it was still pretty good.  And I am not perfect myself so why should I care.  She had 3 grandchildren and was pretty proud of them from what she told me.  Her marriage of 27 years went south and so she got divorced and became a wild lady.  And I was pretty darn glad.

Laura and I dated for like 3 months.  It was mostly physical more than dating going out dating.  Which was fine by me.  The whole reason we got together was for fun. I found her on MatureLoverSearch.com and she was quick to respond.  We noted back and forth a bit and then talked on the phone, which was super wild by the way, then we shared pics, hers very wild, and then we met.  Lots of “thens” here, lol.  Anyway, we had the same in-the-sack interests and she was only too happy to please.  As was I.  I think that’s important.

The only reason Laura and I stopped “dating” was because she saw her high school sweetheart at a restaurant and decided to give it a try with him.  I had no issue with that at all being we were only a physical thing anyway.  And I wanted her to be happy.  I never heard from my cougar again and I assume she is happy and having a nice life.  So do yourself a favor.  Look for the older MILFs or senior ladies.  They will add a new dimension in your life.  Again, you can find women like Laura at MatureLoverSearch.com.  (Here is a great MILF site by the way – MilfAholic.com.)

~ Dating advice for my sad friend

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen and talked to in years.  Holiday season and all, some people catch things up with long lost relatives and friends as you know.  I did some myself.  Well, anyway, I said hey, let me give you a call and let’s chat about old and new times.

So I called Larry and I am sorry to say he was not the happiest camper in the world.  He is in his 30’s and twice divorced, no kids, I guess that is lucky, and he is always looking for a woman because he doesn’t want to end up alone.  Geez, he’s not that old, but he’s worried.  And he wants kids too.  So he tells me about 2 full years of dating/girlfriend woes.  And he was so sad.  Seems he just can’t catch a break in the ladies department.  And I didn’t mean ladies department as in, “4th floor!  Women’s shoes!”  I mean bad luck or no luck in finding a woman.  So because of what I do he wants advice, dating advice, and wants to know what site or sites I recommend.

I asked him what he was doing to find someone and he told me the usual, clubs, bars, etc.  He said he was worried about websites because he felt it was too impersonal. I asked him what century he thought he lived in.  Was he kidding?  Is he like the only guy not on any personals site?  He did say he had joined a couple but had no luck so he termed his profiles.

I know I am biased because I am in the internet dating world but I really believe it’s the way to go for so many reasons.  So I told him about all of it and after he told me what he really wanted, and trust me, I had to force the guy (I think his ex-wives had eaten his balls for breakfast), I recommended 3 sites for him to consider.  Larry likes Asian girls so I recommended AsianFriendFinder.com.  His mom is Asian by the way, so I think that’s part of it.  (I hope he doesn’t want to date his mom!)  Larry also said he may just want a good time with no strings attached.  For that, i told him about Ulust.com.  Lastly, Larry wanted to meet an older woman.  (Hmm, maybe he does want to date his mother.)  So of course, MatureHookupDating.com.  Larry said he would join all 3.  I will let you know what happens.  As long as he is not dating his mother!