~ Keesh

(I am a guy as if you didn’t know that and so everything I write comes from a guy’s perspective.  Sometimes I have others write this column, but when that happens, they are all men.  So I am pleased to tell you that this column has been written by lady.  It’s a good column with good advice for men who want to date black women.  Here you go.)

My name is Keisha, also known as Keesh to my friends.  I am a 34 year old African American woman, with about an average body, 5’ 6”, and I have nice breasts and a great booty.  I am on two of the sites reviewed here and I have dated and continue to date guys who contact me and who I contact.  Now that does not mean all the guys who are on the other side of my emails or notes, but some.  You wouldn’t expect me to date all, would you?  I wouldn’t have time to breathe.  And I don’t agree to date some even if I have the time, because of how I am approached.  As you probably have guessed I am in this thing for a good time, casual get-togethers, hookups.  When I have time of course, because I can be busy.  But when I am free to date I love being freaky.  OK, so now you know some about me.

I am here to give some advice to guys, white, black, Asian, whoever, who want to get with me or girls like me.  I do want to say right now that not all of us black girls are alike in what we want and what we expect from a guy.  Like other women, we can range from wine me, dine me before you **** me, to enough with the talk, let’s just go!  You may have to figure it out a bit with a few of us who are complicated, lol.  It is true, at least in my opinion, that black girls are a bit more aggressive than white or others.  We know what we want, and we have no problem telling you.  We also don’t play games, we don’t like wasting our time either.  Especially when what we want is some fun and I don’t mean going bowling.  I mean sexual fun.

So you want to know how to approach women like me?  Black women who want to be freaky?  Be yourself, be honest, be respectful.  And don’t worry about trying to impress.  Yes, some women like to see bling and want some of that, but you would be surprised at how many black women just don’t give a **** about that ****.  Hey, if we are looking for a husband that’s different.  Yes, we want to be able to get things, shoes, do up our hair nice, as examples, but I think that’s like any girl.  When we want the nasty we want it and we are aggressive about it.  We can take charge if you are a bit nervous.  Especially if you are nice and polite.  We love that.  And it is possible that we can be freaky and nasty (in a good way) but still act nice ourselves.  I don’t lack from confidence and if you are bit nervous it’s OK.  But don’t harp on any black/white thing.  I get it that you are attracted to me because of my skin color and attitude.  Fine.  No need to tell me, I don’t need to hear it, lol.  Making me laugh gets you points but don’t sweat that.  The bedroom is more important.

Personally, I like to handle it if you know what I mean.  I like oral, getting and giving.  But if you want to get it, you best give it baby.  I like attention paid to all of my body but especially those things that protrude in some way.  As someone looking for a hookup, I don’t want bull****.  I want to get going.  Feel you need to do something nice?  Make me dinner.  Have some wine available.  I don’t care about flowers.  Sometimes I can go for something unusual or different but only once we get some normal stuff done.  Oh, and it’s important you practice good hygiene. I don’t want some guy who doesn’t know what a shower is.  Don’t come with funk.  I will be fresh and clean, you be the same.  Sounds like something obvious, but it’s not to some.  Be ready for sex if that is what we are planning, and with me it is.  Don’t be like you have to do this or that.  Be ready.  I will be.  If I need to come to you, don’t be making excuses.  Sometimes I can get you here at my place, sometimes not.  So that’s it.  I hope this helped.  See ya.  Maybe.

(Thanks Keesh.  Good stuff.  Guys, she is on these two sites: BlackTryst.com and BlackCrush.com.  And there are many like her there, so don’t worry.)

~ My BDSM test

With the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie out, there is has become a mainstream interest in BDSM.  And if you have a Facebook account or some other social media account, then you know tests like “Are you a this…” or “What is your favorite that…” or “If you were a tree, what tree would you be…” type stuff has been constantly making the rounds.  Today, not on a Facebook account, but somewhere else, I took a “What kind of deviant are you?” test.  First, you are asked to give some personal data.  Right away it asks if you were born as a male or female and what you are now, male, female or other.  OK, that got my attention.  I like that actually.

After the personal data, there is a questionnaire.  Here are some.  Do I like or want the following:  Kinky things?  Having pain with sex?  Being forced to do things I don’t like?  Willingness to have my partner have other partners?  To be the dominant?  To be the submissive?  To have someone contact me if I want to learn some BDSM activities?  (Wow, on that one.  They even ask for your email address if you want to give it, to be contacted if you wish.)  Have my partner as the boss in the bedroom?  Me being the boss in the bedroom?  Inflicting pain during sex?  Enjoy being degraded?  Sex in public places?  Act like an animal?  (With howling, as an example.  Hmm.)  No hard limits?  Want someone to talk to about fantasies?  (Again, the optional give your email address if you wish.)  Romance more important than sex?  Feeling like a predator hunting prey?  Want to try sexual fantasies?  Want to meet like-minded people?  Like large age differences?  Willing to be a rope artwork model?  Want to be owned?  Love seeing fear in partner’s eyes?

OK, after finishing the test, I was told a number of things that I am in regards to BDSM, BDSM-related names with BDSM terminology, percentage-wise, high to low.  I won’t bore you with the details.  To be honest, the results were obvious to me.  If anything they gave me an idea of a name or two of which I was not sure.  I was like, OK, that’s what that is.  And one term I never heard of.  I would give you the link for the test, but there are a bunch of them online you can find, and besides the give us your email thing, well, after that cropped up more and more, and I thought it was cool at first, I figured it was a way to send me tons of email.

So what did I learn from this test?  Nothing much.  In fact it wasn’t all that much fun either, lol.  Just thought I’d tell you about it and save you the trouble if you are considering doing it.  The good thing is, if you want, you can show someone the results and then they will know what you like or want.  Rather than write to someone, I like this or that, you can just say here are the results of my BDSM test.  You can see I am X% this and X% that.  It does show likes and limits, so that is good too.  But I think it’s better to be more personal than write test results.

My suggestion is this, go to our DateSitesReview.com – BDSM Dating page and choose a free BDSM site to join.  Get your kink or fetish on, with BDSM or otherwise.  And when you find your partner, and you will, do it till it hurts.  🙂

~ The Asia tour

A buddy of mine went on a sex tour to a few Asian countries a few years ago.  Let me add right away that I do not recommend or endorse or condone anything like this and I don’t even think anyone needs to do it; there are plenty of women here and not as hookers if you look properly.  This is just a story, things he told me.  Anyway, he went with a friend of his who had done it before and arranged it all for the two of them.  They hit Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.  It was a two week tour.  My buddy decided about 6 or 7 years ago that he would never get married and just wanted to enjoy himself, and what is his enjoyment?  Sex.  He makes enough money so that he can travel around – he does it a lot, and after some rough patches in his life, he just wants to be happy and have fun.  And what is that happiness and fun.  Yes, sex.

Now the guy loves all women, but especially Asian women.  And it’s not because of some stereotype like submissiveness, but simply because he loves petite women, and he feels he can always find what he likes with more Asian women than others.  And there are others, non-Asian petite women, plenty, but this is his view.  By the way, if you read my column from a couple weeks back, you may remember a story about a friend’s brother who loves Asian women.  This is my buddy, the brother of that guy.  Maybe it’s a family thing, lol.

So anyway, he went on this tour.  He went to different places to meet different women in the different countries and cities, and he found two places where things were great, one terrible.  Now mind you, this was a sex tour, basically going to certain countries and hitting the hookers from the bars and clubs, legal in the areas with women of legal age.  He was careful to be sure everyone was over 18 and he says they were.  And he was never one to put himself at risk with any authorities by dabbling in things that were not legal.  And by the way, I am not here to judge any other risks he takes by doing what he did and still does.  He tells me that everyone who looks to hook up does the same if they buy dinner and flowers, etc. before a date that is for sure one that will end up in sex.

The great places with the nicest cutest girls were in Thailand and the Philippines.  The worst was in Japan.  Even though he said in Japan they have these places you can go to where you are in a huge tub and as many women as you want are naked with you and wash you which he felt was very erotic, to them when it came right down to it, it was all about the job, money.  He understands that money is a big deal for these things but unlike the girls in Thailand and the Philippines, he always felt they were on the job.  He couldn’t get comfortable with the things said and queried.  The Thai girls and the Filipinas didn’t focus on the cash, they just seemed to enjoy themselves and wanted to have fun too.  That made it fun for him.  Those girls were also more personable, and happy.

Look, it could be he went to the wrong place in Japan, and that where he was in Thailand and the Philippines the girls fooled him.  Maybe.  But his friend who was with him felt the same with those he encountered.  My buddy spent plenty of dough, several thousand bucks, but I think, I know he could have found sweet Asian hookups right here in the good ol’ USA had he just joined one or more of the free Asian dating sites we review on this site.  You can find your Asian lovely lady for a hookup or something else by joining one or more sites here – DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating Sites.  You will end up happy and you won’t have to mortgage your house to do it or travel around the world.  🙂

~ A shemale desire

(Today’s column was contributed by someone who is a member of FindaShemaleLover.com who wanted to tell his story.)

I had been curious about trannies or shemales from a younger age and I knew that when I was finally older and on my own I would try to be with one.  I am so fascinated by them and to me, it is only another way to get kinky, and people like to get kinky right?  And FYI, I am not gay, some may think I am, but I’m not.  I am a straight guy, 29 years old and have never been into men.

So I joined FindaShemaleLover.com and took some time to make my profile.  It was not because I couldn’t write or was confused or anything, it was because I wanted to be as honest as I could without offending anyone.  In case anyone doesn’t know, a shemale is a male to female transgendered person who looks and acts like a female and who may have taken hormones or gotten some surgery to assist, but who still has male genitals.  So I changed my profile several times as I tried to finesse why I was the way I was and what I wanted.  To be honest, I am not 100% sure why I am attracted to shemales, but I take comfort in the fact that I am not the only straight guy out there who is.  Maybe part of it is that the shemale feels she is a girl; that certainly helps.  And the fact that aside from what is between her legs, she is very much a woman.  Who knows?

With my profile, I wanted to tell about my desires without being insulting or patronizing.  I fully accept anyone’s sexual desires and would never judge.  Hell, I could be judged so easily.  So I said that I had never been with a transgendered MtF and wanted to experience it.  I added that I don’t know where it would go and that I would never want to take advantage of anyone or simply want to use someone who expected more.  So after telling a bit about myself, I basically asked if there was anyone who would want to have an experience with me, no strings attached.  And to be understanding.  Then I left it for a day and a half because I was slammed with some things

When I logged back in to start my search, I was surprised to see there were 6 people writing me.  I didn’t expect that.  Three were not that far from where I lived, and so, although I did thank the others for their interest, I decided to pursue the other three as I also searched.  Well, one of the three sounded so great, I will call her Chloe, that I made a date with her, to meet her first because of my newness to all of this and yes, a bit of fear, before I would want to explore sexually.

We met in a mall food court.  She was hot!  I immediately felt excitement even before she opened her mouth.  And a lovely mouth it was too.  🙂  So we talked for almost an hour as we ate, me buying, and she was just like any other girl, but gorgeous.  I wanted her then and there.  When we talked on the phone because I was a coward, it was decided to have the one ‘meet’ first and then see where it went for the second get together, probably sexual.  But I was like, I am so turned on, let’s just go back to my place to have some fun.  And I said that.  She laughed and said, of course, let’s.  So we did.  That was 5 weeks ago.  I have been with her two more times, one time was a full fledged date before the bedroom, but we both enjoyed each other’s bodies so much, most of our encounter time has been for sex, some of it kinky.  Thank you so much DateSitesReview.com – TS Dating.  And thank you FindaShemaleLover.com.

(OK, there you have it.  Life is too short to be worried about what other people think of your choices to be happy.  Choose joy with whoever it might be with.)

~ A frigid wind from Canada

Some years ago, I met a girl on a dating site, not one of the free adult dating sites reviewed here, and I think I can safely say it was one of the worst dates of my life.  It wasn’t completely unbearable, but it was pretty bad.  Anyway, I don’t remember who started with who, to be honest, but I do remember we had nice chats.  I was on the west coast and she was in eastern Canada of all places, Montreal, over 3000 miles away.  Her pics looked really nice.  She was a petite girl, cute, and she had a nice personality.  I had no plans to go to Canada but she said she had friends out here and that she visited fairly often.  So that was good.  Even though I liked her well enough long distance, I didn’t know if I was ready to go all the way toward her after what really wasn’t a long “courtship,” if you could call it that.  That would depend on how long it all went on.

So sure enough, as we stayed in touch, she was coming to Los Angeles where I lived.  We were both excited.  Our conversations had been great, about family and work and friends and travel, and more, etc.  We had a lot in common, and I had relatives in Canada not terribly far from the girl, so if things worked out, I would go visit her.  At that time, I really wanted to find my life partner and so, I thought, hey, this long distance thing might work out.  She could be the one, who knows?  So as we planned for her visit, we became even closer.  We talked a lot more and enjoyed each conversation.  There seemed never to be any down time in our chats.  So soon the day arrived.

Because we spent hours on the phone chatting, I was pretty sure we covered most things, at least most important things.  She knew about what I did and I knew what she did for a living.  I didn’t leave anything out and I just went with the flow as did she.  And I was completely honest, about my age and anything else that came up.  So she came to LA and we immediately made plans to meet.  For our first date, I would pick her up and take her to the beach for lunch and some walking around.  We were both cool with that, figuring it would be a good way to get started.  So the day after she arrived I drove about 20 minutes to pick her up.  As I got to where she was staying, flowers in hand, and rang the bell and she opened the door, that was when the whole fantasy stopped.

When she opened the door, I was shocked.  As I said, I was honest.  She was not.  Her pics must have been taken at least 10, maybe 15 years earlier.  And although mine were current, I had a baby face so I looked years younger.  For sure she lied about her age, and I could see she had displeasure as well.  I am sure it was because she thought I would lie like she did.  Now I have had people lie about looks and age and send me old pics before, and that’s just not right, but this was a bit ridiculous.  I was mad but I was determined to try things out anyway – I am polite, I just couldn’t yell at her, “You lied!” and so I said, “Ready to go?”  She said yes and she did go with me to my car and we did go where we planned.  But there was absolutely no conversation.  Zero.  I did try, really.  The date went very fast and I took her home, no talking in the car pretty much the whole way back to her place.  Oh well.

So people, the lesson for today is, tell the truth.  If not right away, do it before things blow up in your face.  There are a number of great dating sites you can find on this site and the best are listed here: DateSitesReview.com – Top 10 Dating Sites.  Being my date was much older than she advertised, here is a great seniors dating site, LOL – MatureHookupDating.com.  You can find young people here as well, I just thought after this blog column, it made sense.  🙂

~ Open house

Several years ago when I was looking for a house, I came upon one in a pretty nice neighborhood.  Too nice and too rich for my blood, but what the heck, I decided to go in and take a look.  The house was Spanish style, an off white, pretty big, 2 floors, nice landscaping.  There was an open house going on.  I saw the signs when I was driving around the neighborhood.  I had only 15 minutes left with the open house, but figured with a house I couldn’t afford anyway, stop to look, and dream.  And maybe the realtor will know of something not that far away – I liked the neighborhood, that would work for me.  And the last place I saw had a plate of chocolate chip cookies and some cold drinks, so maybe there would be something good to munch on at this house too, lol.

When I walked through the door, damn nice door, there was a couple there speaking to who appeared to be the realtor.  I didn’t take a good look at them, I just started walking around, from the foyer into the living room, den, dining room, all that.  It was a nice spacious house.  Clean and really nice, like white paint and bright everywhere.  I like that.  The realtor saw me and said she would be with me in a minute.  So I just kept walking around.  I went into the kitchen and unfortunately, there had been something to snack on, but it was done.  Oh well.

After a minute or so in the kitchen, the realtor came in.  Now I could get a good look at her.  She looked around 60, was well-dressed and smelled great.  I remember the perfume to this day.  Kind of lemony with some spice, I don’t know.  She had blonde hair, was tan and had an amazing body.  Clearly she took care of herself or someone took care of her.  I would say she was 5’ 5”, had blue-green eyes, and a nice chest.  This was an upscale neighborhood and an upscale home and of course the real estate broker would be perfect looking.  Classy, and all that.

She introduced herself, Jessica, and we chatted about the house.  I told her right away that I couldn’t afford it.  It was near the end of the open house and I didn’t want to waste her time anyway.  I was my usual charming self, telling her after she asked me what I thought I could afford, that it was a box, but a nice split level box with double-hung windows.  She laughed and said she might have that.  I told her that yes, double-hung was even better than single-hung, but as long as it’s hung it’s better than not hung.  She looked me in the eye and then burst out laughing.  Then I did.

I told her what the hell, if she wasn’t sure about my jokes, no harm no foul, there would be no smiles.  But if she was sure, she might be happy I showed up and find me some cookies, lol.  Again, she laughed.  “I like you,” she said.  The she asked if I could hang around as she locked up.  I said sure.  I liked where this was going.  Now before you think she came back in, tore off her clothes and mine and then we did it on the kitchen table, forget that, lol.  That didn’t happen.

But we did get together an hour later after she took care of all her signs in the area, collecting them.  I went to her home.  She told me this will be a one time thing and we had a very nice one time thing.  For hours.  She had a nice Jacuzzi and we spent some time in there as well as the bedroom.  Good times.  I love older ladies.   She might have been a senior, but damn, she was as passionate and exciting as a 20 year old.  I mean that.

If you are a senior looking for a senior or if you are younger looking for a passionate older lady to love, for a few hours or for life, please see our rated free senior sites here: DateSitesReview.com – Senior Dating Sites.  Or we hear lots of good things about MatureHookupDating.com so you could just check that one out.  Have fun!!

~ The Rendezvous with Evelyn

The first MILF, at least the first time, a MILF had been glorified was in the 1967 movie, The Graduate.  It was a pretty popular movie about a 20 year-old young guy who has an affair with his parents’ friend, the mother of a girl the character was seeing.  The term MILF was not used, but that character was a MILF.  Lucky Dustin Hoffman, the young guy.  Then the term MILF became popularized in the 1999 movie, American Pie.  If you have’t seen either of those two movies, do so.  They are pretty good.

Anyway, unfortunately, when younger I didn’t have my own MILF to play with or even fantasize about.  I was raised in a pretty religious house and heck, I didn’t even think about those things.  I also went to a parochial all male school.  So MILF or anything like that was not anywhere near my thinking.  But, and this is a big and good but, I have had my dalliances with mom ladies over the years and they were fun.

One such lady was Evelyn, someone whose kid I tutored when I was in college.  Here is how we met.  There was a bar/club just off campus called The Rendezvous and it was mainly for students although others went there too.  As a grad student, I would go with my friends sometimes on a Friday night after the week’s classes or my tutoring was done.  I used to teach kids.  One night, this lady, she looked in her 30’s, had dirty blonde hair and a great body, came up to the bar where I was standing.  She was already pretty happy, lol, before she even got the drink she ordered.  As she waited for her drink, she struck up a chat with me.  Why, I don’t know, lol.  Could be because I had just made some funny comment to my buddy who was standing next to me.  Anyway, being the character that I am, I went with the flow, actually pretty flattered that this good-looking lady would waste her time with me, when it looked like she could be with anyone she wanted.

Evelyn laughed and laughed even at my weak jokes.  🙂  She was funny in her own right. She had a 7 year old and was divorced.  Her kid was at her mom’s so she could go out.  I wondered why she was out alone and she said her girlfriend had to cancel and she knew of the bar and wanted to see what it was like.  OK by me.  I toasted her and my good fortune that we had met.  Here is the part that threw me for a loop.  After she had two drinks, she said, “Enough!”  A bunch of people heard her.  Then get this, she grabs me by my tie – I wore one when I taught one particular kid because the parents wanted me to, and pulls me out of the place with everyone watching and then clapping!  No kidding.  I went with her to her place and well, um, well, you know.  She taught me a lot that semester.  All fun, no emotional stuff here.  I had to be careful with that because I really liked her.

Anyway, MILFs are great.  Get your own!  Here is one place you can find them: MarriedDateLink.com.  There are other great sites you can join by looking here: DateSitesReview.com – Milf Dating.  Happy MILFing!

~ Ah, Guliana

I met Guliana (pronounced like Juliana) on a dating site some years ago.  This was when I started in the business and was testing a combination dating site/phone database.  That was at a different company and they don’t do the phone thing anymore, most got out of that business because the net pushed it aside.  Guly as she liked to be called was about my age, and she was a girl who contacted me on the phone side.  We got to talking and I told her the truth, that I worked for a dating company and I was doing testing.  She thought that was great.  Hell, I also made her laugh.  I am charming after all, lol.

Guly was Mexican-American.  Her parents had immigrated just before she was born.  They actually did so illegally but were able to get documented and became citizens.  Guly was so cute on the phone.  We talked a few times before we finally met.  Which we did eventually.  She was not really all that close, about an hour away.  But what was interesting about her was that she was bisexual.  She liked girls more than guys, but both.  I had never gone out with a bisexual girl.  We still stay in touch but she lives with her girlfriend and the gf’s son.  The gf is a lesbian and had the kid but that’s a completely different story.  Good kid.

Anyway, Guly was my first close relationship with a Latina girl.  Look, I knew about them and hell, living in Southern California there are so many Latinos and Latinas one cannot but have some kind of exposure.  So two things happened when I moved here and shortly thereafter met Guly.  I began to like Latinas and also Mexican food!.  In fact, that is my favorite food now.  I used to go to parties at Guly’s parents’ house and chat got along nicely with her parents.  And if you are familiar with the stereotypical hot Latina lady aura, like that actress on Modern Family, you can imagine Guly not as much of a bombshell, but very attractive in her right and yes, a bit hot-blooded, lol.  She did not lack personality and I mean that for any room of the house, lol.

Because we are still friends and I have tremendous respect for Guly, and even though I don’t think she would care if I told of some of our let’s say, sexual escapades, I won’t do so.  Let’s just say that although my Latina friend was more inclined and partial to the female body, there were many times that she wanted what the male body had attached to it.  There are many, many Latina lovelies like my friend Guly within the sites we recommend here – DateSitesReview.com – Latin WomenLatinAmericanCupid.com is a pretty good site that you may want to check out.  You will find pretty women from many different related nationalities there.  Latin America includes many countries and the women are unbelievably beautiful and sweet.  Their families are so nice too.  So go find your own Latina and enjoy each other!  You will be very grateful.

~ Super Bowl date

So like everyone watches the Super Bowl, and many people go to parties and bars and the like.  Nothing new here.  I went to one too.  The boss gave a nice one at his house.  It was a great bar-b-que with all kinds of stuff, he covered all the food and drinks, but as a good boy I did bring a couple bottles of wine.  I just think that even when a host says don’t bring anything, you do.  Just good manners.  A couple other people brought stuff too.  I went alone being between girlfriends as a few others also came by themselves, and some other guys and gals brought their partners.

Nothing weird there.  But one of my co-workers, a girl, I will call her Belinda, brought a guy who met on one of the hookup sites we have reviewed here.  It was interesting because it was a hook up dating site, NaughtyMatch.com.  I mean why advertise you are hooking up like that to all, lol.  But Belinda is cool, very cool, and damn cute. I wanted to go out with her but we all know it’s best not to date within the office.  No official rule, but HR has told us if something goes wrong and it affects work we could get canned, so we just know it’s best not to.

But back to Belinda and this guy, Warren.  She has guts.  She could have just said I know this guy from here or there, but nope, she told us in advance she may bring this guy from the site.  We didn’t believe her, but she did.  And it’s hard to tease anyone who doesn’t really give a crap what anyone thinks.  I mean what are we to think?  She met a guy on a hook up site for what?  Reading poetry?  More power to Belinda, and the guy too, I guess.  After all, he didn’t care either.  He seemed nice.  Clean cut, respectful, even funny.  They looked like they were happy with each other for a first date at the boss’ house with a bunch of others there.

Well, we watched the game in the boss’ den.  He has a big den in his big house.  It’s good to be boss.  No one got wasted.  And it seemed we were split down the middle with our loyalties, half for the Patriots, half for the Seahawks.  I left the place very dejected so you know who I wanted to win, or rather who I didn’t want to win.  Exciting and then disappointing ending, as you know.

What is the lesson of this story if there is one?  Take the plunge, don’t worry, don’t care what other people think.  Make yourself happy however that will be.  You can find your Belinda or Warren too.  And you can tell from Belinda that at least some of the ladies like her are pretty darn bold.  And as for her being within a site that we review, and is that OK?  Yes, in fact, the boss wants us to use the sites so we have our own legitimate experiences and can be credible when reviewing or working with the sites.

Again, Belinda used NaughtyMatch.com.  You can also try others on DateSitesReview.com – Hookup Sites.  Enjoy!

~ Birthday BBW

Today I had lunch with a lawyer friend of mine, Larry.  We have these lunches I would say every four weeks or so.  Most of the chats we have while savoring our food are about politics, sometimes family and other things. I will admit to you that I am a political junkie, current events and all that as well.  I think I know more about what is happening around the world than most people, probably more that I should know.  I worry about things, like terrorism and the economy and energy and well, everything, lol.  I know I worry too much.  But anyway, my buddy Larry’s birthday is coming up next week so we were discussing, after the politics of course, what he would like on his birthday.

Poor Larry is coming off his second divorce.  His first marriage was years before his second, and this latest breakup has been pretty hard on him.  He wanted to make things work, she didn’t.  He actually sees her still, because they work near each other and he keeps seeing her on the street.  Bugs him no end and I feel bad for him.  He is a good guy and I am familiar with these one-sided breakups.  They are indeed painful.  She also calls him up every so often asking for something, a favor or whatever.  She cut the cord but apparently still hangs on to it.  And you know how it is, even after an official, legal separation, if the one you wanted to stay with still wants some kind of relationship even if it just to get something from you, you don’t object.  You hope maybe she will come to her senses and want you back.

But I digress.  Anyway, Larry is now into this ‘woe is me’ I am alone thing.  But Larry, who has always been a long term arrangement kind of guy, actually tells me he wants a hook up, and in some very colorful language, specific what he wants language.  And of course he asks me how to go about doing it because of what I do.  I was a bit surprised because my friend is a bit-straight laced and in the years I know him I never heard him say that.  And I know Larry so I know he is very much attracted to larger women.  It’s a bit funny because Larry is kind of short and thin, but hey opposites attract, right?  But he wanted to know what BBW site to join, so he can get the um, good time he wants.  And he doesn’t want a hooker or anything, just a nice big girl he can have fun with, maybe more than once.  And by the way, i think he really wants to settle with one again.  His first wife was a BBW.  He really thinks they are such good people, and I don’t disagree.

OK, so my first free adult dating site recommendation was FindaBBWLover.com.  That site has always performed for people.  I also recommended BBWDesire.com, another hookup performer.  I did tell Larry that if he wants to try again – and his second wife was not a BBW, quite the opposite, she was very petite, and maybe that was an issue – a very good relationship BBW site is CurvyBBW.com.  Happy birthday, Larry.  You have about a week to find your gift.  And if you use the sites above, you won’t need that long to find it, and unwrap it.  🙂