~ The 10K kind of run

Every once in a while I do something nice.  Every once in a while, lol.  Like I will do something for homeless people, or I will donate to Goodwill, or I will make a charitable donation.  One thing I did last year was run a 10K race for a particular non-profit having to do with women’s health.  And I got sponsors and raised a nice chunk of money for the non-profit.  I have never thought it was only up to the government to take care of everything, and I don’t think it ever could.  So that’s why I think it’s important to help others and not depend on others to do so.

At the race, and I did this alone, no friends with me, I looked around of course at the ladies who were running with me.  There were a lot, and surprisingly, and nicely so, it looked like half the people running were men.  I scanned the masses, about two thousand runners and walked a bit through the crowd as we were all getting ready to get set and go.  Luckily, about a couple minutes before the gun would sound and we would be off, I saw this really cute girl, obviously Latina, looking in her 20’s, getting herself ready to run by stretching, etc.  Her legs, nice legs, stretched, her arms, lovely arms rotating around, her head moving around to stretch her neck, it all going on.  She was wearing tight red running shorts and pink top showing some nice cleavage being held in by a red sports bra.  Brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

So I walked up to her and said hello.  She ignored me, lol.  Or so I thought.  Because as I figured she didn’t want to be bothered and turned to walk away, she said, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear you.”  I turned to her and she had this amazing smile and I stumbled over my words, “It’s OK, I don’t want to bug you, just this is my first run ever, never did a K, I have eaten Special K and said OK a lot on my life, but I never did anything like this, and I saw you looked like you knew what you were doing, so I figured, what the heck, stay near you and I might not be crushed by a moving mob of runners, at least for the first 100 yards.”  She laughed and said, “No problem, latch on to my coattails, that is, if you can keep up.”

At that moment, the race started and the mass pushed forward, and some did push, because even though this was a charity thing, people were competitive and wanted to get finished in a good time.  I then told my new sort of friend, whose name I still didn’t know, that she could go on ahead, I will be OK.  “See?  I just said OK.”  She laughed that sweet laugh again and said, “No, I now feel responsible for you.  I don’t want you to get crushed.  It’s OK.  Hey, I also said OK.”  And we both laughed.  We introduced each other; her name was Rosa.  I was already huffing and puffing even though we hadn’t gotten to half a mile, lol.

So we got to talking, and we had a great chat.  She was a nurse.  I told about my job and she told me she had a month back joined LatinAmericanCupid.com.com hoping she could find a nice guy.  She had only a couple weeks before that broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and although she thought she would give the whole bf/gf thing a rest for a while, she figured she would get back on the horse.  And she said she actually had a few good nibbles in the first two days, one guy that she was now seeing, and she felt it was a great match becoming serious.  I was happy for her and we chatted a bit more until I had to really slow down and she went on her fast way.  So that was that.  Beautiful Latina girl on LatinAmericanCupid.com.com.  And there are so many.  Find yours.

~ Columbian girl in Chile

Here in Southern California there is a very large community of Hispanic people from all over the world.  Well, there are a lot of people from a lot of places.  But yes, because of the proximity of California to Mexico, we have many who have come here and who come here from south of the border, and not just people from Mexico.  Many from Central and South America come here through Mexico.  And I dare say that even those who are against those who come here without going through US legal channels will not be able to argue that the immigrants, going back many years now, have not enriched US culture, and certainly California culture. They have. You see it everywhere, in the food, the music, the clothing, everything.  And that is a good thing, a great thing.

Part of the wonderful contribution are the people, specifically for this guy and for many other guys, Latina women in particular.  They are amazing.  Beautiful, kind, passionate, family-oriented, and did I say beautiful?  It was one of the reasons when planning this review site that we decided, and very quickly, to add free Latin women dating sites.  We knew so many people out there were enamored with the Latin ladies and we knew we needed to give guys the opportunity to find them.  And that opportunity is not just to find women here in the US in your own home town, which you will.  But also in other countries, in Mexico and South America and even finding Latina girls in Europe and Australia and everywhere.

So many guys today travel for work and pleasure and they love meeting people from the countries they visit.  I received an email last week from a guy whose job had him moving to Chile, and so who joined Corazon.com and who, within days, settled on a beautiful girl he met on the site.  He said settled, because there were so many from which to choose!  He sent me a picture and she is gorgeous!  He also says her English is better than his, lol.  And get this, she was from Columbia and her work had her moving to Chile as well, lol.

The two started exchanging notes and have been skyping for nearly 8 weeks now, and he feels they are in love if that can be the case with this kind of long distance relationship, and I think it very well can be.  I have been there.  And the guy will be going to see her in a week because he is making a trip to familiarize himself with his company’s business interests.  Lucky for him the company will be paying for his trip, hotel, food, etc.  He said he would have gone soon anyway to finally meet the girl had his company not sent him.  They are both very excited and I told him to invite me to the wedding.  🙂

Look people, when I tell you that this story is not unusual, in fact, it is very common, I am telling you the truth.  Most guys of course are not moving for business, most are where they are and want a lady where they are.  But think about it.  If a guy can find this kind of happiness in such a roundabout way, don’t you think you can in a very easy way?  It is easy.  Join Corazon.com and look in your own neighborhood.  It is time for you to be happy too.

~ Ah, Guliana

I met Guliana (pronounced like Juliana) on a dating site some years ago.  This was when I started in the business and was testing a combination dating site/phone database.  That was at a different company and they don’t do the phone thing anymore, most got out of that business because the net pushed it aside.  Guly as she liked to be called was about my age, and she was a girl who contacted me on the phone side.  We got to talking and I told her the truth, that I worked for a dating company and I was doing testing.  She thought that was great.  Hell, I also made her laugh.  I am charming after all, lol.

Guly was Mexican-American.  Her parents had immigrated just before she was born.  They actually did so illegally but were able to get documented and became citizens.  Guly was so cute on the phone.  We talked a few times before we finally met.  Which we did eventually.  She was not really all that close, about an hour away.  But what was interesting about her was that she was bisexual.  She liked girls more than guys, but both.  I had never gone out with a bisexual girl.  We still stay in touch but she lives with her girlfriend and the gf’s son.  The gf is a lesbian and had the kid but that’s a completely different story.  Good kid.

Anyway, Guly was my first close relationship with a Latina girl.  Look, I knew about them and hell, living in Southern California there are so many Latinos and Latinas one cannot but have some kind of exposure.  So two things happened when I moved here and shortly thereafter met Guly.  I began to like Latinas and also Mexican food!.  In fact, that is my favorite food now.  I used to go to parties at Guly’s parents’ house and chat got along nicely with her parents.  And if you are familiar with the stereotypical hot Latina lady aura, like that actress on Modern Family, you can imagine Guly not as much of a bombshell, but very attractive in her right and yes, a bit hot-blooded, lol.  She did not lack personality and I mean that for any room of the house, lol.

Because we are still friends and I have tremendous respect for Guly, and even though I don’t think she would care if I told of some of our let’s say, sexual escapades, I won’t do so.  Let’s just say that although my Latina friend was more inclined and partial to the female body, there were many times that she wanted what the male body had attached to it.  There are many, many Latina lovelies like my friend Guly within the sites we recommend here – DateSitesReview.com – Latin WomenLatinAmericanCupid.com is a pretty good site that you may want to check out.  You will find pretty women from many different related nationalities there.  Latin America includes many countries and the women are unbelievably beautiful and sweet.  Their families are so nice too.  So go find your own Latina and enjoy each other!  You will be very grateful.

~ What do women want?

Women like well, who the f*** knows, lol?  I was asked this yesterday, and I stood there with my mouth open and I didn’t have an answer.  Sheesh!  “Hell, if I know,” I finally blurted out.  So I went into Cindy’s office (well, her cubicle), and I said, “Cindy, you’re a women, right?”  Before I could continue, she says, “You just figure that out, Einstein?  No wonder you haven’t been promoted.”  “Ha.  No I mean what do women want?  Like, what do you want?”  “I want a Porsche and a guy who makes four times as much money as you at the minimum, and lots of shoes, and oh yeah, not you.”  OK, so that’s what Cindy wants.  I tell her to just give a good answer, one that could shed some light on this mystery from when the caveman dragged his lady by her hair as he went after some dinosaur.  So Cindy tells me everyone woman wants something different and of course it depends on the woman.

And that’s what I figured, it depends on the woman, like, it’s all relative.  Some women want the flash and the cash.  Others a home and kids.  So then it depends on what the man wants and to whether he is with the girl who wants to get what he is willing to give, whether it’s a lot or hell, not much at all.  Maybe the lady just wants fun, partying, drinking, or sex or all of that.  Maybe she wants the house and yard and white picket fence as she calls out the kitchen window and tells her kids to come in to dinner.  Is it possible that some women say they want some things but then they really don’t, or vice versa.  Of course.  So what is a man to do to make his lady happy?

Well, before the whole thing starts, you have to be sure everyone is on the same page.  And that is where the whole dating thing comes in.  I have said it before to you people and I will say it again, communicate and know what you want and she wants.  The way to do this is from the beginning, from when you look for the lady or she looks for you.  And that is where I come in.  Well, not me exactly but what I do.  The dating sites.  That is where it starts if you use cyberspace to get a partner.  It is the easiest way to find what you want in a woman, and more times than not, even just from her profile, you can know what that particular woman wants from you or out of life.  Now not every woman will be honest about that or straight about it, but once you make contact with her or her with you, you can dig into it all and find out.

And it is a two-way street.  Women have to know what men want too.  What do you want, guys?  Do you want a family or or do you want to do what it tales to make kids without the kids happening, if you know what I mean?  If you want the relationship, take the girl home to meet mom and dad thing, then I suggest you look here MatureHookupDating.com.  Believe it or not, and I know, you will find younger women who want the serious thing on the site.  I mean that, check it out, that is why I am recommending it.  Or here if you want an African American sweetie, and you can go here  even if you are not black, yep that’s true too – MrandMissBlack.com.  Sweet Asian ladies here – AsiaFriendfinder.com.  Lovely Latinas here – Amigos.com.  Wanna just get laid, lol, go here – Ulust.com.

But really, what do women want?  What you can convince them they want.  🙂

~ Latina love

Ah, what can one say about Latinas?  I dated one a few years back for several months, and had a couple more dates with Latin ladies recently.  I find Latinas not only beautiful and so interesting culturally, I like that they are very family-oriented.  In fact, I almost married the girl I was dating, Espiranza, or Espy for short.   Her dad was from Mexico and her mom was Guatemalan.

Espy had an average body but also had these amazing big eyes.  They would melt me every time she looked at me.  She also had a temper at times, lol, and that would melt me too.  She was a hot-bloodied Latina.  I admired my former girlfriend also for the work she did and for her volunteer work.  Espy was a nurse for pretty sick people.  And she also worked at a soup kitchen on Saturdays.  So what happened with Espy?

Well, we dated first hot and heavy.  Her parents didn’t like me because of my background and so, we cooled a bit.  But then we got hot again, and again her parents.  Sheesh.  They wanted her to get married and not to me!  It was very hard to date and fight so much and that is what we started doing.  She just couldn’t go against her parents.  She said she would but then she wouldn’t.  I finally put my foot down and said we need to decide where this is going.  Espy told me not to worry, she would work on things because she didn’t want to lose me.  And I really thought she was the one and I didn’t want to lose her either.

But Espy didn’t come through, so it ended.  Oh well.  The good thing is I decided to get back on the horse so to speak.  So even though I felt brokenhearted by a Latina, I went on Corazon.com and found me another hot Latin lady and I loved it.  It was only a hook-up thing and we both agreed to that, so no complications.  I had already had my fill of that with Espy.  I don’t know what she is doing now or if she is with anyone, but I hope Espy is doing well and I hope whoever she is with if she is with anyone, she can push back when needed on her parents.  Because parents like that may never be satisfied.  I am sure you know what I mean.  Keep on hunting for the right one or the wrong one, lol.  But keep on going.  And do yourself a favor, check out Corazon.com.

~ Forget the world, join a dating site :)

Have you thought recently that the world seems to be falling apart? I mean, it seems there is some kind of crap going on somewhere to the point where at least IMO, it has been worse than when I was younger.  Maybe not, because now we have the internet and all these cable and satellite stations and all, so we hear more about everything, but to me it seems so.

With all the bad stuff going on, I think now is the time to do something fun, or get involved with something interesting.  Like dating, if you haven’t been doing that a lot.  Now I know, I am in that thing, so what else would I say?  But really.  It is so easy to just get online and join a site and start having fun.  Forget the news, and what’s going on in Asia or wherever, and all that bad Ebola stuff, and forget all the politics going on here.  Obama and Boehner and all that.

This site has many dating programs you can join.  If you want to just hook up with someone, just want to have fun, and no strings attached, check out FlirtBuddies.com.  There are lots of incredibly hot women who are looking for a great time.  And don’t worry if you are not a movie star or some kind of big shot.  You will find someone, and you can find many.  Or if you like Latina girls, check out Amigos.com.  When I reviewed this site, I was surprised there were so many sweeties here.  And cute as all get out.  And nice.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I don’t know, but the ladies are very loving and giving.  And speaking of culture, check out AsiaFriendfinder.com.  I had a Chinese girlfriend for a time till she went back to Taiwan.  Wow, super cute and so nice.  Respectful, giving.  I really thought about marrying her but she had to go back, family thing going on.  Asian women are amazing.

Into something a bit different?  And by the way, different doesn’t mean bad or weird.  To each his or her own I say and there should never be judging.  Life is so short, be happy.  Anyway, how about BDSM.com.  So many ladies there with many kinky desires related (and some not related) to bondage or being submissive, etc.  Super-hot pictures help you choose your mate for a meet.  So get your BDSM kink on and check it out.  Or how about Transexual dating?  FindaShemaleLover.com is a great site for those who like this particular niche.  I have found that within sites that are more niche-specific the people there are decent and tolerant and giving.

So forget the world, get to dating.  🙂