~ The best dating site?

I have been asked so many times I wish I had a buck for each time, what the best dating site is.  And you know the answer.  It depends, lol.  There is no one best.  That is because there are so many niches now.  If you ask what is the best fetish site, that is one thing.  Or if you ask what is the best Asian site, well, that is another.  That makes sense.  But there is no one best overall I don’t think.  And yes, I know, there are these major websites that are all inclusive supposedly that have zillions of people that get good marks by a lot of people.  And maybe if you asked me what the best mainstream site was I would give you an answer.  But those large catch-all sites are really not that way.  Do you think you can easily find someone who will want their feet worshipped on those major mainstream (boring) sites?  You know the answer.  Or do you think you can easily find a kinky transsexual there?  C’mon, you know you can’t.

So that is why we are here.  For you.  Sounds snooty, I know, but it’s true.  We firmly believe that for people who want to find someone in a particular niche or for a particular reason, you should look at places that specialize in that.  If you needed a particular surgery, would you go to a general surgeon or one who specializes in that precise field of medicine?  With whom would you be most comfortable?  You go to the one that specializes in whatever you need, you don’t go to the one who does it all but has too much forest and trees, if you know what  I mean.

Do you want a hookup tonight?  Do you think you can get one easily on one of those huge catch-all sites?  Ha!  That is why we have FlirtBuddies.com.  You WILL find your casual fling thing on that site.  If you make a decent profile and you don’t act like a jerk, you will.  And don’t think you need to be Brad Pitt or young or old.  There are many women there looking for you.  Be yourself and you can thank me later.

AsiaFriendFinder.com  has become a standard in the industry.  When building the review site, after doing much research, I read and heard a couple things about the site that were negative.  As always, I don’t knee-jerk believe what I hear, I need to see for myself, and I need to have definitive proof of anything before I form an educated opinion.  You WILL find your Asian beauty on that site.  And she will find you.

Have a fetish, maybe into some form of BDSM or some other kind of kink?  Do you think you will find that on a mainstream site no matter how big it may be?  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Go to http://BDSM.com.  There you WILL find not just BDSM, but every kink.  Go join and for free.  You will see.

So there you go.  More on the others soon, but for now, you know what to do.  🙂

~ Life imitates art, ouch!

Well, well, I guess it was only a matter of time from when the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” came out that someone would get put in jail for emulating it somehow.  A University of Illinois at Chicago freshman named Mohammad Hossain, all of 19 years old, was just charged over the weekend with sexually assaulting a 19 year old coed.  Apparently he was reenacting a scene from the popular movie.  Yesterday, bail was set at half a million bucks for the Christian Grey (main movie character) wanna be.  Yikes.  Where will a 19 year old kid come up with that kind of dough?  And get this, Hossain was actually not the troublemaking kind.  He was involved in school leadership programs, was on the triathlon team and was a student ambassador to the university’s alumni association.

So what happened?  According to prosecutors, Hossain had messed with the girl in the past even though they were not dating, a FWB thing I guess, and this past Saturday, she went to his dorm room in the early evening.  He asked her to strip down and she did leaving on her bra and panties.  He used a couple belts to tie her to his bed, stuffed a tie in her mouth and used a cap to cover her eyes.  Hossain then took off her bra and panties and started whipping her with another belt.  The girl was able to tell him he was hurting her and she started crying telling him to stop.  And guess what?  Not only did he not stop, he started punching her too!  She was able to get her arms free but he held them down and sexually assaulted her too while she begged him to stop.  Rape apparently.  Oh boy.  I have not seen the movie or read the book.  Was that all in there?

Well, after a bit the girl was able to get away and she told someone what happened, and that person called the cops.  Hossain was arrested that night and admitted his assault to detectives.  But what was his excuse?  He said they were reenacting the Fifty Shades movie and that she consented.  Right.  Good luck with that, playa.  She says no, she did not consent.  And poor Mr. Hossain wrote the following on his Facebook page an hour after his “scene” before he was arrested, “I’m finally satisfied.”  I have a feeling others locked up in the same place as the kid will be “satisfied” too, with the young man.  If he can post bail somehow he will be electronically monitored and he is forbidden to go back to the university.  And if Hossain is convicted he could get 30 years in prison.  Wow!

So there you have it.  BDSM done without permission, and I will add allegedly, but if it is done without permission, it will get you into boatloads of trouble.  So friggin’ don’t do that, lol.  But, and this is an important but, if you do have someone consenting, then by all means, get it on.  People do it all the time.  That’s why there are BDSM and fetish sites, so that men and women can whip or get whipped, or take part in Dom/Sub activities, or some other fetish.  And more power to them.  We have a number of free BDSM fetish sites reviewed here – DateSitesReview.com – BDSM Dating. Or better yet, I can personally vouch for this BDSM site – BDSMsingles.com.  Get your Fifty Shades on.  Legally, please.  🙂

~ BS sites, sheesh!

What a day!  In the middle of work this morning, my computer died.  And it took me so long to try and fix it to no avail, that I just decided to reinstall the operating system.  Even that gave me a hard time, not the reinstall itself but the aftermath, still not knowing as I write this in the evening that all will be ok.  Absolutely nothing.  I am venting, lol.

But I have been irritated for sure.  I, of course, had to work so I used another computer as I was trying to fix the other.  Today’s work consisted of research of dating websites.  Sometime I find it boring and sometimes I find it interesting.  But I always shake my head at some of the crap I find.  I mean it is so blatant as to be ridiculous.  About a month ago, my best friend’s sister, Carla, contacted me and asked if within a certain website if I had contacted her by showing “interest.”  I told her that I had not been on that particular dating site for two years!  So how could it happen?   Carla said she called customer service and that there was some rude lady in India or the Philippines or somewhere who told her it was all real.  But it wasn’t of course.  Carla was so pissed.  She had thought that those who had contacted her were real and so she wrote back.  But she never heard back and didn’t know what to think.  It was humiliating.

I had the number of those who run the site and I called and got hold of an admin who was nice and who told me she would look into it.  She did while putting me on hold and told me she could not find an answer.  But she would get back to me.  She did via email and claimed it was a technical issue they would fix.  Of course, she was full of it.  I told Carla to dump the site that they were doing worse than “seeding,” making false profiles, which is generally the most the unscrupulous will do.   I have heard of this BS for sure, but it was the first time I was part of the scam.  I made my views known.  I did receive an apology but so what.

So today one of the sites I joined, I did very quickly because I needed to run out, so all I do aside from filling out the basic is say on each essay part,”Will get to this later.”  That’s it.  As soon as I am done with that, the next page tells me I already have had 47 people looking at my profile! And I had 4 messages!   Like in one second.  How can that be?  And I had some express interest.  Sheesh!  Look people I have found a number of good dating sites and I list them on this site.  You want real or fake?  Go to FlirtBuddies.com for a fling.  Want to meet a beautiful BBW, see BBWDesire.com.  Into something kinky?  Join the great BDSM.com.   Like trannies?  Check out TSdating.com.  Those are just a few here that will work for you.  Enjoy!

~ Chastity, NOT :)

Yesterday, my first cousin Marty gave me a call.  He had to tell me about this date he just had.  “I gotta tell you about this date I just had!” Marty gushed.  He always has to tell me about them, all of them, lol.  So what happened with Marty?

First a little background.  Marty dates a lot.  I mean a lot.  He loves women and he loves fun.  My boy is a maniac when it comes to the ladies.  He makes good money as a stock broker and it seems he spends it as soon as he earns it.  On women.  And yes he has a nice car and other bling but he really loves to go out.  And he loves to then stay in and have fun.  So Marty is the classic “player.”

So this is a Marty story.  I am sure I will have more, lol.  Marty found this wild girl, I am happy to say on ULust.com.  I am happy to say because I believe that whatever two consenting adults want to do, let them.  It’s none of my business, and some sites are just for that, the wild hookup.  So I am glad he used a site I recommend for his rendezvous du jour.  So this girl, he said her name was Chastity, of all things, is anything but, lol.  He found her pretty darn quick when he was searching for a girl near him.  They got to talking and she tells him she has the desire to be spanked and whipped, pretty much messed with that way and also of course have wild sex.  Now he has done that spanking and whipping thing before to girls who wanted it, so he is like, “Sure, no problem.”

She actually goes to his place the next day, they didn’t go out to eat or anything, she just wanted to get down to business.  I don’t see any issue with that.  She brought a multi-tailed bullwhip with her.  First they had sex, and he said she was wild.  No need to get into all that, lol, just use your imagination.  Then she said, “I have been naughty, daddy, and I need to be punished.”  So he turned her over and started spanking her.  She yelled, “Harder, harder,” and Marty says he was spanking her so hard his hands were aching.  Then she said, “Whip me.”  So he did.  Her butt, he said, was so red.  But then she said, “My turn.”  And she told Marty to turn over as she wanted to spank him.  Poor Marty had never been spanked, at least not since my aunt Sue caught him smoking in the basement.  But he went along, what the hell.  So Chastity, according to Marty pushes him down from all fours so that he is laying on his stomach.  She sits on his upper back facing his legs, and doesn’t spank him.  She starts whipping him!  Hard!  Marty tries to get up, but she is planted on his back in such a way that it took him like almost a minute to get away from the girl.  But she had whipped him like 15 times.  She just laid in on him fast.

And get this.  These were Marty’s last words to me on the phone.  “Hey, Bud, I can’t sit down, but you know what?  I am seeing Chastity again this coming weekend!!”

~ My spanking date

I hadn’t even unpacked my stuff in my dorm room in college, my freshman year, before I met a girl who would take me to another level of dating altogether.  My dad who had driven in another car had dropped me off in my room, shook my hand and turned and left and I looked at the empty room wondering when my roommate would show when there was a knock on the open door.  There stood this thin, medium height, pierced nose and ears and cheek and tongue, bright pink-haired girl in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt that said, “Bite Me (literally).”  No bra underneath, I noticed of course.  She said hi and I responded hey, trying to be cool, lol.  “Can you help me?” she asked.  I responded in the affirmative and followed as she quickly turned and walked down the hallway.

I followed her into her room and there was another girl in there.  Not of the pierced, crazy hair color group the first girl came from.  There was this big army type duffle bag on a bed and I could see the rope that held it closed had this crazy tight knot in it.  “We can’t get that thing open.  You look like a big, strong boy, can you do it?”  “I’ll give it a go,” I said, and after actually using my teeth I had the thing loose and open.  “I’m Trish and this is my baby sister Kelly.”  We all shook hands and made some small talk.  After a couple minutes, I went back to my room and five minutes later, I heard a knock again.  Trish was there and she thanked me again and handed me a piece of paper.  And this is what was on it: I am here till tomorrow afternoon to help my sis get settled.  I am staying here (motel name and room number). Come by tonight at 9.  I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or nervous, lol, but I decided to comply.

I drove to the motel and promptly at 9 I knocked on the door.  She opened it and was wearing this really hot pink see-thru low cut frilly thing and the same cutoff shorts.  She offered me a beer and then said, “I am a very blunt person.  You were nice and you are cute and I am horny and I need to have some fun.”  With that, she whipped off her top and I was part shocked and part excited.  Well, mostly excited.  I mumbled something I don’t remember and she lunged at me and pushed me on the bed.  She got naked and turned over and got on her hands and knees and told me to spank her.  I never did that but as I did what she wanted she kept saying louder and louder, “Harder and harder, master!”  So I did.  WTF, right?  I spanked her butt for I think 20 minutes straight!  Her cheeks were so red, damn.  Then after that she thanked me in a way that I like to be thanked.  I never saw her again and her sister had a boyfriend so we ended up just being dorm acquaintances.

By the way, you can find girls like this at BDSM.com.  Or maybe you want a Dom?  Go to BDSM.com.

~ Forget the world, join a dating site :)

Have you thought recently that the world seems to be falling apart? I mean, it seems there is some kind of crap going on somewhere to the point where at least IMO, it has been worse than when I was younger.  Maybe not, because now we have the internet and all these cable and satellite stations and all, so we hear more about everything, but to me it seems so.

With all the bad stuff going on, I think now is the time to do something fun, or get involved with something interesting.  Like dating, if you haven’t been doing that a lot.  Now I know, I am in that thing, so what else would I say?  But really.  It is so easy to just get online and join a site and start having fun.  Forget the news, and what’s going on in Asia or wherever, and all that bad Ebola stuff, and forget all the politics going on here.  Obama and Boehner and all that.

This site has many dating programs you can join.  If you want to just hook up with someone, just want to have fun, and no strings attached, check out FlirtBuddies.com.  There are lots of incredibly hot women who are looking for a great time.  And don’t worry if you are not a movie star or some kind of big shot.  You will find someone, and you can find many.  Or if you like Latina girls, check out Amigos.com.  When I reviewed this site, I was surprised there were so many sweeties here.  And cute as all get out.  And nice.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I don’t know, but the ladies are very loving and giving.  And speaking of culture, check out AsiaFriendfinder.com.  I had a Chinese girlfriend for a time till she went back to Taiwan.  Wow, super cute and so nice.  Respectful, giving.  I really thought about marrying her but she had to go back, family thing going on.  Asian women are amazing.

Into something a bit different?  And by the way, different doesn’t mean bad or weird.  To each his or her own I say and there should never be judging.  Life is so short, be happy.  Anyway, how about BDSM.com.  So many ladies there with many kinky desires related (and some not related) to bondage or being submissive, etc.  Super-hot pictures help you choose your mate for a meet.  So get your BDSM kink on and check it out.  Or how about Transexual dating?  FindaShemaleLover.com is a great site for those who like this particular niche.  I have found that within sites that are more niche-specific the people there are decent and tolerant and giving.

So forget the world, get to dating.  🙂

~ Ouch!

This happened 3 months ago.  My buddy Dave dared me to get a date on BDSM.com.  I am sure you are familiar with that lifestyle and more power to those who are into it.  Personally, I think everyone should be happy in their lives and as long as you aren’t hurting people or selling drugs or something, do what you can to be happy.  Life is too friggin’ short and there is enough misery in the world.  For the reviews on this site, we had a few people in the office join sites and make contacts and dates and you can see that here.  But anyway, me?  Not into the whole BDSM thing but I don’t mind learning things and of course, having fun.

Anyway, once I decided, or Dave decided, lol, that I would have a BDSM date, it was like OK, should I be a Dom?  A Sub?  He said he would give me $100 if I had a date with a Mistress and got my ass kicked, lol.  Spanked and humiliated, really.  And you know, even though that is different for me, many guys like it, so why not?  I am one to do dares sometimes and who knows, it might even be fun.  Well, I perused the site and found several prospects pretty darn quick.  It’s a great site.  I settled on a particular lady because aside from her saying she loves newbies, she also had a couple nice and nasty pics up.  And from her profile and the chats we subsequently had, I could tell she was a nice lady.

So we decided to meet first near her and if all went well, to then go to her um, dungeon and she would proceed to teach me a few things, a lesson as well.  🙂  The chat was nice.  She was 36 and had a tight body, and her eyes were such a light blue.  When I told her that, she said it was for them to pierce through me.  Oh oh.  After about 45 minutes of the banter, I followed her to her place, and we went downstairs to her dungeon.  Well, it’s a basement and off to the side was a washer and dryer, but they were curtained off.  She had all the Master/Slave stuff.  I gulped when I saw what she had in there.  Even a medieval rack!  Yikes!  First she tied me to this x-post looking thing.  She made a point to say she uses ropes for everything and not clasps or belts because she believed in authenticity.

Oh, I was in my underwear by then.  So she starts whipping me with this whip thing on my belly.  Not too hard but sometimes it hurt.  And she called me names I hadn’t heard since my mother used to yell at me when I was a kid, lol.  Next she put a collar on me, rope collar, and walked me around the room like I was a dog.  Then she had me bend over this sawhorse-looking thing and had me take down my jockeys and she whipped my ass.  That did hurt.  She did it for 15 minutes at least.  Then she spanked me, paddled me and even poked me with a cattle prod.  I won’t mention the last thing, but she did ask first and I consented.

So there you have it.  Dave was happy to lose the 100 bucks for my ordeal and I couldn’t sit down for 2 days.  But looking back, I would do it again I think and I may anyway, even without the prodding, no pun intended.  🙂