~ The Asian girlfriend

Has anyone seen the new ABC TV show Fresh Off the Boat?  It started a few weeks ago, and although I absolutely cannot stand the opening song if you can call it that, I think it’s a pretty good show.  It is about an Asian American family, Taiwanese, set in the 1990’s, kind of like another ABC show, The Goldberg’s that is set in the 80’s.  I like the fact that the dad is this hard-working guy who wants the best for his family, so much so, that he leaves a somewhat comfortable job in Washington DC, but one where he would never advance and make things substantially better, to go to a new city Orlando, and opens a Western style steak house.  The mom is a typical Asian tiger mom, tough as nails and intense in all her encounters, especially with her three sons who she pushes to excel.  The father is cheery and upbeat trying to attain the American dream for himself and his family, the wife struggles with differences in culture, preferring hers of course, and the boys work to be accepted among their peers in school, the older boy much more into hip hop and American customs and foods rather than those of his Asian background.

I bring this up because last week, I visited a friend of mine whose son had just come back from college, graduating mid-year and then traveling and bumming around a bit, and he brought with him his serious girlfriend, a Taiwanese Asian.  Now let me explain that the son’s mom, is a Taiwanese Asian (and a tiger mom in her own right) and so perhaps it is no surprise that her son would date Asian girls.  But his dad is a white American and the family – they have 4 kids – was already well-assimilated, and aside from the mom, they don’t look particularly Asian.  I know the new graduate well because I have been close to that family for years, so I spoke to him to ask him about it.  I know that in college he wasted little time in dating Asian girls, Chinese girls in particular.  I wanted to know why, and not just the obvious that it was in his genes, or that he wanted someone like his mother.  In fact, just the opposite, he wanted someone a little less driven that his mother, lol.

His answers surprised me.  None of that Asian girls are so beautiful, and his girlfriend is cute, but not any kind of perfect specimen, actually she was not heavy but not thin, while he is thin.  And none of that Asians are smart thing.  No being loyal to his mom’s culture.  He told me he actually had a white girlfriend for a bit as a freshman, but that he gravitated to Asian students because although he had grown up assimilated and never really hung out with Asian kids, he felt that the more he was with them in college, the more he felt comfortable with them.  And the more he liked the company of Asian girls.  That they were kind and sweet, generous in their demeanors, genuine and not competitive in nature, and supportive of their guys.  He saw why his dad had married one.  Yes, there were the looks and the smarts.  But he made his choice on what was on the inside.  And good for him.

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~ The best dating site?

I have been asked so many times I wish I had a buck for each time, what the best dating site is.  And you know the answer.  It depends, lol.  There is no one best.  That is because there are so many niches now.  If you ask what is the best fetish site, that is one thing.  Or if you ask what is the best Asian site, well, that is another.  That makes sense.  But there is no one best overall I don’t think.  And yes, I know, there are these major websites that are all inclusive supposedly that have zillions of people that get good marks by a lot of people.  And maybe if you asked me what the best mainstream site was I would give you an answer.  But those large catch-all sites are really not that way.  Do you think you can easily find someone who will want their feet worshipped on those major mainstream (boring) sites?  You know the answer.  Or do you think you can easily find a kinky transsexual there?  C’mon, you know you can’t.

So that is why we are here.  For you.  Sounds snooty, I know, but it’s true.  We firmly believe that for people who want to find someone in a particular niche or for a particular reason, you should look at places that specialize in that.  If you needed a particular surgery, would you go to a general surgeon or one who specializes in that precise field of medicine?  With whom would you be most comfortable?  You go to the one that specializes in whatever you need, you don’t go to the one who does it all but has too much forest and trees, if you know what  I mean.

Do you want a hookup tonight?  Do you think you can get one easily on one of those huge catch-all sites?  Ha!  That is why we have FlirtBuddies.com.  You WILL find your casual fling thing on that site.  If you make a decent profile and you don’t act like a jerk, you will.  And don’t think you need to be Brad Pitt or young or old.  There are many women there looking for you.  Be yourself and you can thank me later.

AsiaFriendFinder.com  has become a standard in the industry.  When building the review site, after doing much research, I read and heard a couple things about the site that were negative.  As always, I don’t knee-jerk believe what I hear, I need to see for myself, and I need to have definitive proof of anything before I form an educated opinion.  You WILL find your Asian beauty on that site.  And she will find you.

Have a fetish, maybe into some form of BDSM or some other kind of kink?  Do you think you will find that on a mainstream site no matter how big it may be?  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Go to http://BDSM.com.  There you WILL find not just BDSM, but every kink.  Go join and for free.  You will see.

So there you go.  More on the others soon, but for now, you know what to do.  🙂

~ All Asian girls are beautiful

OK, so Asian women are absolutely beautiful, right?  I mean that is nothing new.  And before anyone out there gets mad because they think I am objectifying, then hell, I guess I am.  But it is a compliment.  And anyone who knows me knows I love Asian ladies not just because of their beauty but also because of the way they are, their values, their intellect, their class.  I could go on.  But hey this is a society where outward beauty is judged as well, fairly or unfairly, and add to that outward beauty of Asian women their inner beauty, and I carry no guilt.  So forgive me if you wish, or don’t if you don’t wish.

A couple days ago in the break room, a bunch of us got into a conversation about Asian girls.  And FYI, included in the chat were a few girls, including a girl from Taiwan.  So there.  We had received a number of emails over time about a girl from this country or whose parents were from that one, some guy saying Chinese girls were the prettiest Asian girls, another Korean, another Japanese, you get it.  So we started talking about that.  Which Asian girls are the prettiest?

Now as a disclaimer, I told the group, and they told me I was a copout, I said I couldn’t answer, that they all were equally stunning.  And even though I was called a coward for not taking a stand, I truly meant it.  They are all amazing to me.  But the others got into it.  And before the whole deal started we all apologized in advance to our Chinese Taiwan co-worker and she said, “No worries, bring it on, losers.”  So one of our programmers immediately said Vietnamese girls.  No surprise there.  We all knew he loved them.  The guy is as white as they come, he was from Texas.  They had this influx of immigrants from Vietnam some years back and he had this Vietnamese girlfriend in high school and only dated Vietnamese girls and had a Vietnamese wife, lol.  What else would he say?  Another guy said Malaysia.  Our admin manager said, Korean girls.  Ever since that Psy video, Gangnam Style, and all those hot Korean dancers, and damn they were hot, he just couldn’t get over those girls.  His dream is to go to South Korea and bring one of them back.  Good luck with that, Benny.

One of the girls chimed saying Japanese girls.  She loved their long straight black hair, lol.  Chinese said the girl from Taiwan.  Big shock.  The boss came in and said Indonesian girls.  He had been there some years back and would tell us stories.  Maybe he was right.  I said, “What about Filipinas?”  They are in that group.  Our HR guy said, “Yep, Filipinas.”  Another guy said girls from Thailand.  Can’t be beat.  Another girl who works with us said what about Laotian and Cambodian girls?  True that.  The boss added Singapore.  A couple other people came in and we heard Japanese and Korean and Chinese and Filipinas again.

Look, they are all lovely and they are all sweet, whether they are there or whether they are here in the good old USA.  If you like Asian women, or if you want to know if you do, we have several free sites that we recommend here: DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating.  By the way, this is a pretty good site to join: AsianDating.com.  So, find your lovely Asian girl.  You will not be sorry.

~ The Asia tour

A buddy of mine went on a sex tour to a few Asian countries a few years ago.  Let me add right away that I do not recommend or endorse or condone anything like this and I don’t even think anyone needs to do it; there are plenty of women here and not as hookers if you look properly.  This is just a story, things he told me.  Anyway, he went with a friend of his who had done it before and arranged it all for the two of them.  They hit Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.  It was a two week tour.  My buddy decided about 6 or 7 years ago that he would never get married and just wanted to enjoy himself, and what is his enjoyment?  Sex.  He makes enough money so that he can travel around – he does it a lot, and after some rough patches in his life, he just wants to be happy and have fun.  And what is that happiness and fun.  Yes, sex.

Now the guy loves all women, but especially Asian women.  And it’s not because of some stereotype like submissiveness, but simply because he loves petite women, and he feels he can always find what he likes with more Asian women than others.  And there are others, non-Asian petite women, plenty, but this is his view.  By the way, if you read my column from a couple weeks back, you may remember a story about a friend’s brother who loves Asian women.  This is my buddy, the brother of that guy.  Maybe it’s a family thing, lol.

So anyway, he went on this tour.  He went to different places to meet different women in the different countries and cities, and he found two places where things were great, one terrible.  Now mind you, this was a sex tour, basically going to certain countries and hitting the hookers from the bars and clubs, legal in the areas with women of legal age.  He was careful to be sure everyone was over 18 and he says they were.  And he was never one to put himself at risk with any authorities by dabbling in things that were not legal.  And by the way, I am not here to judge any other risks he takes by doing what he did and still does.  He tells me that everyone who looks to hook up does the same if they buy dinner and flowers, etc. before a date that is for sure one that will end up in sex.

The great places with the nicest cutest girls were in Thailand and the Philippines.  The worst was in Japan.  Even though he said in Japan they have these places you can go to where you are in a huge tub and as many women as you want are naked with you and wash you which he felt was very erotic, to them when it came right down to it, it was all about the job, money.  He understands that money is a big deal for these things but unlike the girls in Thailand and the Philippines, he always felt they were on the job.  He couldn’t get comfortable with the things said and queried.  The Thai girls and the Filipinas didn’t focus on the cash, they just seemed to enjoy themselves and wanted to have fun too.  That made it fun for him.  Those girls were also more personable, and happy.

Look, it could be he went to the wrong place in Japan, and that where he was in Thailand and the Philippines the girls fooled him.  Maybe.  But his friend who was with him felt the same with those he encountered.  My buddy spent plenty of dough, several thousand bucks, but I think, I know he could have found sweet Asian hookups right here in the good ol’ USA had he just joined one or more of the free Asian dating sites we review on this site.  You can find your Asian lovely lady for a hookup or something else by joining one or more sites here – DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating Sites.  You will end up happy and you won’t have to mortgage your house to do it or travel around the world.  🙂

~ Lena, thank you

When I was getting my graduate degree, yes, I do have a graduate degree, I am ejamakated, lol, there was this incredibly beautiful Chinese girl in my class.  Because I knew the topic of the class pretty well, I would hold library study sessions with a few people, including the girl.  Now I did not know at the time she thought anything of me except for being the smart guy, at least with economics.  Her name was Lena, well, that was what she wanted people to call her.  She had a Chinese name but didn’t go by it.  Lena was from Taiwan getting her master’s degree, and was fairly quiet but had a good sense of humor.  She must have, because she laughed at my jokes.  🙂  Lena was very quiet, and she seemed very shy.  Now I am not trying to say she was any stereotype of a submissive Asian girl, hell, I didn’t even know what that was then.  I am just saying she was quiet and shy.  And nice.  She was always very nice and polite.  I am remembering more as I type this, lol.

After our finals, a bunch of us students including Lena went to a local watering hole to drown our grade worries in some liquefied relief.  If I remember correctly, and I didn’t remember everything that night, lol, there were 7 of us and we drank pretty heavily.  I didn’t so much but enough to make me happier school was over.  Done, finito.  A degree if we didn’t flunk.  That last day was one of 4 finals, and studying for it was crazy.  An all-nighter for many, and then the exams.  So all of us were thrilled to death it was over, at least for that semester and we were only too glad to be out of school and down the block at the Tavern.  The Tavern was this sort of run down, dingy kind of place, with old wall paper and tables but we loved it.  I miss that damn place.  They had great food, cheap too.  Watered the drinks down a bit but still, it was an institution and I think anyone who would go there probably belonged in an institution!

We first had beers, all of us, including the 3 girls, Lena too.  One girl, damn I can’t remember her name, just that she was blonde, kind of big and tall and had the strangest glasses, said she didn’t drink but she knocked that beer down in a hurry.  Maybe it was the post-test giddiness.  Other people from another school nearby came in to have fun and after a bit it was pretty rowdy in the Tavern.  We started drinking more of course.  And that was when the weirdest thing happened.  Lena asked me if she could talk to me.  I said sure, so we went to a dark corner of the place.  It was dark anyway but there the light bulb had been out and that part of the bar, with a booth there was super dark.  I mean you couldn’t see a few inches in front of you.

I sat down on the wall side of the booth and Lena sat down next to me.  Without warning, she put her hand on my crotch and started well, messing around there!  I was shocked.  But at the same time, I was glad so I immediately decided to not do what as an idiot high school and college guy I did, which was to object, or to say, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  Lena said, “Hey, don’t worry, I am not drunk, I want this.”  Who was I to object.  We started kissing and Lena undid my jeans and her head went into my lap and well, what can I say?  Unfortunately, she left 2 days later to go back to Taiwan.  I wish I had tried to keep in touch, but I think that was how she wanted things.  Shy Lena acting not so shy and then disappearing into my dreams.  And me in hers as well, I hope.

I can’t tell you that if you join a free dating site like FindAAsianLover.com or AsiaFriendFinder.com you will get your own Lena.  But you very well might.  Those two sites do deliver, I know, trust me.  Hey, you may want to have a meaningful relationship and that’s OK too.  Whatever you seek from dating a beautiful Asian lady, please check either or both sites.  You can thank me later.  🙂

~ What do women want?

Women like well, who the f*** knows, lol?  I was asked this yesterday, and I stood there with my mouth open and I didn’t have an answer.  Sheesh!  “Hell, if I know,” I finally blurted out.  So I went into Cindy’s office (well, her cubicle), and I said, “Cindy, you’re a women, right?”  Before I could continue, she says, “You just figure that out, Einstein?  No wonder you haven’t been promoted.”  “Ha.  No I mean what do women want?  Like, what do you want?”  “I want a Porsche and a guy who makes four times as much money as you at the minimum, and lots of shoes, and oh yeah, not you.”  OK, so that’s what Cindy wants.  I tell her to just give a good answer, one that could shed some light on this mystery from when the caveman dragged his lady by her hair as he went after some dinosaur.  So Cindy tells me everyone woman wants something different and of course it depends on the woman.

And that’s what I figured, it depends on the woman, like, it’s all relative.  Some women want the flash and the cash.  Others a home and kids.  So then it depends on what the man wants and to whether he is with the girl who wants to get what he is willing to give, whether it’s a lot or hell, not much at all.  Maybe the lady just wants fun, partying, drinking, or sex or all of that.  Maybe she wants the house and yard and white picket fence as she calls out the kitchen window and tells her kids to come in to dinner.  Is it possible that some women say they want some things but then they really don’t, or vice versa.  Of course.  So what is a man to do to make his lady happy?

Well, before the whole thing starts, you have to be sure everyone is on the same page.  And that is where the whole dating thing comes in.  I have said it before to you people and I will say it again, communicate and know what you want and she wants.  The way to do this is from the beginning, from when you look for the lady or she looks for you.  And that is where I come in.  Well, not me exactly but what I do.  The dating sites.  That is where it starts if you use cyberspace to get a partner.  It is the easiest way to find what you want in a woman, and more times than not, even just from her profile, you can know what that particular woman wants from you or out of life.  Now not every woman will be honest about that or straight about it, but once you make contact with her or her with you, you can dig into it all and find out.

And it is a two-way street.  Women have to know what men want too.  What do you want, guys?  Do you want a family or or do you want to do what it tales to make kids without the kids happening, if you know what I mean?  If you want the relationship, take the girl home to meet mom and dad thing, then I suggest you look here MatureHookupDating.com.  Believe it or not, and I know, you will find younger women who want the serious thing on the site.  I mean that, check it out, that is why I am recommending it.  Or here if you want an African American sweetie, and you can go here  even if you are not black, yep that’s true too – MrandMissBlack.com.  Sweet Asian ladies here – AsiaFriendfinder.com.  Lovely Latinas here – Amigos.com.  Wanna just get laid, lol, go here – Ulust.com.

But really, what do women want?  What you can convince them they want.  🙂

~ Forget the world, join a dating site :)

Have you thought recently that the world seems to be falling apart? I mean, it seems there is some kind of crap going on somewhere to the point where at least IMO, it has been worse than when I was younger.  Maybe not, because now we have the internet and all these cable and satellite stations and all, so we hear more about everything, but to me it seems so.

With all the bad stuff going on, I think now is the time to do something fun, or get involved with something interesting.  Like dating, if you haven’t been doing that a lot.  Now I know, I am in that thing, so what else would I say?  But really.  It is so easy to just get online and join a site and start having fun.  Forget the news, and what’s going on in Asia or wherever, and all that bad Ebola stuff, and forget all the politics going on here.  Obama and Boehner and all that.

This site has many dating programs you can join.  If you want to just hook up with someone, just want to have fun, and no strings attached, check out FlirtBuddies.com.  There are lots of incredibly hot women who are looking for a great time.  And don’t worry if you are not a movie star or some kind of big shot.  You will find someone, and you can find many.  Or if you like Latina girls, check out Amigos.com.  When I reviewed this site, I was surprised there were so many sweeties here.  And cute as all get out.  And nice.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I don’t know, but the ladies are very loving and giving.  And speaking of culture, check out AsiaFriendfinder.com.  I had a Chinese girlfriend for a time till she went back to Taiwan.  Wow, super cute and so nice.  Respectful, giving.  I really thought about marrying her but she had to go back, family thing going on.  Asian women are amazing.

Into something a bit different?  And by the way, different doesn’t mean bad or weird.  To each his or her own I say and there should never be judging.  Life is so short, be happy.  Anyway, how about BDSM.com.  So many ladies there with many kinky desires related (and some not related) to bondage or being submissive, etc.  Super-hot pictures help you choose your mate for a meet.  So get your BDSM kink on and check it out.  Or how about Transexual dating?  FindaShemaleLover.com is a great site for those who like this particular niche.  I have found that within sites that are more niche-specific the people there are decent and tolerant and giving.

So forget the world, get to dating.  🙂

~ Dating advice for my sad friend

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen and talked to in years.  Holiday season and all, some people catch things up with long lost relatives and friends as you know.  I did some myself.  Well, anyway, I said hey, let me give you a call and let’s chat about old and new times.

So I called Larry and I am sorry to say he was not the happiest camper in the world.  He is in his 30’s and twice divorced, no kids, I guess that is lucky, and he is always looking for a woman because he doesn’t want to end up alone.  Geez, he’s not that old, but he’s worried.  And he wants kids too.  So he tells me about 2 full years of dating/girlfriend woes.  And he was so sad.  Seems he just can’t catch a break in the ladies department.  And I didn’t mean ladies department as in, “4th floor!  Women’s shoes!”  I mean bad luck or no luck in finding a woman.  So because of what I do he wants advice, dating advice, and wants to know what site or sites I recommend.

I asked him what he was doing to find someone and he told me the usual, clubs, bars, etc.  He said he was worried about websites because he felt it was too impersonal. I asked him what century he thought he lived in.  Was he kidding?  Is he like the only guy not on any personals site?  He did say he had joined a couple but had no luck so he termed his profiles.

I know I am biased because I am in the internet dating world but I really believe it’s the way to go for so many reasons.  So I told him about all of it and after he told me what he really wanted, and trust me, I had to force the guy (I think his ex-wives had eaten his balls for breakfast), I recommended 3 sites for him to consider.  Larry likes Asian girls so I recommended AsianFriendFinder.com.  His mom is Asian by the way, so I think that’s part of it.  (I hope he doesn’t want to date his mom!)  Larry also said he may just want a good time with no strings attached.  For that, i told him about Ulust.com.  Lastly, Larry wanted to meet an older woman.  (Hmm, maybe he does want to date his mother.)  So of course, MatureHookupDating.com.  Larry said he would join all 3.  I will let you know what happens.  As long as he is not dating his mother!