~ BS sites, sheesh!

What a day!  In the middle of work this morning, my computer died.  And it took me so long to try and fix it to no avail, that I just decided to reinstall the operating system.  Even that gave me a hard time, not the reinstall itself but the aftermath, still not knowing as I write this in the evening that all will be ok.  Absolutely nothing.  I am venting, lol.

But I have been irritated for sure.  I, of course, had to work so I used another computer as I was trying to fix the other.  Today’s work consisted of research of dating websites.  Sometime I find it boring and sometimes I find it interesting.  But I always shake my head at some of the crap I find.  I mean it is so blatant as to be ridiculous.  About a month ago, my best friend’s sister, Carla, contacted me and asked if within a certain website if I had contacted her by showing “interest.”  I told her that I had not been on that particular dating site for two years!  So how could it happen?   Carla said she called customer service and that there was some rude lady in India or the Philippines or somewhere who told her it was all real.  But it wasn’t of course.  Carla was so pissed.  She had thought that those who had contacted her were real and so she wrote back.  But she never heard back and didn’t know what to think.  It was humiliating.

I had the number of those who run the site and I called and got hold of an admin who was nice and who told me she would look into it.  She did while putting me on hold and told me she could not find an answer.  But she would get back to me.  She did via email and claimed it was a technical issue they would fix.  Of course, she was full of it.  I told Carla to dump the site that they were doing worse than “seeding,” making false profiles, which is generally the most the unscrupulous will do.   I have heard of this BS for sure, but it was the first time I was part of the scam.  I made my views known.  I did receive an apology but so what.

So today one of the sites I joined, I did very quickly because I needed to run out, so all I do aside from filling out the basic is say on each essay part,”Will get to this later.”  That’s it.  As soon as I am done with that, the next page tells me I already have had 47 people looking at my profile! And I had 4 messages!   Like in one second.  How can that be?  And I had some express interest.  Sheesh!  Look people I have found a number of good dating sites and I list them on this site.  You want real or fake?  Go to FlirtBuddies.com for a fling.  Want to meet a beautiful BBW, see BBWDesire.com.  Into something kinky?  Join the great BDSM.com.   Like trannies?  Check out TSdating.com.  Those are just a few here that will work for you.  Enjoy!

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