~ Bowling and the cougar

MILFs.  Cougars.  Sometimes, lots of times, one and the same.  And as they say, it’s all good.  I have dated non-MILF cougars and MILF cougars, and they all excite me.  I want to tell you about the time I had a dalliance shall I say with this amazing cougar.  She was 46 and was amazing.  Laura was her name and I met her at a bowling alley.  Now I don’t bowl and she didn’t bowl.  Both of us were there for different birthday parties.  And we were sort of chaperoning along with a couple other adults.  She had shoulder-length blond hair, although she did admit to me that her hair was really brown, lol.  Laura was a petite little thing, maybe 5’ 1”, maybe, and she had striking blue eyes, although she did admit to me she was wearing colored contact lenses, lol.  Nice body, big boobs, and no she told me they were real when I asked her if she was a real person, and she caught me checking out her ample bosom.

So the kids were bowling and Laura and I sat in those uncomfortable hard plastic chairs drinking soda and eating pizza and just joking around.  Laura was a never-married administrative assistant for some printing office.  It was a boring job.  She told me it was and I figured it was.  But hey, a job is a job, you know.  When I told her about my job, she asked me to regale her with stories, so I did, no names don’t worry.  And the vast, vast majority of the stories were very good to great.  There were a couple funny ones.  Of course,  I made it a point to tell her stories where some guy and some girl got together for casual fun.  🙂

She thought that was great and wanted to join one of the sites from which I told her a great story – SeekingMilf.com.  She made a note with one of those little bowling alley pencils on a piece of paper she tore off a score sheet.  And she took my number too.  When the parties ended and all the little monsters were safely out of there, Laura said, “I will call you. I would like to hear more stories”.  That was fine by me.  I should have asked her out but I didn’t, don’t know why actually, lol.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard from her in a week plus so I actually forgot about her.  Nearly a month after we met at the bowling alley, she called me.  We talked for a bit and she said hey, let’s get together.  She invited me to her place for dinner the next night, Friday night.  Just like that.  Nice.  She did say she was bold and aggressive and knew what she liked and went after it.  Who was I to disagree with that?  So I went to her place and she made a great dinner.  Perfect for me.  It was hamburgers she grilled on her apartment patio and french fries and apple pie.  The perfect meal for a junk food junkie like me.   Then we drank some wine I brought and let loose from there.  The clothes came off, and we had a crazy good time.  She was a freak!  I never met her again.  🙂  She did join SeekingMilf.com by the way.  Maybe you can find her there.  If you do, mmmmmmm.

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