~ What do women want?

Women like well, who the f*** knows, lol?  I was asked this yesterday, and I stood there with my mouth open and I didn’t have an answer.  Sheesh!  “Hell, if I know,” I finally blurted out.  So I went into Cindy’s office (well, her cubicle), and I said, “Cindy, you’re a women, right?”  Before I could continue, she says, “You just figure that out, Einstein?  No wonder you haven’t been promoted.”  “Ha.  No I mean what do women want?  Like, what do you want?”  “I want a Porsche and a guy who makes four times as much money as you at the minimum, and lots of shoes, and oh yeah, not you.”  OK, so that’s what Cindy wants.  I tell her to just give a good answer, one that could shed some light on this mystery from when the caveman dragged his lady by her hair as he went after some dinosaur.  So Cindy tells me everyone woman wants something different and of course it depends on the woman.

And that’s what I figured, it depends on the woman, like, it’s all relative.  Some women want the flash and the cash.  Others a home and kids.  So then it depends on what the man wants and to whether he is with the girl who wants to get what he is willing to give, whether it’s a lot or hell, not much at all.  Maybe the lady just wants fun, partying, drinking, or sex or all of that.  Maybe she wants the house and yard and white picket fence as she calls out the kitchen window and tells her kids to come in to dinner.  Is it possible that some women say they want some things but then they really don’t, or vice versa.  Of course.  So what is a man to do to make his lady happy?

Well, before the whole thing starts, you have to be sure everyone is on the same page.  And that is where the whole dating thing comes in.  I have said it before to you people and I will say it again, communicate and know what you want and she wants.  The way to do this is from the beginning, from when you look for the lady or she looks for you.  And that is where I come in.  Well, not me exactly but what I do.  The dating sites.  That is where it starts if you use cyberspace to get a partner.  It is the easiest way to find what you want in a woman, and more times than not, even just from her profile, you can know what that particular woman wants from you or out of life.  Now not every woman will be honest about that or straight about it, but once you make contact with her or her with you, you can dig into it all and find out.

And it is a two-way street.  Women have to know what men want too.  What do you want, guys?  Do you want a family or or do you want to do what it tales to make kids without the kids happening, if you know what I mean?  If you want the relationship, take the girl home to meet mom and dad thing, then I suggest you look here MatureHookupDating.com.  Believe it or not, and I know, you will find younger women who want the serious thing on the site.  I mean that, check it out, that is why I am recommending it.  Or here if you want an African American sweetie, and you can go here  even if you are not black, yep that’s true too – MrandMissBlack.com.  Sweet Asian ladies here – AsiaFriendfinder.com.  Lovely Latinas here – Amigos.com.  Wanna just get laid, lol, go here – Ulust.com.

But really, what do women want?  What you can convince them they want.  🙂

~ BS sites, sheesh!

What a day!  In the middle of work this morning, my computer died.  And it took me so long to try and fix it to no avail, that I just decided to reinstall the operating system.  Even that gave me a hard time, not the reinstall itself but the aftermath, still not knowing as I write this in the evening that all will be ok.  Absolutely nothing.  I am venting, lol.

But I have been irritated for sure.  I, of course, had to work so I used another computer as I was trying to fix the other.  Today’s work consisted of research of dating websites.  Sometime I find it boring and sometimes I find it interesting.  But I always shake my head at some of the crap I find.  I mean it is so blatant as to be ridiculous.  About a month ago, my best friend’s sister, Carla, contacted me and asked if within a certain website if I had contacted her by showing “interest.”  I told her that I had not been on that particular dating site for two years!  So how could it happen?   Carla said she called customer service and that there was some rude lady in India or the Philippines or somewhere who told her it was all real.  But it wasn’t of course.  Carla was so pissed.  She had thought that those who had contacted her were real and so she wrote back.  But she never heard back and didn’t know what to think.  It was humiliating.

I had the number of those who run the site and I called and got hold of an admin who was nice and who told me she would look into it.  She did while putting me on hold and told me she could not find an answer.  But she would get back to me.  She did via email and claimed it was a technical issue they would fix.  Of course, she was full of it.  I told Carla to dump the site that they were doing worse than “seeding,” making false profiles, which is generally the most the unscrupulous will do.   I have heard of this BS for sure, but it was the first time I was part of the scam.  I made my views known.  I did receive an apology but so what.

So today one of the sites I joined, I did very quickly because I needed to run out, so all I do aside from filling out the basic is say on each essay part,”Will get to this later.”  That’s it.  As soon as I am done with that, the next page tells me I already have had 47 people looking at my profile! And I had 4 messages!   Like in one second.  How can that be?  And I had some express interest.  Sheesh!  Look people I have found a number of good dating sites and I list them on this site.  You want real or fake?  Go to FlirtBuddies.com for a fling.  Want to meet a beautiful BBW, see BBWDesire.com.  Into something kinky?  Join the great BDSM.com.   Like trannies?  Check out TSdating.com.  Those are just a few here that will work for you.  Enjoy!

~ To app or not to app

Lately, I have received many inquiries about dating apps.  Makes sense.   I am in the dating business and I am in the technology business and I melt the two together, so why not?  You may think that being I promote dating through online websites that I might be against apps.  I am not.  In fact, many of the sites I use and promote have apps of their own.  Today, to stay competitive, you have to at least try to have that capability.  So generally I like dating apps, and I think they can be useful.

But, and this is an important but, there are issues with apps, some technological and others more scam-related and some a mix of the two.  The technological issues are those of downtime.  The scam-related issues are many seeded fake profiles or many prostitutes (yes, it’s true) and escorts with profiles, and a combination of the two, such as “hooker bots,” fake profiles that clutter the apps with pages and messages.  Yes, this has gone on and still goes on within dating sites, and if any of you use CraigsList, you may know about un-real people that attract searchers and then send them emails with links to pay sites, or escort sites, etc.  But the phenomenon of the apps includes why they are so popular.  It is because they are quick.  Phone app dating has become a “swipe” community.  Zoom, one way or the other.  There have also been criminals meeting up with people and making trouble.  And so much of this is because there is no care taken.  Again, it is all so quick.

I don’t tell people not to use apps.  I think like anything, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  But make sure your basket includes dating personals websites.  The app scams are wasting people’s time and money, and they are becoming dangerous.  Google it.  They are even a problem for gay dating or niche dating.  There have been complaints about how the apps are being used to racially profile, and it is making people mad.  Use apps, enjoy.  But by also in the least using dating sites, and taking a little, not very much, time to look around and find someone, you are usually better off.  Aside from the fact you see many more pics of people and much more data, you can also easily see everything.  Your computer monitor is much bigger than your cell phone’s screen, if you can even call it that.

Apps are being used mainly for the fast hookup.  You can find a great hookup here – FlirtBuddies.com.  And you can find great hookups even on sites where you think that might not be the case, like here – MilfAholic.com. Finally, even niche sites like MatureHookupDating.com, BBWdesire.com and BlackCrush.com can be easily used for the hookup.  So have a portfolio if you will of sites and/or apps that can and will work for you.

~ Hook up and enjoy!

Let’s face it.  Guy like to see as much of a woman as possible.  I don’t mean seeing a woman dating-wise which is great, but I mean skin-wise, which is very nice.  One thing about dating sites is that they range from mild to wild, and the wild of course will have lots of hot pics of female body parts.  Now I must tell you that even the more serene dating sites be they for older people or religious people will have its share of wild ladies within.  They are there even though most are the mild type looking for a long-term thing.  It’s just human nature.

But back to the naughty.  Today with women and men being so liberated (should I use that word?) or just maybe sexually active and free, no one seems to mind showing their body parts on dating sites.  Many women even show their face while they stand naked in front of a selfie shot.  And I see nothing wrong with that.  Now having said this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman who bares all on her profile will be a slut.  Some may be and some may not.  I discovered some years back that just like men, women want to feel they can express themselves in any way, even erotically, and not have it automatically mean they want to sleep with every guy around.  Sure, you can find many women like that on hook-up sites like NaughtyMatch.com, Ulust.com and FlirtBuddies.com.  But there are some that want a little more before they open up, so to speak.

The beauty about hook-up sites is that you can find almost anything you want.  Yes, go for the one-night thing.  Or go for a 2-night or 3 or more thing, lol.  I know that on the sites I mention above you can go from anything goes to well, I guess I should say anything goes, lol.  And sometimes it depends on someone’s mood.  Two months ago I had a date with someone from FlirtBuddies.com who wore me out after we ate.  A few days later, it took me to the third date before I was able to get into more than the mind of another from the site.  But I should say she was incredible, and between the two I would choose the second girl even though it took me 2 dinners and a movie, lol.

So bottom line, a lady who posts nasty pictures of herself will more than likely, but not always, give it up very quickly, but it may all work out in the end even if a first date doesn’t bring your orgasmic relief.  To those who use the sites, you know this already.  To those of you who are new to these dating sites, you will find out very quickly that you can have a lot of fun after very little effort.  It really isn’t that hard to find some pleasure, really, not so much effort as all, but you need to first take the dating site plunge.  And once you do, you will love it!  Enjoy!

~ MILF me!

I had a great date last night!  It had been a while since my last date because I was so busy working and moving to a new place.  So I was happy when I was finally able to get some action, lol.  And for me lately, anything that takes me away from the office or home is action.  It became such a drag, even when I needed to do some research at the library, I was like, wow, this is great!  I am out somewhere!  But really, it had been a while and I was glad to get back into the game.

I found the girl on MilfAholic.com.  It’s a site I really like and have been recommending for a while.  I like MILFs – who doesn’t, for different reasons.  By the way, for some, what comes to mind when thinking of a MILF is some older couger, and that could be the case.  But there are also younger MILFs even 18 and 19 year olds.  So that misconception that the mom is older should go out the window.  Anyway, I digress.

My MILF was 27.  She was a single mom with 2 kids who also hadn’t had any fun in a long time.  Because we will still see each other, even though it will not be exclusive, I don’t want to use her real name, so I will call her MILFbabe.  Kidding.  I will call her Beth.  Beth sounds good, lol.  Anyway, when I saw her profile I was immediately attracted to her.  Because of her eyes.  Such beautiful eyes.  They hypnotized me.  I knew I had to write her and when I did, I heard back almost immediately.  That was a good sign.  I mean, don’t you hate when you wrote someone and you don’t hear back and you are always wondering if it’s too soon, or not?  But she replied fast and I appreciated it.  And I told her.  We chatted via the site and then by phone.  We also camchatted, mmmm.

So we made a date for last night because she could have her mom take the kids.  When I picked Beth up, there was electricity right away.  And what I liked was when we got to the restaurant, she took my arm in hers as we walked in.  Wow, I liked that.  We had a great chat and it went a bit bawdy and I was concerned people at neighboring tables could hear us.  We finally got so hot, and by the way she put her foot in my lap under the table, that we got the hell out of there before we finished eating.  We went back to her place and the fireworks began and lasted all night.  I am tired and almost thought of calling in sick but here I am, happy and writing for you, my loyal readers.  So check out MilfAholic.com.  You deserve it too!

~ Onsite dating approach versus “the meet”

I have been asked many times about how to approach a woman online.  And like so many other answers, it all depends.  I had heard others say it’s the same as approaching a woman in real life.  I disagree.  It is not the same.  Online dating allows for you to use different techniques or ways to approach a prospective partner.

First let’s look at conventional, non-online dating.  There are a multiple of ways people can meet, they can be fixed up, they can meet at someplace like a bar or club or even church or they can meet at some dating venue.  If you are fixed up, sometimes you may have some good info on the mate, most of the time not.  So when you first talk to someone you may want to date, you have to start from scratch right in front of their face.  Awkward.  And you have to date a bit and waste time finding out what your commonalities are or are not.  Time and money.

The internet takes away that first and second and maybe even third time awkwardness and time-wasting and money-wasting.  You use your profile as your introduction to any prospective partners, and she uses hers the same way.  And you can go back and forth with notes well before meeting if you wish, to see if you both are on the same page.  And a good thing is even if you see pictures, until you really actually meet, you can see if you gel without the pressure of looks, which is a good way to do things.  Looks only go so far.  If you get along first, you can go farther.

OK, so now what.  It depends on what both of you want.  And that is also the beauty of online dating.  If you want a long-term thing you can say so and you can join sites that cater to that.  If you want a simple hookup, you can make your profile there.  Like certain ethnicities?  Online.  Lifestyles?  Online.  If you want the long-term thing and you know the one you are chatting with on the dating site has the same desire, work it that way.  If you just want sex, and the one you are chatting with on the dating site wants the same, approach it as aggressively as you think you can.  It’s all as simple as that.

Here is  good long-term serious relationship, non sex hookup site – MatureLoverSearch.com.  Don’t let the name fool you.  There are ladies of all ages on here, that’s why I recommend it for serious dating.

Want the hookup deal?  FlirtBuddies.com will definately float your boat.  Have fun!

~ Chastity, NOT :)

Yesterday, my first cousin Marty gave me a call.  He had to tell me about this date he just had.  “I gotta tell you about this date I just had!” Marty gushed.  He always has to tell me about them, all of them, lol.  So what happened with Marty?

First a little background.  Marty dates a lot.  I mean a lot.  He loves women and he loves fun.  My boy is a maniac when it comes to the ladies.  He makes good money as a stock broker and it seems he spends it as soon as he earns it.  On women.  And yes he has a nice car and other bling but he really loves to go out.  And he loves to then stay in and have fun.  So Marty is the classic “player.”

So this is a Marty story.  I am sure I will have more, lol.  Marty found this wild girl, I am happy to say on ULust.com.  I am happy to say because I believe that whatever two consenting adults want to do, let them.  It’s none of my business, and some sites are just for that, the wild hookup.  So I am glad he used a site I recommend for his rendezvous du jour.  So this girl, he said her name was Chastity, of all things, is anything but, lol.  He found her pretty darn quick when he was searching for a girl near him.  They got to talking and she tells him she has the desire to be spanked and whipped, pretty much messed with that way and also of course have wild sex.  Now he has done that spanking and whipping thing before to girls who wanted it, so he is like, “Sure, no problem.”

She actually goes to his place the next day, they didn’t go out to eat or anything, she just wanted to get down to business.  I don’t see any issue with that.  She brought a multi-tailed bullwhip with her.  First they had sex, and he said she was wild.  No need to get into all that, lol, just use your imagination.  Then she said, “I have been naughty, daddy, and I need to be punished.”  So he turned her over and started spanking her.  She yelled, “Harder, harder,” and Marty says he was spanking her so hard his hands were aching.  Then she said, “Whip me.”  So he did.  Her butt, he said, was so red.  But then she said, “My turn.”  And she told Marty to turn over as she wanted to spank him.  Poor Marty had never been spanked, at least not since my aunt Sue caught him smoking in the basement.  But he went along, what the hell.  So Chastity, according to Marty pushes him down from all fours so that he is laying on his stomach.  She sits on his upper back facing his legs, and doesn’t spank him.  She starts whipping him!  Hard!  Marty tries to get up, but she is planted on his back in such a way that it took him like almost a minute to get away from the girl.  But she had whipped him like 15 times.  She just laid in on him fast.

And get this.  These were Marty’s last words to me on the phone.  “Hey, Bud, I can’t sit down, but you know what?  I am seeing Chastity again this coming weekend!!”

~ Latina love

Ah, what can one say about Latinas?  I dated one a few years back for several months, and had a couple more dates with Latin ladies recently.  I find Latinas not only beautiful and so interesting culturally, I like that they are very family-oriented.  In fact, I almost married the girl I was dating, Espiranza, or Espy for short.   Her dad was from Mexico and her mom was Guatemalan.

Espy had an average body but also had these amazing big eyes.  They would melt me every time she looked at me.  She also had a temper at times, lol, and that would melt me too.  She was a hot-bloodied Latina.  I admired my former girlfriend also for the work she did and for her volunteer work.  Espy was a nurse for pretty sick people.  And she also worked at a soup kitchen on Saturdays.  So what happened with Espy?

Well, we dated first hot and heavy.  Her parents didn’t like me because of my background and so, we cooled a bit.  But then we got hot again, and again her parents.  Sheesh.  They wanted her to get married and not to me!  It was very hard to date and fight so much and that is what we started doing.  She just couldn’t go against her parents.  She said she would but then she wouldn’t.  I finally put my foot down and said we need to decide where this is going.  Espy told me not to worry, she would work on things because she didn’t want to lose me.  And I really thought she was the one and I didn’t want to lose her either.

But Espy didn’t come through, so it ended.  Oh well.  The good thing is I decided to get back on the horse so to speak.  So even though I felt brokenhearted by a Latina, I went on Corazon.com and found me another hot Latin lady and I loved it.  It was only a hook-up thing and we both agreed to that, so no complications.  I had already had my fill of that with Espy.  I don’t know what she is doing now or if she is with anyone, but I hope Espy is doing well and I hope whoever she is with if she is with anyone, she can push back when needed on her parents.  Because parents like that may never be satisfied.  I am sure you know what I mean.  Keep on hunting for the right one or the wrong one, lol.  But keep on going.  And do yourself a favor, check out Corazon.com.

~ A very strange date

It was 4 years ago.  I had just started my work here and I was giving dating advice as well as doing some technical things and more. Here is what happened.

My old college roommate, Dennis, told me he had a sure thing for me.  You know those sure things, right?  The girl who will give it up no matter what.  He even told me that she was called “Easy Ellie” in school.  He never met her but his friend from work told him about her.  So I called the number Dennis gave me and I got one of those phone company recordings saying the number I called was not working.  That should have been a sign for me not to pursue the date.  But no, I called Dennis and told him her number didn’t work.  So he called her and got back to me with a new number.  So I called that number and again, it didn’t work.  Well, I got a fax sound, lol.  Second hint, not taken.  Third time a charm, I get the right number and I call and get through to Ellie.

Now Ellie sounded a bit hoarse, not like a horse, but horse as in she had a raspy voice.  She said that was normal.  We had a careful conversation.  I tried chatting it up with my customary charm, lol, but it seemed Ellie didn’t want any of that.  We just had some polite chit chat and then we decided to meet.  Now remember, this was not supposed to be anything special for me although in my mind I am always like, who knows.  In any event, the plan was for me to pick her up and then we are to go to a mall.  It had theaters and all kinds of food, and I was not able to get her to commit to anything short of going to the mall first.

So I go get her and when I get to the door I could see she was at least 10 years older than me.  Dennis had told me she was around my age.  But I went with the flow and escorted her to my car and drove to the mall.  As much as I tried to have a conversation, I couldn’t get her to open up.  We get to the mall and I say, “Let’s go to the theater to see if there is something you might want to see.”  There were 12 movie theaters.  She says OK and we walk to the place.  As we start looking at the movies, she starts crying.  Crying!  Hell, it was so weird.  She said she had a horrible day and that she just wanted to go home.  So I took her home and that was that.  Very strange.  I never called her again.  And I never trusted Dennis again, at least with women.

~ Black women are beautiful!

Yes they are.  I have always had this thing for black ladies and I will tell you why.  Black women aside from being exotically beautiful to me are also very confident.  It doesn’t matter what their body type, the women have a high esteem and carry themselves well.  They also are more aggressive I have found, with a sometimes wimp like me, lol.  So, simple enough, I love them.

Three months ago, I was looking through BlackCrush.com for another wonderful lady with whom to have another wonderful rendezvous and I found this sweet and wild really hot babe called Wanda.  We exchanged only 2 notes before we decided to take it to the next level, talking by phone.  If I were to note down here what was discussed, not only would I again be exhausted but I would have to bleep and ****** most everything.  🙂  Let’s just say it was um, well, you know.

I had to go out of town on business for a week, but Wanda and I skyped a couple times and made a date to meet.  I offered to make her dinner at my place and she accepted.  We had already advanced to a very comfortable level , so why not just come on over.  We both wanted something physical without the nonsense of courting and wasting time.  So after  I came back on a Thursday, Wanda came over that Friday night.  I had made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad, and I actually made a chocolate cake.  Well, it was a cake mix, but hey, my lady appreciated the effort, and she said, “Chocolate cake for a chocolate lady.”  After polishing off a bottle of wine, we headed off to do what we both couldn’t wait to do.

Look, some of you may not like this kind of thing.  But many of you would.  There are a zillion Wanda’s out there, all you have to do is join a really good site like BlackCrush.com and put in a small bit of effort, which is fun anyway.  Wanda and I “dated” for 6 weeks and we do meet sometimes for um, more spaghetti, last time at her place.  So go make your own dinners!