~ Don’t be confusing

I got a call today, from someone who had used our reviews to join MrandMissBlack.com.  He liked that our review had the balance between the site being looking for those either interested in a long-term serious relationship if one wanted or the possibility of meeting someone who was freaky for a casual thing.  He was super happy.  But that was today.  I first spoke to the guy when he called two weeks before and his call was directed to me.  At that time, the guy, I will call him Evan, was really mad.

Here is what happened.  Evan joined the site, made his profile and looked around.  Then he started contacting people.  After sending notes to 15 girls, he only got two replies, and they both fizzled immediately.  And no one contacted him by just seeing his profile.  He was pissed.  And had I not known anything but that, I would be pissed too.  We have a reputation here.  We join the sites, we tell what is what.  We want people happy with our reviews.  Angry men or women don’t help us.

I allowed Evan to say his piece without interruption and while he did, I looked at his profile.  When the guy was finished, and it took him a few minutes going through things, I told him that I absolutely understood, and if he didn’t mind I would like to tell him my thoughts.  He was fine with that.  Evan’s profile was not that good.  In fact it was plain bad.  Look, the sites do try to get everyone to make their profiles clear and complete, but well, many people don’t do that.  Or some do a little and think it’s enough.  I don’t blame people for wanting to get right to it and search.  Hell, I might do the same.  But if I didn’t make the best profile I could right way, I would get back to it and very soon.  Profiles are your first impression.  I tell people that all the time.  It is you introduction.   It’s, “Hi, this is me.  What do you think?”  If your “me” sucks, or if it is confusing, what do you think will happen?  It really only takes a few minutes to make a decent profile, and you can always change it.

Evan, as I mentioned, joined the site for two reasons.  Both different.  His profile was confusing.  It was kind of a mix between he wanted a life partner and he just wanted a casual partner.  I broke the profile down to him.  I told him he had to do one of the other, not both at the same time.  And he admitted to me the notes or mail he sent out was also confusing.  People, you cannot do that.  Know what you want and go for it.  After a bit of chatting, he told me he wanted a long-term thing but wanted it with a girl who would also be physical sooner rather than later.  I told him to try making his profile one of long-term with his personality showing, and that within the new profile words that would show his own possible, but subtle, naughtiness.  It’s easy to do that while still looking like a long-term guy, which is really what he was.  I then told him to look for like-minded ladies’ profiles in the demographic he wanted.  Send notes only to them, work the back and forth and take it from there.  In many cases, the girl will take the lead anyway making it all easier.

Evan took my advice and he did much better, generating a lot of interest.  And yes, he and a girl on the site met and the rest looks like it will be history.  Evan is smitten and he has the exact relationship he wanted.  So check out MrandMissBlack.com and find your own perfect relationship.

~ Life imitates art, ouch!

Well, well, I guess it was only a matter of time from when the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” came out that someone would get put in jail for emulating it somehow.  A University of Illinois at Chicago freshman named Mohammad Hossain, all of 19 years old, was just charged over the weekend with sexually assaulting a 19 year old coed.  Apparently he was reenacting a scene from the popular movie.  Yesterday, bail was set at half a million bucks for the Christian Grey (main movie character) wanna be.  Yikes.  Where will a 19 year old kid come up with that kind of dough?  And get this, Hossain was actually not the troublemaking kind.  He was involved in school leadership programs, was on the triathlon team and was a student ambassador to the university’s alumni association.

So what happened?  According to prosecutors, Hossain had messed with the girl in the past even though they were not dating, a FWB thing I guess, and this past Saturday, she went to his dorm room in the early evening.  He asked her to strip down and she did leaving on her bra and panties.  He used a couple belts to tie her to his bed, stuffed a tie in her mouth and used a cap to cover her eyes.  Hossain then took off her bra and panties and started whipping her with another belt.  The girl was able to tell him he was hurting her and she started crying telling him to stop.  And guess what?  Not only did he not stop, he started punching her too!  She was able to get her arms free but he held them down and sexually assaulted her too while she begged him to stop.  Rape apparently.  Oh boy.  I have not seen the movie or read the book.  Was that all in there?

Well, after a bit the girl was able to get away and she told someone what happened, and that person called the cops.  Hossain was arrested that night and admitted his assault to detectives.  But what was his excuse?  He said they were reenacting the Fifty Shades movie and that she consented.  Right.  Good luck with that, playa.  She says no, she did not consent.  And poor Mr. Hossain wrote the following on his Facebook page an hour after his “scene” before he was arrested, “I’m finally satisfied.”  I have a feeling others locked up in the same place as the kid will be “satisfied” too, with the young man.  If he can post bail somehow he will be electronically monitored and he is forbidden to go back to the university.  And if Hossain is convicted he could get 30 years in prison.  Wow!

So there you have it.  BDSM done without permission, and I will add allegedly, but if it is done without permission, it will get you into boatloads of trouble.  So friggin’ don’t do that, lol.  But, and this is an important but, if you do have someone consenting, then by all means, get it on.  People do it all the time.  That’s why there are BDSM and fetish sites, so that men and women can whip or get whipped, or take part in Dom/Sub activities, or some other fetish.  And more power to them.  We have a number of free BDSM fetish sites reviewed here – DateSitesReview.com – BDSM Dating. Or better yet, I can personally vouch for this BDSM site – BDSMsingles.com.  Get your Fifty Shades on.  Legally, please.  🙂

~ All Asian girls are beautiful

OK, so Asian women are absolutely beautiful, right?  I mean that is nothing new.  And before anyone out there gets mad because they think I am objectifying, then hell, I guess I am.  But it is a compliment.  And anyone who knows me knows I love Asian ladies not just because of their beauty but also because of the way they are, their values, their intellect, their class.  I could go on.  But hey this is a society where outward beauty is judged as well, fairly or unfairly, and add to that outward beauty of Asian women their inner beauty, and I carry no guilt.  So forgive me if you wish, or don’t if you don’t wish.

A couple days ago in the break room, a bunch of us got into a conversation about Asian girls.  And FYI, included in the chat were a few girls, including a girl from Taiwan.  So there.  We had received a number of emails over time about a girl from this country or whose parents were from that one, some guy saying Chinese girls were the prettiest Asian girls, another Korean, another Japanese, you get it.  So we started talking about that.  Which Asian girls are the prettiest?

Now as a disclaimer, I told the group, and they told me I was a copout, I said I couldn’t answer, that they all were equally stunning.  And even though I was called a coward for not taking a stand, I truly meant it.  They are all amazing to me.  But the others got into it.  And before the whole deal started we all apologized in advance to our Chinese Taiwan co-worker and she said, “No worries, bring it on, losers.”  So one of our programmers immediately said Vietnamese girls.  No surprise there.  We all knew he loved them.  The guy is as white as they come, he was from Texas.  They had this influx of immigrants from Vietnam some years back and he had this Vietnamese girlfriend in high school and only dated Vietnamese girls and had a Vietnamese wife, lol.  What else would he say?  Another guy said Malaysia.  Our admin manager said, Korean girls.  Ever since that Psy video, Gangnam Style, and all those hot Korean dancers, and damn they were hot, he just couldn’t get over those girls.  His dream is to go to South Korea and bring one of them back.  Good luck with that, Benny.

One of the girls chimed saying Japanese girls.  She loved their long straight black hair, lol.  Chinese said the girl from Taiwan.  Big shock.  The boss came in and said Indonesian girls.  He had been there some years back and would tell us stories.  Maybe he was right.  I said, “What about Filipinas?”  They are in that group.  Our HR guy said, “Yep, Filipinas.”  Another guy said girls from Thailand.  Can’t be beat.  Another girl who works with us said what about Laotian and Cambodian girls?  True that.  The boss added Singapore.  A couple other people came in and we heard Japanese and Korean and Chinese and Filipinas again.

Look, they are all lovely and they are all sweet, whether they are there or whether they are here in the good old USA.  If you like Asian women, or if you want to know if you do, we have several free sites that we recommend here: DateSitesReview.com – Asian Dating.  By the way, this is a pretty good site to join: AsianDating.com.  So, find your lovely Asian girl.  You will not be sorry.

~ TS, TV, CD, etc. definitions

I have been asked many times to explain certain definitions and differences regarding genders other than straight and gay, so I will take the opportunity here to make some things as clear as I can.  And by the way, there is not full agreement on some of the differences, subtle as some may be, between some of the different gender, different people that are out there.

First, cross-dressers and transvestites are pretty much the same thing.  Generally, a cross-dresser is a man who carries out his strong desire to dress like a woman.  There are women who cross-dress like men, but typically, men are those who live this lifestyle.  By the way, just to get it out of the way, drag queens are not cross-dressers in the sense of some internal desire to dress opposite of what is accepted for their gender, they are simply men who dress like women for entertainment purposes.  So in theory, yes, but technically, in the actual gender identity sense, no.  I must add there are those who feel that cross-dressing is more a fetish that anything to do with gender identity.  Some consider cross-dressers to be transsexuals as well.  I am thinking those who have the tremendous urge to cross-dress are best to define this definition.

A transgendered person is one who has a gender identity that is opposite his or her physical being.  Basically, I mean people with the physical components of a man who feel inside that they are women, or people with the physical components of a woman who feel inside that they are men.

A transsexual is someone with a gender identity opposite his or her physical being, but who desires to (pre-op), is in the middle of, or has already changed their physical being with hormones and/or surgery (post-op).  There are transsexual men and there are transsexual woman.  A transsexual man or a trans-man is a female-to-male (F2M) transgendered person who was born with female physical components but who identifies as a male, and who may make physical changes to match that identity.  A transsexual woman or a trans-woman is a male-to-female (M2F) transgendered person who was born with male physical components but who identifies as a female, and who may make physical changes to match that identity.  Some people use the term tranny to identify transsexual.  I have heard that it is an offensive term and I have heard it is not.  Again, as with cross-dressers, it is best to yield to those who have this gender identity.

Shemales are pre-op M2F trans-women.  Typically, they change part of their physical being with hormones and surgery.  For example, they will take hormones and/or get implants for breasts but keep their penis.  Many find the slang term shemale offensive, but then again others don’t.  A ladyboy could be a transvestite or a trans-woman, and is associated with Thailand or other Asian countries where the term was popularized.  Again, some but not all people might find this term offensive.

There are differences and subsets within subsets and I hope I have not offended anyone in any way.  People should be respected for who they feel they are inside.  Period.  And everyone deserves to love and be loved.  Period.  FYI, a year ago Facebook added 51 gender ID options when making a profile page, to be sure they covered as many bases as possible.  The definitions may continue to change or evolve.  In any event, this is a great TS dating site: SingleTransexuals.com.  Or please go here to find the TS dating site of your desires: DateSitesReview.com – TS Dating.  Good luck!

~ Miranda from New York

I love television.  I do.  And I am not ashamed to say it.  Truth is, sometimes I would rather watch certain TV shows, be they comedies, or movies, or sports, rather than have sex.  Anybody out there like that?  Is it because I am getting older?  Or maybe I don’t care so much anymore?  I don’t know, but I have always loved TV even as a kid. The reason I bring this up is because I was reminded last night of an encounter I had with a someone on TV.  Not a main character on any show, but she did commercials and was a semi-regular on a comedy.  I cannot say who, I am sorry, but you understand.  For the sake of this story, I will call her Miranda.  Miranda was 24 and she did fashion commercials, clothing and the like, and she also played a friend of a main character a few years ago.  By the way, she was very cute, not a knock-out, in fact a very normal looking girl, but damn cute.

I met her at the airport one day when I was picking up a cousin.  I was parked at the waiting area at the curb in front of the arrival section by the baggage area, which is a bit of a no-no for too long.  Security and all that.  The cops move around and chase you away.  I saw Miranda sitting on one of the benches near one of the glass door entrances; she was right opposite my car.  So I got out and went to the door to look through the glass to see if I could find my cousin at the baggage carousel.  But I really wanted to get a good look at the girl.  Miranda was wearing very short shorts along with a kind of revealing top.  She had this gym bag thing and a small suitcase.  So I looked at her and she saw me and I was taken aback a bit because maybe others might not recognize her but because I watched so much TV, I did.  So I said, “Hey, please forgive me for bugging you but you look familiar.  You were on a TV show, right?”  She smiled and said, “Yep, and thank you for knowing.”  I apologized to her for not know her name and she told me it was OK and told me her name.  And I said, “Right!”  And we both laughed.

Anyway, she was waiting for her car to take her where she was going.  She was visiting her great aunt.  I told her I was probably going to get moved away by the airport police very soon – I saw a guy a bit down the way moving toward me, talking to drivers – but thanked her for the chat.  She said no worries and she got up and told me to open my car’s trunk.  I did and she put her stuff in.  “Leave it open, and when the guy comes I will tell him you are halfway there, that there are two of us and the other person is about to get her stuff.”  And this is exactly what happened.  The cop gave me a sour look and said OK.

Before my cousin came out, I asked Miranda how I could repay her.  And she said to take her out that night.  I did, and we had a great time.  She came back to my place and we thanked each other most of the night, lol.  Miranda went back to New York City from where she flew in, and that was that.  That was how she wanted it.

I tell you this because an idea came to me, and I know this works for no strings attached hookups like this.  When you join a site and you make your profile, mention you like to travel, who doesn’t, and also look for girls who do.  If you are in a big metro area, you will be able to hook up or meet someone coming to your city, or you may go to hers when you travel.  You can do this with all the sites here but recently this one worked for me – Ulust.com.  It will work for you too.

~ Joannie and the Bobster

I was going to write about another encounter I had with an older lady, but one of the guys here at work insisted I tell his story.  I don’t usually just cave to people who want me to tell their thing, but Bobby told me his story over lunch, and it was an intriguing tale.  And he bought me lunch.  It was good too.  My favorite fast food place, lol.

OK, so here is Bobby’s story.  I told you a bit back that the boss wants us to join the sites we research, unless we are in a relationship.  Then we don’t have too.  A few in relationships do actually use the sites because they are in open relationships, so it’s cool.  (And yes, I am sure there are a few cheaters here too, lol.)  Anyway, Bobby had a profile on one of our free senior dating sites, MatureLoverSearch.com and he would periodically connect online with ladies there, but had never met anyone.  The Bobster, as I call him, loves the older babes, he just does, and a lot older than him.  He is 26 and he has been with ladies in their upper 50’s.  And good for him.  Everyone deserves some lovin’, right?  So the Bobster says that as he was surfing around on the site a couple weeks back, he gets this IM from a lady, 52 years old, and pretty darn cute.

Her names was Joan.  She told Bobby to call her Joannie.  Booby told me he told her his name was Bobby but to call him Jethro.  Funny guy.  But hey, he told me with that first joke, he had her.  Turns out Joannie didn’t live too far from Bobby and it was a Friday evening, so Bobby said to her, “Hey, if you aren’t doing anything, want to get a drink?”  She said sure and they met at a bar about 20 minutes from him.  Close to her place.  The Bobster said she looked great.  He got there before she did and when she walked in, he recognized her from her pictures, they were spot on, he could see she indeed had the great body her pictures showed, and for someone her age.  Bobby told me at that moment he knew he wanted her.  That somehow he would have to have her.  Sooner or later, would all be up to her.

So they got to talking and Bobby said it was as if they had known each other for a long time.  He told her directly after they each had two drinks in them, that he was very attracted to her and he was hoping they could get to the point where he could get to the next level.  Bobby actually said he told her, “Damn, you are hot, I would like to get to te next level with you as soon as I can and I don’t mean the second floor here, unless you think I am being too forward and fast, and then in that case yes, I mean the second floor.”  She laughed.  He then asked her if that meant yes.  He says she replied, “What do you think?”  “Yes?” the Bobster sheepishly asked.  She then put her hand in his lap, the upper part, and repeated, “What do you think?”  And Bobby went home with er, and he saw her again a few days later.  Looks like the Bobster is doing the nasty with another older babe, and they are both happy.

Hey people, if you like the older ladies, or even if you are not sure but are curious, try MatureLoverSearch.com you may end up like Bobby, and that’s not bad, not bad at all.

~ David’s juggling act

Years ago when I lived on the East Coast – and I do very much remember the winters there, lol, that was why I left for Los Angeles, sorry all those in the New England area, well, I am not sorry, lol – my good friend David started seeing a lady who was about 5 years older than him and who had two kids.  She was divorced and really not bad looking at all.  Blonde, cute, good body, nice.  David was quite the ladies’ man.  Gutsy, not especially handsome but OK, not especially tall, but a nice guy.  And he knew how to turn on the charm.  I could turn on the charm as well, but wasn’t as gutsy.  So I marveled at how David went from lady to lady, girlfriend to girlfriend.  And he especially liked the mothers, the MILFs.  They were in his words, nice, and ready to go.  He didn’t say they were easy, just that they were sex-starved for the most part, and if you want sex go after those who want it too.

David was seeing another lady at that time, a brunette also divorced with one kid, who was crazy about him, a bit controlling I remember.  He juggled these ladies.  And that is my story today, David’s juggling act.  I do not remember the names of the women just what David was doing with both.  David lived alone and I would go to his apartment to hang out after school sometimes, and one day he is with one and the next with the other.  They weren’t there each night, after all David took them out and went to their place too and messed around there when their kids were asleep.  But there were a few times that he almost got caught because everyone kind of lived in the same area of town.  The girls would just show up sometimes and I told David that one day they will both come over at the same time and what will you do?

And of course it happened.   One night I was over at David’s and sure enough the blonde just shows up.  After about 30 minutes of her being there, the brunette came by.  Now David lived on the first floor and his kitchen window faced the parking lot, lucky for him.  He was in the kitchen and saw the brunette parking.  So David yells out to me to come to the kitchen and I do.  And he says, “Dude, you need to get out there in the parking lot and send the girl away.  I don’t care how you do it, just do it.”  The he calls the blonde to the kitchen.  Before I could get outside, the brunette is at the front door!  I open it and go out as if I am leaving, saying hi and telling her David wasn’t there.  But she saw his car and didn’t believe me.  I told her I had taken David to his parents, his car having a problem.  I came back to the apartment to look for a check David had left behind and I didn’t find it, and was leaving to go to back to David’s parents’ house.  I don’t know if she bought that but I acted as if I was locking up and leaving.  And I did and she did.

Then I went back to David’s.  The blonde was still there and I told David what I did.  Boy did he owe me.  The thing they all had in common?  They met on the same MILF dating site.  That site no longer exists, but when we were making this free dating site review place for you, I insisted we add MILFs partly because David was able to get two at nearly the same time from a MILF dating site.  So why not you if you want?  David wasn’t anything special.  Go to MilfAholic.com for hot, naughty MILFs who want it even more than you, lol.  And have fun with as many as you like!

~ Columbian girl in Chile

Here in Southern California there is a very large community of Hispanic people from all over the world.  Well, there are a lot of people from a lot of places.  But yes, because of the proximity of California to Mexico, we have many who have come here and who come here from south of the border, and not just people from Mexico.  Many from Central and South America come here through Mexico.  And I dare say that even those who are against those who come here without going through US legal channels will not be able to argue that the immigrants, going back many years now, have not enriched US culture, and certainly California culture. They have. You see it everywhere, in the food, the music, the clothing, everything.  And that is a good thing, a great thing.

Part of the wonderful contribution are the people, specifically for this guy and for many other guys, Latina women in particular.  They are amazing.  Beautiful, kind, passionate, family-oriented, and did I say beautiful?  It was one of the reasons when planning this review site that we decided, and very quickly, to add free Latin women dating sites.  We knew so many people out there were enamored with the Latin ladies and we knew we needed to give guys the opportunity to find them.  And that opportunity is not just to find women here in the US in your own home town, which you will.  But also in other countries, in Mexico and South America and even finding Latina girls in Europe and Australia and everywhere.

So many guys today travel for work and pleasure and they love meeting people from the countries they visit.  I received an email last week from a guy whose job had him moving to Chile, and so who joined Corazon.com and who, within days, settled on a beautiful girl he met on the site.  He said settled, because there were so many from which to choose!  He sent me a picture and she is gorgeous!  He also says her English is better than his, lol.  And get this, she was from Columbia and her work had her moving to Chile as well, lol.

The two started exchanging notes and have been skyping for nearly 8 weeks now, and he feels they are in love if that can be the case with this kind of long distance relationship, and I think it very well can be.  I have been there.  And the guy will be going to see her in a week because he is making a trip to familiarize himself with his company’s business interests.  Lucky for him the company will be paying for his trip, hotel, food, etc.  He said he would have gone soon anyway to finally meet the girl had his company not sent him.  They are both very excited and I told him to invite me to the wedding.  🙂

Look people, when I tell you that this story is not unusual, in fact, it is very common, I am telling you the truth.  Most guys of course are not moving for business, most are where they are and want a lady where they are.  But think about it.  If a guy can find this kind of happiness in such a roundabout way, don’t you think you can in a very easy way?  It is easy.  Join Corazon.com and look in your own neighborhood.  It is time for you to be happy too.

~ Valentine’s Day evening hookup

Last night we received an email from someone, let’s call him Earl, who, taking our recommendation and being alone and wanting some companionship for at that time, the upcoming Valentine’s Day, joined FlirtBuddies.com.  Even though the holiday is really for women in his thinking, and for guys who want to suck up to their women to make sure they keep in their lady’s good graces, he used the site for finding a woman who herself was without a boyfriend or FWB friend and who didn’t want to be alone on the holiday.

Smart guy.  He said he started his search early last week and he rapidly found a nice girl who was between boyfriends who wanted some romance and more on Valentine’s Day.  She was a few years younger than him, just out of college – having just graduated in the mid-year, and looking for work.  5’ 5”, strawberry blonde hair, slim to medium sized body, with a great laugh.  I will call her Kelly.  She wasn’t depressed she told him by her predicament, but she felt a bit under pressure and wanted some relief.  He wrote that they got along right from the start and that both agreed that there would be no pressure to do anything more than hook up and go from there.  But she did want a nice dinner, not too fancy, she was down-to-earth, and he wanted that too.

Now Earl told us he wasn’t the greatest catch when it came to looks and some things like being financially secure.  He said he had an average, not perfectly-in-shape body, was only 5’ 7”, and that he been laid off from his job a couple months before and was looking for work himself.  It actually worked as an icebreaker of sorts.  Yeah, hey, I’m unemployed too!  Let’s have sex!  He said he actually said that.  Kelly loved it, and after they talked and talked, they both knew where things would go.  She sent him some explicit pictures, more than were on her profile and he did the same with her.  They planned to get together Saturday night, in fact they were so hot and bothered, it almost happened before but Kelly wanted a Valentine’s Day evening tryst.

Earl said he was cool with that, and when they spoke that day to confirm they each talked about a news story they had heard that day about some 20 year old guy who got naked and had sex with some semi-naked 37 year old lady on the sidewalk in front of a dress shop in Chula Vista, CA in the San Diego metropolitan area.  They agreed not to do the same, but to consummate their hookup privately in the confines of his place, and after their good time, to get in his car, and go to some public area but not in the open, as a tribute to the gutsy but crazy southern California couple, who had only just met on the trolley right before they did the nasty on the streets of San Diego County, lol.  Needless to say, Earl ended up a very, very happy man.

Hey, boys and girls.  I am not here to tell you where to have your hookups, only to tell you to have them if you want, and to use the sites we recommend to find your partner.  It is easier to do so than it has ever been.  You can use FlirtBuddies.com as Earl and Kelly did or other sites we recommend.  Enjoy!  But find a more comfortable place than laying on concrete!

~ BBW Valentine

Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us again.  And as with anything and everything as we become more and more a 24/7 smaller world, things become more and more overblown.  Just 10 years ago, I don’t remember the craziness with this “holiday” and others that happen today.  So many ads, commercials, talk shows dwelling on it.  Sheesh!  And the hype started weeks ago!  Aren’t you sick of that?  Especially guys.  We have to be aware so that we don’t screw up with our significant others.  But you know what, I think it’s a ridiculous holiday that got out of hand.

Having said that, lol, I must plead guilty to a few years ago doing that nonsense because my gf at that time, was into it.  I was not, she was.  And if I wanted some you know, I had no choice.  Her name was Bethany and she was a small BBW.  About 5′ 3”, brown hair with blonde highlights, tanned nicely, really cute.  She was just out of college so a little young for me, but then again, who cares about age?  She was also very idealisitic and romantic.  Wanted to help save everyone and every animal, etc.  So she was into all that flowery kind of stuff, romance, etc.  I liked her and didn’t want to mess up anything, and also didn’t want to not get what I liked getting and you know what I mean.

So two weeks before Valentine’s Day I started planning.  I knew she liked horses so I thought about centering what I did with horseback riding somehow.  About 30 minutes northwest of the city was a horse farm.  So I called up and made an appointment for the day.  Luckily the holiday was on a Saturday like this year, and neither of us would have to miss work.  I decided to make a weekend out of it.  Get to the area Friday night and come back Sunday.  There was a nice hotel about two miles from the farm.  I also looked around for restaurants nearby, one for Friday night and another for Saturday night.  The hotel had breakfast so that would take care of Saturday and Sunday morning.  I picked two nice places, Mexican food, our favorite, for Friday night, and Italian food for Saturday night.  The horseback riding would be in a country area for a couple hours, maybe more, and there was a small bistro on the grounds.  That would take care of the late lunch after the riding.

Everything went perfectly.  Bethany knew I had made all the plans but she didn’t know what they were until they all happened.  Needless to say she loved me for it.  And we had lots of fun outside and inside.  I mean it was the best sex ever.  Stuff went on that well, I thought never would.  We broke up only 3 weeks later, lol.  She left to go off to some country somewhere to save someone or something.  And good for her, I wouldn’t stand in her way.  We were mostly FWB anyway.  The point of this story guys, is even if you think Valentine’s Day is stupid like I do, it can be worth it for what you get by making a little effort.

Hey, a great free dating site for you guys who like BBWs is CurvyBBW.com.  Be nice.  It works.  🙂