~ Black women are beautiful!

Yes they are.  I have always had this thing for black ladies and I will tell you why.  Black women aside from being exotically beautiful to me are also very confident.  It doesn’t matter what their body type, the women have a high esteem and carry themselves well.  They also are more aggressive I have found, with a sometimes wimp like me, lol.  So, simple enough, I love them.

Three months ago, I was looking through BlackCrush.com for another wonderful lady with whom to have another wonderful rendezvous and I found this sweet and wild really hot babe called Wanda.  We exchanged only 2 notes before we decided to take it to the next level, talking by phone.  If I were to note down here what was discussed, not only would I again be exhausted but I would have to bleep and ****** most everything.  🙂  Let’s just say it was um, well, you know.

I had to go out of town on business for a week, but Wanda and I skyped a couple times and made a date to meet.  I offered to make her dinner at my place and she accepted.  We had already advanced to a very comfortable level , so why not just come on over.  We both wanted something physical without the nonsense of courting and wasting time.  So after  I came back on a Thursday, Wanda came over that Friday night.  I had made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad, and I actually made a chocolate cake.  Well, it was a cake mix, but hey, my lady appreciated the effort, and she said, “Chocolate cake for a chocolate lady.”  After polishing off a bottle of wine, we headed off to do what we both couldn’t wait to do.

Look, some of you may not like this kind of thing.  But many of you would.  There are a zillion Wanda’s out there, all you have to do is join a really good site like BlackCrush.com and put in a small bit of effort, which is fun anyway.  Wanda and I “dated” for 6 weeks and we do meet sometimes for um, more spaghetti, last time at her place.  So go make your own dinners!

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