~ Better with age

What is it about older women?  I mean what is it about how great they are.  Now don’t freak on me.  I am not asking you young ones to start dating 85 year old women, unless that is your thing of course.  Who am I to get in the way of any kind of true love?  I am talking about older men looking for older women and yes, younger men looking for women older than themselves.  Maybe a few years or maybe more, to the point that these ladies are seen on a seniors dating website.

Before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear.  Older men and women, seniors, actually, wait for it, don’t get weird,  actually have sex!  Yes, that’s right.  And why not?  Aside from the fact that just like anyone else, they don’t want to be lonely and want to share their lives with someone, either for an hour or for years and years, seniors enjoy sex just like someone in their 20’s.  Now maybe some do it less, and I think many do it more, but however many times they do it, they do it.  People have desires.  When I was in college my Sex Ed professor showed us the most explicit film I had seen to that point in my life and hell I was a horny college kid!  It was wild!  Two senior citizens doing the kinds of things I had dreamed about, lol.  And I learned a lot!

It is true that many older people might put more stock in companionship than a simple hook up, but guess what?  They hook up too, lol.  Older men and older women.  Older men and younger women.  Older women and younger men.  And let me tell you a secret.  When you join any senior dating site listed here, you will find people of all ages on the sites.  Most are seniors yes, but there are many men and women younger than you think looking around and they are real.  The senior sites are for older men and women who are looking for a partner, and that’s good, but there are 30 year old girls looking for an older guy and 30 year old men looking for an older women as well.

Look, I am not trying to get younger people who want a hook up to use the senior dating sites.  The goal of the senior site is first, to give seniors their own personals sites that they can join and enjoy.  I want those who are alone or not happy to find happiness.  I want them to find others their own age, those they can understand and to whom they can relate.  Relate life experiences and pursue dreams that they may have.  There are two excellent seniors dating sites here and other good ones.  You can read the reviews and choose.  But let me tell you about the two we thought were the best.  The first is MatureHookupDating.com.  The next is MatureLoverSearch.com.  If you want a nice companion for the rest of your life, you can find that on any of the seniors sites.  If you want a simple hook up, you can find it on those sites, or our hookup sites.  If you want very open-minded ladies, you can find them on all our sites.  If you are alone, find someone.  You deserve that.

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