~ The best dating site?

I have been asked so many times I wish I had a buck for each time, what the best dating site is.  And you know the answer.  It depends, lol.  There is no one best.  That is because there are so many niches now.  If you ask what is the best fetish site, that is one thing.  Or if you ask what is the best Asian site, well, that is another.  That makes sense.  But there is no one best overall I don’t think.  And yes, I know, there are these major websites that are all inclusive supposedly that have zillions of people that get good marks by a lot of people.  And maybe if you asked me what the best mainstream site was I would give you an answer.  But those large catch-all sites are really not that way.  Do you think you can easily find someone who will want their feet worshipped on those major mainstream (boring) sites?  You know the answer.  Or do you think you can easily find a kinky transsexual there?  C’mon, you know you can’t.

So that is why we are here.  For you.  Sounds snooty, I know, but it’s true.  We firmly believe that for people who want to find someone in a particular niche or for a particular reason, you should look at places that specialize in that.  If you needed a particular surgery, would you go to a general surgeon or one who specializes in that precise field of medicine?  With whom would you be most comfortable?  You go to the one that specializes in whatever you need, you don’t go to the one who does it all but has too much forest and trees, if you know what  I mean.

Do you want a hookup tonight?  Do you think you can get one easily on one of those huge catch-all sites?  Ha!  That is why we have FlirtBuddies.com.  You WILL find your casual fling thing on that site.  If you make a decent profile and you don’t act like a jerk, you will.  And don’t think you need to be Brad Pitt or young or old.  There are many women there looking for you.  Be yourself and you can thank me later.

AsiaFriendFinder.com  has become a standard in the industry.  When building the review site, after doing much research, I read and heard a couple things about the site that were negative.  As always, I don’t knee-jerk believe what I hear, I need to see for myself, and I need to have definitive proof of anything before I form an educated opinion.  You WILL find your Asian beauty on that site.  And she will find you.

Have a fetish, maybe into some form of BDSM or some other kind of kink?  Do you think you will find that on a mainstream site no matter how big it may be?  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Go to http://BDSM.com.  There you WILL find not just BDSM, but every kink.  Go join and for free.  You will see.

So there you go.  More on the others soon, but for now, you know what to do.  🙂

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