~ BBWs

When was the term BBW created?  I mean I am not against it, in fact, I like it.  I think it is nice to use something like that rather than something nasty or mean.  Well, I did some research and I saw that the term was made by someone by the name of Carole Shaw in 1979.  She founded a fashion publication called BBW Magazine, and well, the rest is history.  Why do I bring this up?  No reason.  Kidding.  I am mentioning this because I happen to love BBW’s and I have had many dates with them and have never had a bad one.  I have had plenty of bad dates believe me with other body type women, but never a bad one with a BBW.

Now why is that?  I have some theories.  And when I tell you please don’t get mad or think I am trying to be mean or stereotypical or anything.  I am just giving my opinion here.

First, I think women who struggle with their weight feel more grateful at times when they are given attention.  Now don’t get mad.  Not every BBW is like that.  Some don’t care or have enough confidence not to think about all that.  But I have found that and I know others have as well.  So I mean no disrespect, especially when I think a BBW should not feel self-conscious in the least, that she is beautiful no matter what.  Second, many BBW’s to me are very self-assured, happy, confident, eager to please their man.  Third, and this might seem weird, I think there is a pride factor.  Many BBWs wear the title proudly.  They like what they are and use it to their advantage because they know there are many guys like me who like them.

Do you like BBWs too?  Want to date one?  This site has several reviews on BBW sites and there are 3 excellent BBW dating sites you should consider joining.  First is BBWDesire.com.  If you are looking for a wild BBW this is the place.  Next is FindABBWLover.com.  Super hot babes here.  The next to consider is CurvyBBW.com.  This is for the more serious of you looking for the non-hookup thing although that can be found as well.  Good luck!

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