~ Want to have hot dates? (And I don’t mean the fruit.)

Because of what I do and where I work, I have often been asked how to get dates or how to get hot girls, or wild girls, etc.  People think that my work makes me the genius when it comes to the dating world and getting what I want when doing so.  Look, I won’t lie.  I probably get more than my fair share.  Kind of like anyone in any line of work gets stuff at that place or gets discounts or knows more about how to do things.  For example, I have a good friend who is a real estate broker.  And so he knows what is going on with houses, and when he knows of a good one, well below market value, he buys it himself and flips it.  Just the nature of things.  And it’s kind of funny because one of my friends who struggles with finding good dates says he can’t get any because me and all my co-workers are taking them and for the world to be in balance, someone has to get screwed, so it’s him, lol.

Well, and I know you have heard this before, and it applies to a lot of things, it’s a numbers game.  You have to work it to get it to work.  Don’t think if you limit yourself in your search that you will get tons of wild women knocking on your door.  You want to have great dates?  Want to have wild dates?  There are ways you can do it, but you need to be active.  Numbers, numbers, numbers.

You can be active with bars and clubs and even chatting it up at the supermarket, that does work by the way, assuming you don’t come across like an idiot.  And/or, and this really is the easiest way to get the ladies, join a site for singles or the type of niche dating in which you have an interest and look there.  You can find enough sites here on this website.  That is so much quicker and so much easier than the bar scene.  And cheaper!  No need to buy drinks for girls who just want the drinks and nothing more.  And don’t forget, success is in the numbers.  There are plenty of people out there looking and if you keep trying you will find what you want.  You will.

It’s a numbers game, so play the numbers.

~ I didn’t think he would do it, but he did

One guy at work, a big talker, told a few of us a story that we all found hard to believe, but if it happened to anyone, it happened to him.  He had been at a bar and they were talking about some story on TV about girls who date for money.  No, I am not talking about hookers or even escorts.  There are sites out there that cater to women, many younger who need help with college or who just want money, who hook up and go out.  Sometimes it leads to sex, sometimes not.

So there was this one girl who had 3 dates in one day, and made a chunk of cash.  No sex, just dates, looked good on the guys’ arms and was good company and that’s it.  Some guys, many guys I guess, don’t mind blowing cash to look good, spend time with girls, and get nothing in return.  I’m not like that for sure.  But hey, it’s a free country, so whatever floats your boat, right?

Well, Mr. big talker, let’s call him, Rico, because that’s his name lol, says he can do the same with 3 girls from  3 different sites here and have sex with all 3 in one day.  Right.  OK, how can we prove that?  He said he would let a person stay in his closet when he brought each girl home.  So we all say OK.  The next weekend (he needed to get a feel for the girls with writing and such so we gave him 10 days to get it together), he is ready.  It will be Saturday.  Rico says he has the girls ready.  One for a breakfast date, one for a late lunch and one for dinner.  I would be outside his building when he went in with the date.  And one of the guys would be in the closet.  I didn’t want that option, lol.

OK, so I have to admit it, the man came through.  A gal named Shana in the AM, another, Leah at about 3 PM, and the last, a Sonyita, at about 10 PM.  And she stayed over, so our other work friend was stuck there the whole night!  Rico is smooth, that’s for sure.  Wish I had his guts.  And his stamina.  Apparently he was at it all night, lol.  Go figure.

~ Not bad at all

OK, so I really like this blog thing because I like just talking about my experiences and views and I like letting others know.  Being I just started, I will include dates I have had in the past, before the one I posted a couple days ago, which was recent.  And of course, as my dating life continues, so will I to write dating reviews.  On me and on others when I hear about them.  But enough of this.

Last month, I met a lady from LonelyWifeHookup.com.  I was surfing around the site and I liked her picture.  She was 49, and didn’t say much on her profile page, but that was OK.  Have you noticed that sometimes when someone says too much, they could end up being loony?  So sometimes I will go with the ones who are let’s say, profile word quiet.  Well anyway, she did get back to me right away which was nice, and we struck up a back and forth and then chatted.  Her name was Anna.  She was hotter on the phone than in her pic, which thankfully showed plenty of cleavage.  She thought I was cute which was nice.   Anna didn’t hold back, and the conversation brought me to attention real quick.  🙂  And hey, if the other party goes there, I don’t hold back.  I don’t push it, but I follow the lead if you know what I mean.  By the way, she was in an open marriage, at least she said so.  And she said her husband has his fun too.  So we decided to meet the next weekend.  We would get together in a coffee shop near me and if all went well, we would then go to my place.

I confirmed with Anna the next week and when I got to the shop she was already there.  And I was 20 minutes early!  Nice.  The chat went great and got a bit dirty and we had to get the hell out of there and go to my place.  So how did it go?  It was fantastic.  Anna’s body was pretty good for her age and the fact that she had 3 kids.  We had a drink first, and hey she likes beer.  We talked a bit more, and then we got down to business.  It was fun, let me just say that.  We were going to meet again in a couple weeks but she had to go out of town to help her sick mom.  We will get together again, for sure.  So all in all, a pretty good thing.  Thanks for listening.

~ Should younger guys date older women?

Doesn’t seem like a big deal of a question for today’s times, right?  I mean, go watch the Jerry Springer show and they have people dating dogs and trees and god knows what.  But after doing some of it, not the dogs or tree stuff, I mean the older women thing, and after my buddy did the same, we wondered.  I mean women are women, and yes for you ladies out there in the dating world like us, men are men.  I know.  But what I mean is, are older women better?  The same as your own age?  Are younger women better?  Look, let’s be honest, younger bodies are tighter for the most part, women and men.  And yes, I know there are many older people who stay fit, but still.  So body-wise, generally, the younger the better.

But what about brains?  Now I know some of you are saying, who wants brains?  I just want to have fun.  And there is something to be said about that.  But my view is this.  If you want to do the one-night deal, then yes, screw brains.  Screw conversations.  Screw what the hell is happening in the world, and what politician or country is doing what.  Just get it going, and move on.  And age doesn’t matter.  But if you start dating someone for something more meaningful, like let’s see if this thing works out, then you may not want to be with a complete moron as a partner.  And even smart people can be morons.  I am saying you want common sense.  Many younger babes may act like babies, and not be mature enough for a long-term thing the way you want.  Now don’t get mad.  I’m just saying, even though older people can act stupid as well, the odds are the immature ones will be the younger ones.

So age is relative.  If you want a simple romp in the sack, who cares about age?  You want more than a simple bang-a-roo, you don’t want an idiot.  But you ask, what about sex and experience?  Good point.  So that’s another thing.  For a one-shot thing, then maybe the older ladies will be better.  And not just because of experience, but because they will be grateful.  You get a double whammy all at once.  No sex awkwardness and someone who if she hadn’t had it in a long time, will be only more willing to satisfy.  Long suffering sex-deprived (depraved?) guys can and should be appreciative as well.  And FYI, people, everyone should try to do that, women and men both.  So, good luck out there.

~ Huh? What happened?

OK, so now it’s my turn to bitch. I am in the dating pool just like you and the rest of the restless world.  “Looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the song goes.  But truly, I have also looked in the right places.  Sure I have sought my female partner in bars and the like, but I have done the same at churches, and why not.  You know what?  I think they ought to combine the two.  Maybe like a church bar, or a bar church or something.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Doesn’t it always help when you can down a couple wherever you may be?  I wonder if I could patent this idea.  But I digress.

Last week, I was set up by my buddy Dave.  No searching in a bar or club, just a sure bet from my friend.  And hey, that doesn’t necessarily mean sex, but who knows, right?  I don’t force myself on anyone, but damn, I can be so charming and lovable, the ladies just want to want me so bad, lol.  Dave told me the girl was a friend of a friend and he was told she was more cute that hot.  Fine by me, I am no Brad Pitt.  (Hey. I am no arm pit, either.)  But he said she was really nice and a lot of fun bordering on the wild.  Maybe even kinky.  Strawberry blonde, blue eyes, built.  Sounded good enough for this weary man.

So how did it go, you ask?  OK, OK, I will tell you.  It started out pretty good.  I didn’t pick her up; we met at a bar located between the two of us.  It was like you always see in the movies or on TV.  Hi, are you so and so?  Awkward at first, but with the drinks, we both loosened up, and I think we both looked better to each other.  (Oh, so that’s what the alcohol is for.)  And she was very cute, a medium framed gal, but pretty.  We had a great chat, I mean really good.  The conversation flowed like the fluids going down our throats.  And get this.  We played darts.  I mean friggin darts.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had done that.  Things went so well, and for like 2 hours, I was thinking to myself, wow, this will only get better.

But then, a weird thing happened.  She suddenly said she had to go.  And it wasn’t one of those, excuse me while I take this call kind of thing with a friend calling to give a her way out.  There was no call.  She just all of a sudden had to go. Just like that!  And she did. It was bizzare.  I wasn’t imagining we were having a great time, because we were, really, believe me.  She just about ran out and we didn’t even exchange numbers.  I asked my friend the next day if he could find out what happened, and when he got back to me, he just said the girl said the date was nice, and that was that.  Sheesh.  Next!!