~ Senior ladies and MILFs

There is something to be said about dating women older than you, and sometimes even much older.   And older MILFs.  Cougars are older ladies, sometimes as MILFs and sometimes not.  These older ladies like younger guys, called cubs when with cougars, and they love that they can explore their sexuality either within a marriage or outside or after.  So today I am writing about both older women and MILF older women.

I must tell you I have not had lots of dates with older women but yes I have had a few.  And the best one was with a lady 30 years older than me.  Laura was so liberated and carefree.  And yes, her body was not perfect, but it was still pretty good.  And I am not perfect myself so why should I care.  She had 3 grandchildren and was pretty proud of them from what she told me.  Her marriage of 27 years went south and so she got divorced and became a wild lady.  And I was pretty darn glad.

Laura and I dated for like 3 months.  It was mostly physical more than dating going out dating.  Which was fine by me.  The whole reason we got together was for fun. I found her on MatureLoverSearch.com and she was quick to respond.  We noted back and forth a bit and then talked on the phone, which was super wild by the way, then we shared pics, hers very wild, and then we met.  Lots of “thens” here, lol.  Anyway, we had the same in-the-sack interests and she was only too happy to please.  As was I.  I think that’s important.

The only reason Laura and I stopped “dating” was because she saw her high school sweetheart at a restaurant and decided to give it a try with him.  I had no issue with that at all being we were only a physical thing anyway.  And I wanted her to be happy.  I never heard from my cougar again and I assume she is happy and having a nice life.  So do yourself a favor.  Look for the older MILFs or senior ladies.  They will add a new dimension in your life.  Again, you can find women like Laura at MatureLoverSearch.com.  (Here is a great MILF site by the way – MilfAholic.com.)

~ BBWs

When was the term BBW created?  I mean I am not against it, in fact, I like it.  I think it is nice to use something like that rather than something nasty or mean.  Well, I did some research and I saw that the term was made by someone by the name of Carole Shaw in 1979.  She founded a fashion publication called BBW Magazine, and well, the rest is history.  Why do I bring this up?  No reason.  Kidding.  I am mentioning this because I happen to love BBW’s and I have had many dates with them and have never had a bad one.  I have had plenty of bad dates believe me with other body type women, but never a bad one with a BBW.

Now why is that?  I have some theories.  And when I tell you please don’t get mad or think I am trying to be mean or stereotypical or anything.  I am just giving my opinion here.

First, I think women who struggle with their weight feel more grateful at times when they are given attention.  Now don’t get mad.  Not every BBW is like that.  Some don’t care or have enough confidence not to think about all that.  But I have found that and I know others have as well.  So I mean no disrespect, especially when I think a BBW should not feel self-conscious in the least, that she is beautiful no matter what.  Second, many BBW’s to me are very self-assured, happy, confident, eager to please their man.  Third, and this might seem weird, I think there is a pride factor.  Many BBWs wear the title proudly.  They like what they are and use it to their advantage because they know there are many guys like me who like them.

Do you like BBWs too?  Want to date one?  This site has several reviews on BBW sites and there are 3 excellent BBW dating sites you should consider joining.  First is BBWDesire.com.  If you are looking for a wild BBW this is the place.  Next is FindABBWLover.com.  Super hot babes here.  The next to consider is CurvyBBW.com.  This is for the more serious of you looking for the non-hookup thing although that can be found as well.  Good luck!

~ My spanking date

I hadn’t even unpacked my stuff in my dorm room in college, my freshman year, before I met a girl who would take me to another level of dating altogether.  My dad who had driven in another car had dropped me off in my room, shook my hand and turned and left and I looked at the empty room wondering when my roommate would show when there was a knock on the open door.  There stood this thin, medium height, pierced nose and ears and cheek and tongue, bright pink-haired girl in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt that said, “Bite Me (literally).”  No bra underneath, I noticed of course.  She said hi and I responded hey, trying to be cool, lol.  “Can you help me?” she asked.  I responded in the affirmative and followed as she quickly turned and walked down the hallway.

I followed her into her room and there was another girl in there.  Not of the pierced, crazy hair color group the first girl came from.  There was this big army type duffle bag on a bed and I could see the rope that held it closed had this crazy tight knot in it.  “We can’t get that thing open.  You look like a big, strong boy, can you do it?”  “I’ll give it a go,” I said, and after actually using my teeth I had the thing loose and open.  “I’m Trish and this is my baby sister Kelly.”  We all shook hands and made some small talk.  After a couple minutes, I went back to my room and five minutes later, I heard a knock again.  Trish was there and she thanked me again and handed me a piece of paper.  And this is what was on it: I am here till tomorrow afternoon to help my sis get settled.  I am staying here (motel name and room number). Come by tonight at 9.  I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or nervous, lol, but I decided to comply.

I drove to the motel and promptly at 9 I knocked on the door.  She opened it and was wearing this really hot pink see-thru low cut frilly thing and the same cutoff shorts.  She offered me a beer and then said, “I am a very blunt person.  You were nice and you are cute and I am horny and I need to have some fun.”  With that, she whipped off her top and I was part shocked and part excited.  Well, mostly excited.  I mumbled something I don’t remember and she lunged at me and pushed me on the bed.  She got naked and turned over and got on her hands and knees and told me to spank her.  I never did that but as I did what she wanted she kept saying louder and louder, “Harder and harder, master!”  So I did.  WTF, right?  I spanked her butt for I think 20 minutes straight!  Her cheeks were so red, damn.  Then after that she thanked me in a way that I like to be thanked.  I never saw her again and her sister had a boyfriend so we ended up just being dorm acquaintances.

By the way, you can find girls like this at BDSM.com.  Or maybe you want a Dom?  Go to BDSM.com.

~ My high school dating

When I was in high school I didn’t really date until I was a senior.  OK, I admit it, I was a bit scared.  In fact, terrified, lol.  Girls got me all nervous.  I said the wrong things, I did the wrong things, I always had my foot in my mouth.  So I just fantasized and got frustrated through most of school, but 3 weeks after I started 12th grade, I met a girl, Dana, in the cafeteria and she was cute and just used to giggle at no matter what I would say, so I became more aggressive and the dating thing between us just sort of happened.

We hung out more and more and then went out.  I had a 6 year old Mustang, the car, not the horse, lol, and she liked it.  She made the first move one night after a movie and then we just went from there.  She was my first, I was not hers.  No biggie.  We started doing everything together.  My parents were pretty happy.  I think they were worried I was gay, lol.  Not that they are homophobic or anything.  They were just wondering from where they would eventually find me a partner, lol.  Dana and I spent so much time together we started becoming too used to each other.   We got bored.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We had lots of fun for a few months, but after that it just sort of fizzled.  We stayed friends as we both moved on.

Dating Dana was a good learning experience for sure and so I finally got more confident and lost most of the jitters that had haunted me through my junior year.  I was quite the heartbreaker by the way, when I was in kindergarten, I understand.  But after that, fugetaboutit.  In any event, after Dana I even became charming, lol.  My best friend used to tell me, Dude, you have quite a rap there.  I became a good talker.  Didn’t mean half the crap I said, but that was good learning as well.  I don’t think anyone means half of what they say.

After winter break, I met Allison.  She was pretty damn cute.  Redhead, petite, very athletic, and just plain nutty as well.  Very spontaneous.   Allie was loads of fun.  Sometimes she would piss me off and sometimes I would piss her off, but we made it work.  This was also the first time my dating made my friends nuts.  They felt I was whipped.  Allie was controlling but I kind of didn’t mind.  She was nutty as I said.  I can’t tell you the kinds if weird things she was into.  But I liked it and went along.  More learning about girls and dating, I figured, even if things wouldn’t work out.  I knew many people married their high school sweetheart, but I didn’t even think about that.  Whatever would be would be.  We dated through till the end of the year and then we both went off to college and that was that.  On to college!

~ Sometimes it’s best not to rush

So the holiday season got you down?  It gets to me too.  We can keep busy only so much before we have some free time and then we think, boy, wish I was with someone.  Because of that, I want to tell you a story about me wanting it so bad, I rushed into what turned out to be a bad situation.

Four years ago, just after Thanksgiving when I was feeling sorry for myself at being the “extra” at a Thanksgiving dinner, because I had no date, I met a girl at a library.  Right, a library of all places, lol.  She was a brunette, about 5’ 4”, pretty good body, had glasses, was cute, really.  About 26 years old.  She was there to meet her friend who was taking college courses and needed to get some information on psychology or something like that.  Anyway, she sat down at my table and she saw me.  I was waiting for someone too.  My nephew had some school project and I was helping him on it.  Why teachers send kids to the library today I don’t know, with the internet and all, but it had to be done.  So because I was just sitting there without a book or anything, she asked me what I was doing there, and laughed.  She said you won’t get anything out of this place if you don’t open a book or something.  So we chatted.  Turns out she was just over some relationship.

Both my nephew and her friend were late and so we had a nice talk for about 15 minutes before her friend showed up.  When she did, the girl I met gave me her number.  Call me tonight she said.  So later that night, I did.  She was funny on the phone, telling me about all her past flings, etc.  I should have known something was up because she had so many in such a short amount of time.  She insisted she wasn’t a slut just had bad luck with guys.  (And I like sluts anyway, lol.)  So we decided to meet up that weekend. She wasn’t far so I picked her up and we had dinner and then hit a movie.  After the movie, in the car in the parking lot she was all over me.  I mean she sucked my face like she needed oxygen and her hands went to my swollen, you know.  Wow, I thought.  Cool!  I figured this was so fast, it would be a one night thing.  Or a few more one nights, maybe a FWB thing.  We went back to my place and had some fun.

Next day, she calls me before I even had a chance to call her, and she is making plans for all sorts of stuff even before I knew what was up.  So I tried to back it off a bit saying, hey, let’s slow it down.  She wanted a trip to a museum and a weekend trip and even wanted me to meet her mom.  I was like, holy crap.  After one night in the sack, this is what’s happening?  Then I realized her problems.  She was way too controlling and she had these fantasies in her head about what happened and what was expected.  I had to break it off right then and there.  So when I told her slow down, she got mad.  But too bad.  I ended it.  She called me like 5 more times and I had to let the calls go to voicemail the last 3.  So there you go.  Sometimes, the fun just ain’t worth it, and it’s better not to rush even when you are feeling down.

~ Forget the world, join a dating site :)

Have you thought recently that the world seems to be falling apart? I mean, it seems there is some kind of crap going on somewhere to the point where at least IMO, it has been worse than when I was younger.  Maybe not, because now we have the internet and all these cable and satellite stations and all, so we hear more about everything, but to me it seems so.

With all the bad stuff going on, I think now is the time to do something fun, or get involved with something interesting.  Like dating, if you haven’t been doing that a lot.  Now I know, I am in that thing, so what else would I say?  But really.  It is so easy to just get online and join a site and start having fun.  Forget the news, and what’s going on in Asia or wherever, and all that bad Ebola stuff, and forget all the politics going on here.  Obama and Boehner and all that.

This site has many dating programs you can join.  If you want to just hook up with someone, just want to have fun, and no strings attached, check out FlirtBuddies.com.  There are lots of incredibly hot women who are looking for a great time.  And don’t worry if you are not a movie star or some kind of big shot.  You will find someone, and you can find many.  Or if you like Latina girls, check out Amigos.com.  When I reviewed this site, I was surprised there were so many sweeties here.  And cute as all get out.  And nice.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I don’t know, but the ladies are very loving and giving.  And speaking of culture, check out AsiaFriendfinder.com.  I had a Chinese girlfriend for a time till she went back to Taiwan.  Wow, super cute and so nice.  Respectful, giving.  I really thought about marrying her but she had to go back, family thing going on.  Asian women are amazing.

Into something a bit different?  And by the way, different doesn’t mean bad or weird.  To each his or her own I say and there should never be judging.  Life is so short, be happy.  Anyway, how about BDSM.com.  So many ladies there with many kinky desires related (and some not related) to bondage or being submissive, etc.  Super-hot pictures help you choose your mate for a meet.  So get your BDSM kink on and check it out.  Or how about Transexual dating?  FindaShemaleLover.com is a great site for those who like this particular niche.  I have found that within sites that are more niche-specific the people there are decent and tolerant and giving.

So forget the world, get to dating.  🙂

~ Holiday time

Ah, the holidays.  This is the busiest time of year for most, people buying gifts, traveling, seeing grandma and all.  And it’s a busy time for me here, because this is the time when those who have been alone look for some comfort to fill the vacuum of yes, for many, loneliness.  And it’s also a time for those who are have ended a relationship and are starting over and who want to find someone to continue being with a partner.  It’s all normal.  What I tell people who write me at the company, and what I tell friends and others is, don’t despair.  With this internet thing, if you make a small amount of effort, you will find someone.  Either someone who will be your forever, or maybe who will be your today or tomorrow only.  And whether you just want a today or tomorrow only, or if you want a forever and it won’t be, it’s OK.

I find that the two biggest problems people have with this dating thing is first, they don’t even try to find someone, and of course, they will just bitch about that.  And second, if they do start looking, they don’t put in the effort.  They think someone will just fall in their laps.  It is so easy and fast now to find who and what you want and in whatever niche or fetish you may like, that it’s a crime to not take advantage of what you have right in front of your face.  Just spend all of a few minutes joining a site, making a profile and then searching for your mate.  And hey, it’s fun too.

Look, I know I’m in the business here and so, you would expect me to promote the sites I have reviewed, and fyi, not all get good scores.  But I truly, honestly want people to be happy, especially those who take the time to join the sites I recommend.  I have looked at all the sites, my reviews are not bogus and I know what works and what doesn’t.  It’s funny, my dad told me last week when I called to tell him what time I would arrive back home, and when he asked me how things were, that he remembers being alone earlier in his life on the holidays.  And he said this, “Hell, boy, had I had all this computer dating stuff when I was younger, I would never have left the house except to meet the ladies and you know.  But then again I would probably have never met your mother; I would have been too ******* busy!”  And then I heard my mom yell at him and she got on the phone and yelled at me.  As usual.

So anyway, happy holidays and take some action.  Join a site and have some fun!

~ I can’t live if livin’ is without you. Not.

That’s from the Harry Nilsson song, Without You, recorded in 1972.  Today is one of my former girlfriend’s birthday.  Why mention this?  Hey, I have had my share like all male homo sapiens I guess, and like some of you, with a breakup, at times I was bummed.  And after the breakup with Emma, I took it pretty hard.  I am not ashamed to say that.  I was depressed and felt like crap.  And like an idiot, I spent my time listening to all kinds of sad breakup songs on the internet, and obsessed with one, that song.  Here are a few lyrics – No, I can’t forget this evening, On your face as you were leaving, But I guess that’s just the way the story goes.  It was a tough deal.

But after acting like a moron for damn, maybe a whole month, I finally got over it, not completely after a month, but enough to know I was stupid for acting that way and that I was so much better off.  I mean, hey, the girl was a bitch.  Now I am not saying that because of what happened, but because she was, really.  She was controlling, wouldn’t shut the hell up, had this terrible habit of picking her teeth a lot, and my family and friends hated her.  I don’t necessarily think anyone, even my family and friends should have veto power on who I choose to date, but I don’t think anyone I knew who knew her, liked her, and that should have been a signal to me.

So after that month and when I finally came out of the fog, I started looking around and dating again.  And it wasn’t long at all before I found someone.  Or should I say ‘someones,’ plural, lol.  I had been in this stagnant relationship for nearly 2 years and after the first few months it wasn’t so much fun anymore, just you know, a relationship.  Well, I joined some sites and met some ladies, and then I got the best kind of job I could get – working for a company that looks at and reviews sites.  I became an expert in this dating thing, if I may say so myself, and at the same time, I started really enjoying myself.  And damn, life is too short, so why be miserable.  Be happy, right?

So my advice to anyone reading this is, if you get screwed by your girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever, get over it.  You are probably better off.  Move on, join some personals sites like you see here on this review site, and start enjoying yourself.  Move on, there really is a happier life out there for you.  All you have to do is go get it.  And today, with the internet, it’s easy.

~ Dating advice for my sad friend

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen and talked to in years.  Holiday season and all, some people catch things up with long lost relatives and friends as you know.  I did some myself.  Well, anyway, I said hey, let me give you a call and let’s chat about old and new times.

So I called Larry and I am sorry to say he was not the happiest camper in the world.  He is in his 30’s and twice divorced, no kids, I guess that is lucky, and he is always looking for a woman because he doesn’t want to end up alone.  Geez, he’s not that old, but he’s worried.  And he wants kids too.  So he tells me about 2 full years of dating/girlfriend woes.  And he was so sad.  Seems he just can’t catch a break in the ladies department.  And I didn’t mean ladies department as in, “4th floor!  Women’s shoes!”  I mean bad luck or no luck in finding a woman.  So because of what I do he wants advice, dating advice, and wants to know what site or sites I recommend.

I asked him what he was doing to find someone and he told me the usual, clubs, bars, etc.  He said he was worried about websites because he felt it was too impersonal. I asked him what century he thought he lived in.  Was he kidding?  Is he like the only guy not on any personals site?  He did say he had joined a couple but had no luck so he termed his profiles.

I know I am biased because I am in the internet dating world but I really believe it’s the way to go for so many reasons.  So I told him about all of it and after he told me what he really wanted, and trust me, I had to force the guy (I think his ex-wives had eaten his balls for breakfast), I recommended 3 sites for him to consider.  Larry likes Asian girls so I recommended AsianFriendFinder.com.  His mom is Asian by the way, so I think that’s part of it.  (I hope he doesn’t want to date his mom!)  Larry also said he may just want a good time with no strings attached.  For that, i told him about Ulust.com.  Lastly, Larry wanted to meet an older woman.  (Hmm, maybe he does want to date his mother.)  So of course, MatureHookupDating.com.  Larry said he would join all 3.  I will let you know what happens.  As long as he is not dating his mother!

~ Ouch!

This happened 3 months ago.  My buddy Dave dared me to get a date on BDSM.com.  I am sure you are familiar with that lifestyle and more power to those who are into it.  Personally, I think everyone should be happy in their lives and as long as you aren’t hurting people or selling drugs or something, do what you can to be happy.  Life is too friggin’ short and there is enough misery in the world.  For the reviews on this site, we had a few people in the office join sites and make contacts and dates and you can see that here.  But anyway, me?  Not into the whole BDSM thing but I don’t mind learning things and of course, having fun.

Anyway, once I decided, or Dave decided, lol, that I would have a BDSM date, it was like OK, should I be a Dom?  A Sub?  He said he would give me $100 if I had a date with a Mistress and got my ass kicked, lol.  Spanked and humiliated, really.  And you know, even though that is different for me, many guys like it, so why not?  I am one to do dares sometimes and who knows, it might even be fun.  Well, I perused the site and found several prospects pretty darn quick.  It’s a great site.  I settled on a particular lady because aside from her saying she loves newbies, she also had a couple nice and nasty pics up.  And from her profile and the chats we subsequently had, I could tell she was a nice lady.

So we decided to meet first near her and if all went well, to then go to her um, dungeon and she would proceed to teach me a few things, a lesson as well.  🙂  The chat was nice.  She was 36 and had a tight body, and her eyes were such a light blue.  When I told her that, she said it was for them to pierce through me.  Oh oh.  After about 45 minutes of the banter, I followed her to her place, and we went downstairs to her dungeon.  Well, it’s a basement and off to the side was a washer and dryer, but they were curtained off.  She had all the Master/Slave stuff.  I gulped when I saw what she had in there.  Even a medieval rack!  Yikes!  First she tied me to this x-post looking thing.  She made a point to say she uses ropes for everything and not clasps or belts because she believed in authenticity.

Oh, I was in my underwear by then.  So she starts whipping me with this whip thing on my belly.  Not too hard but sometimes it hurt.  And she called me names I hadn’t heard since my mother used to yell at me when I was a kid, lol.  Next she put a collar on me, rope collar, and walked me around the room like I was a dog.  Then she had me bend over this sawhorse-looking thing and had me take down my jockeys and she whipped my ass.  That did hurt.  She did it for 15 minutes at least.  Then she spanked me, paddled me and even poked me with a cattle prod.  I won’t mention the last thing, but she did ask first and I consented.

So there you have it.  Dave was happy to lose the 100 bucks for my ordeal and I couldn’t sit down for 2 days.  But looking back, I would do it again I think and I may anyway, even without the prodding, no pun intended.  🙂