~ Clint night

When I was in college, some of us in the dorm had Clint night.  Yes, you guessed it.  We would all get together in the dorm room of the one in our group who had the biggest TV to watch a Clint Eastwood movie.  Every two weeks we did that with Clint’s movies.  Sometimes it would be on a date not exactly two weeks from the previous movie night, but such is the way things go in college, and if we couldn’t do it on Clint night it would be the day before or after.  Usually, it was a Thursday night at about 7.   Pizza and Clint Eastwood, what could be better?

There were four guys and three or four girls at Clint night.  John and Sara were dating, two others had boyfriends or girlfriends, the rest of us were freelance, lol.  But we were all good friends.  And we loved Clint.  Hey , I know I am saying Clint a lot, lol.  But how else can I write this?  I could call him Dirty Harry, I guess.  That was after all one of our favorites.   Mine was The Outlaw Josey Wales.  I liked the story, Josey gets revenge for what was done to his family.  I also liked his plain talk.  One of my favorite scenes is the quick eulogy for the young guy who rode with him who died.  Anyway, lol, I didn’t mean to get caught up in the movie story, but I really like that movie.  If you haven’t seen it, you should .

So this one night, I think it was when we had scheduled Escape from Alcatraz, before the movie, I went to get the pizza.  Normally we would have it delivered, but the place we got the pizza, didn’t have enough drivers that night and so we didn’t want to wait.  So your truly volunteered to get the pizza.  One of the girls brought a friend that night, a black girl named Tiara, really cute.  A sophomore, about 5’ 5”, medium dark skin, really big eyes.  Damn, those eyes.  Also a nice body, yes, but those eyes, wow.  She was visiting for the weekend from another college, hell if I remember which.  Oh well.  But she offered to go with me to get the pizza and other stuff from the pizza shop.  Great pizza, by the way.  This place called University Italian.  Anyway, Tiara came with me and we had a very interesting chat in the car for the ten minutes it took to get to the place.  You may not believe this, but it’s true.  She told me she had a favor to ask me.  I said, “What about?  Your amazing eyes?”  She laughed and said, “I knew I made the right choice.”  Hmm, I was perplexed.

Tiara told me that she had never had sex with a white guy and her friend told her about Clint night and that all the guys were worthy, and to pick one.  At least one that wasn’t in a relationship.  So she picked me because I was cute myself she said, but also because I was funny and I volunteered to get the food, when no one else wanted to do it.  Cute and generous of spirit, she said I was.  And who am I to argue?  🙂  So we went out the next night to get some dinner and then well, she got her wish.

I tell you this because black women are well known for being bold and maybe at times blunt in saying what they want, being strong and confident.  You get my drift.  And Tiara was that way as a 19 year old.  And I was damn grateful.  Black women are wonderful.  BlackCrush.com is a fantastic site where you can and will find your own bold, black beauty.  You will see.

~ How humiliating!

Are you looking for a Dom?  A mistress?  A slave?  A sub?  Are you a vanilla looking for someone to show you the ropes, so to speak?  One of the very good sites we reviewed and hope you will consider is BondageDating.com.  We received an email from someone who had joined the site and very quickly met someone and had a great experience with more coming.  Here it is:

Hi.  First I would like to thank you guys for recommending BondageDating.com.  I am a guy who had been interested in being a sub or a slave, for oh about 5 years.  I was too chicken to do anything about it, so I just kept putting it out of my head.  See, I need to be discrete.  I am a married man with 3 kids.  I also have a sensitive type job.  So, I have to be very careful.

Anyway, I joined the site and spent some time looking around and then made my profile.  I tried to be as honest as I could be, because I am of the belief that you do unto others as they would unto you.  I don’t want anyone lying to me so I won’t lie to anyone else.  There is just too much of that going on.  So I told whoever would be reading my profile that I had never been in the lifestyle at all, had been very curious about it and wanted to, and to be a sub or slave.  I looked through the profiles of Mistresses and there were many in my area.  I didn’t write any just yet because I was still a bit tentative even though I took the first step.

3 days after I joined the site, I was contacted by a Mistress whose profile I had viewed.  We got to sending emails back and forth and I decided to take the plunge. First we met at a Starbucks just to see if we both could be comfortable with one another.  We chatted a bit and then took a walk outside to get into more talk of what she did and whether or not I wanted it.  The Starbucks was a bit crowded and the tables were so close together and we didn’t want anyone to hear.  There were tables outside too, but still there would be no privacy.  She told me her definition and how she sees the difference between subs and slaves.  She decided I was a sub, lol.  She also told me she specialized in humiliation and not just pain and she gave me the choice for the first thing we would do.  Pain or humiliation.  But she said, whatever I chose I had to do.  I could not back out.

I chose humiliation, thinking I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get the crap kicked out of me just yet, lol.  And how bad could the humiliation be, right?  She told me I had chosen FemDom.  I said OK.  She said I needed to come to her place the next day at 4 PM sharp, and I would then serve her.  I promised I would do so.  The next day when I got there, she had 7 lady friends at her place.  She made me get naked in front of them, and shower in front of them, all the while with them making nasty emasculating comments, slapping me a bit, grabbing me, and teasing parts of  me.  Then she had me dry off and walk around like a dog with a leash on me.  Next I had to serve coffee and tea to the ladies naked.  It really was humiliating.  And I loved it!  Thanks again!!!

There was a bit more that I left out, and I edited some.  But you get the drift.  So if you are a sub or a slave or want to be, or if you want to dominate anyone, join BondageDating.com.  Do it, or else!  🙂

~ The Asian girlfriend

Has anyone seen the new ABC TV show Fresh Off the Boat?  It started a few weeks ago, and although I absolutely cannot stand the opening song if you can call it that, I think it’s a pretty good show.  It is about an Asian American family, Taiwanese, set in the 1990’s, kind of like another ABC show, The Goldberg’s that is set in the 80’s.  I like the fact that the dad is this hard-working guy who wants the best for his family, so much so, that he leaves a somewhat comfortable job in Washington DC, but one where he would never advance and make things substantially better, to go to a new city Orlando, and opens a Western style steak house.  The mom is a typical Asian tiger mom, tough as nails and intense in all her encounters, especially with her three sons who she pushes to excel.  The father is cheery and upbeat trying to attain the American dream for himself and his family, the wife struggles with differences in culture, preferring hers of course, and the boys work to be accepted among their peers in school, the older boy much more into hip hop and American customs and foods rather than those of his Asian background.

I bring this up because last week, I visited a friend of mine whose son had just come back from college, graduating mid-year and then traveling and bumming around a bit, and he brought with him his serious girlfriend, a Taiwanese Asian.  Now let me explain that the son’s mom, is a Taiwanese Asian (and a tiger mom in her own right) and so perhaps it is no surprise that her son would date Asian girls.  But his dad is a white American and the family – they have 4 kids – was already well-assimilated, and aside from the mom, they don’t look particularly Asian.  I know the new graduate well because I have been close to that family for years, so I spoke to him to ask him about it.  I know that in college he wasted little time in dating Asian girls, Chinese girls in particular.  I wanted to know why, and not just the obvious that it was in his genes, or that he wanted someone like his mother.  In fact, just the opposite, he wanted someone a little less driven that his mother, lol.

His answers surprised me.  None of that Asian girls are so beautiful, and his girlfriend is cute, but not any kind of perfect specimen, actually she was not heavy but not thin, while he is thin.  And none of that Asians are smart thing.  No being loyal to his mom’s culture.  He told me he actually had a white girlfriend for a bit as a freshman, but that he gravitated to Asian students because although he had grown up assimilated and never really hung out with Asian kids, he felt that the more he was with them in college, the more he felt comfortable with them.  And the more he liked the company of Asian girls.  That they were kind and sweet, generous in their demeanors, genuine and not competitive in nature, and supportive of their guys.  He saw why his dad had married one.  Yes, there were the looks and the smarts.  But he made his choice on what was on the inside.  And good for him.

AsiaFriendFinder.com is the industry standard for those who seek an Asian mate.  It is a classy site, well-operated top to bottom, and there are many, many ladies in their over 7.5 million member base, looking for their guy.  You will find your Asian love here.  And you will be as happy as my friend’s son.

~ Slowly but surely

CBS will be using the Orange is the New Black actress, Laverne Cox, in its new legal drama, Doubt, starting out as a TV movie this year.  It is still in filming production.  Cox plays a transgender Ivy League-educated attorney.  Her role was made for a transgender actress from the start.  CBS didn’t just decide to throw her in after some thought as to who would play the part.  That in and of itself is a great thing – a major network deciding from the start to cast a TG person who is one who plays a TG role.  Typically, while there have been TG characters in past TV shows, they have either been short-term or comedic in nature.  And may have just been someone who was not in reality transgender playing the role.  In this case, not only will a successful debut create a recurring role, but the lead actor will be an actual transgender person, Cox.  The success of diverse TV shows such as Orange and others drove CBS to make its decision and if things work out, and there should be no reason they don’t as long as the show is tight with its writing and production, Cox won’t be the last TG person to be on the small screen.  It may even advance roles on other Hollywood venues.  Broadway has been there for a while already to a certain degree.

So what does that mean to you, my readers who are transgender or transsexual or anyone with a gender identity that may be related to this topic?  Anything at all that shows that people who are TG acting as normal people in a work or social environment is helpful.  Things are hard enough with transgender or transsexual people trying to live and thrive in society.  But seeing their roles as regular members of society not only pushes their gender identities and decisions to the public forefront, it makes, ever so slowly unfortunately, acceptance come about.  Hopefully to the point that gender identity won’t cause anyone to flinch or look the other way.  You can look at almost any article on this topic, and if comments are allowed, the vast majority of them are so hateful as to remind many of how blacks were seen a generation ago.  (And still by some today, sadly.)

Perhaps one day, as Facebook has done, by adding gender identification profile options, the mainstream dating sites will do the same.  There are a number of major personals sites out there, but you know they don’t contain any semblance of ways for TG people to find those who seek them or those who seek TG-identified people.  So what do you do?  You know the answer.  You use online dating websites that cater to transgendered people, transsexuals, crossdressers, and those who are looking for ladyboys or shemales.  (And yes, some may get offended by these terms, but others not.)

Please go to DateSitesReview.com – TS Dating to connect with TS or TG like-minded people, those who are, and those who seek those who are.  TSdating.com is one of the great sites we recommend.  There is no shame anymore; there never should have been.  Find your short or long-term partner, and be happy.

~ The best dating site?

I have been asked so many times I wish I had a buck for each time, what the best dating site is.  And you know the answer.  It depends, lol.  There is no one best.  That is because there are so many niches now.  If you ask what is the best fetish site, that is one thing.  Or if you ask what is the best Asian site, well, that is another.  That makes sense.  But there is no one best overall I don’t think.  And yes, I know, there are these major websites that are all inclusive supposedly that have zillions of people that get good marks by a lot of people.  And maybe if you asked me what the best mainstream site was I would give you an answer.  But those large catch-all sites are really not that way.  Do you think you can easily find someone who will want their feet worshipped on those major mainstream (boring) sites?  You know the answer.  Or do you think you can easily find a kinky transsexual there?  C’mon, you know you can’t.

So that is why we are here.  For you.  Sounds snooty, I know, but it’s true.  We firmly believe that for people who want to find someone in a particular niche or for a particular reason, you should look at places that specialize in that.  If you needed a particular surgery, would you go to a general surgeon or one who specializes in that precise field of medicine?  With whom would you be most comfortable?  You go to the one that specializes in whatever you need, you don’t go to the one who does it all but has too much forest and trees, if you know what  I mean.

Do you want a hookup tonight?  Do you think you can get one easily on one of those huge catch-all sites?  Ha!  That is why we have FlirtBuddies.com.  You WILL find your casual fling thing on that site.  If you make a decent profile and you don’t act like a jerk, you will.  And don’t think you need to be Brad Pitt or young or old.  There are many women there looking for you.  Be yourself and you can thank me later.

AsiaFriendFinder.com  has become a standard in the industry.  When building the review site, after doing much research, I read and heard a couple things about the site that were negative.  As always, I don’t knee-jerk believe what I hear, I need to see for myself, and I need to have definitive proof of anything before I form an educated opinion.  You WILL find your Asian beauty on that site.  And she will find you.

Have a fetish, maybe into some form of BDSM or some other kind of kink?  Do you think you will find that on a mainstream site no matter how big it may be?  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Go to http://BDSM.com.  There you WILL find not just BDSM, but every kink.  Go join and for free.  You will see.

So there you go.  More on the others soon, but for now, you know what to do.  🙂

~ Never too old

It was last year I think that I read an article about senior women becoming more and more openly sexual.  Now I don’t mean having sex in public, I mean more open with feelings and activities that many of them do, some now starting to do more.  And so, when I was in a sex shop with a friend who wanted to get some stuff, I was not surprised to see two older women, looked like in their upper 50’s to mid 60’s shopping there.  Hey, truthfully, I had to look twice as did my friend, but I wasn’t shocked or offended.  In fact, I was like, cool, you go girls.  One had greyish hair, the other blonde but you knew it was dyed.  Which was fine.  One was a medium frame, the other kind of petite.  They had a basket and were loading it up.  As we walked by the ladies on the way to the aisle my friend needed – and yes, he was getting stuff, not me, lol – I looked in the basket.  I could see a box of condoms, this huge black double-sided dildo (the ladies were white, fyi), red panties, handcuffs and there was other stuff, but I didn’t want to make it look like I was staring in their basket so I moved quickly and didn’t see what the other things were.

It didn’t matter.  They saw me looking and the smaller lady said, “Hey, see anything in there you like?”  We all laughed, and I said. “The condoms looked like my brand, but I don’t know that I could do anything with that dildo.”  The two ladies laughed and the bigger one said, “We aren’t so sure we can do anything with it either!”  So my friend and I stopped to continue to talk to them.  “If you don’t mind me asking, are you two new to the thrills of the double dong?”  They both said yes.

Here is the deal.  Both were friends and divorced, fairly newly divorced, and they were sick of the boredom of the bedroom they had with their exes.  They were not lesbians or even bi, but they were curious and they wanted to celebrate their freedom by playing with each other and these two other guys they met on a dating site.  I was so amused by the whole thing I didn’t ask her what site.  I normally do that, so I felt bad later that I didn’t.  But anyway, they said that the next day they were going to all get together at the smaller ladies place – she said it was big – and they would all get it on.  The men didn’t know each other but they were more than happy to take part in the celebration, lol.  The ladies said one guy was younger another near their age.  They also asked if we wanted to join.  We said no.  I said, “Hell I don’t know that I am that good with a 2-some, how can I handle a 6-some!”

Well, we all went our separate ways wishing each other good luck, and what this occurrence did was reinforce to me that age means nothing when it comes to enjoying oneself.  Young or older, anyone can still have any kind of fun they want.  I knew this already.  Older men and older women enjoy companionship and yes, sex, with people their own age or with those younger or older.  And more power to them!  MatureHookupDating.com is an excellent seniors dating site to join.  I hope you consider doing so.

~ Bowling and the cougar

MILFs.  Cougars.  Sometimes, lots of times, one and the same.  And as they say, it’s all good.  I have dated non-MILF cougars and MILF cougars, and they all excite me.  I want to tell you about the time I had a dalliance shall I say with this amazing cougar.  She was 46 and was amazing.  Laura was her name and I met her at a bowling alley.  Now I don’t bowl and she didn’t bowl.  Both of us were there for different birthday parties.  And we were sort of chaperoning along with a couple other adults.  She had shoulder-length blond hair, although she did admit to me that her hair was really brown, lol.  Laura was a petite little thing, maybe 5’ 1”, maybe, and she had striking blue eyes, although she did admit to me she was wearing colored contact lenses, lol.  Nice body, big boobs, and no she told me they were real when I asked her if she was a real person, and she caught me checking out her ample bosom.

So the kids were bowling and Laura and I sat in those uncomfortable hard plastic chairs drinking soda and eating pizza and just joking around.  Laura was a never-married administrative assistant for some printing office.  It was a boring job.  She told me it was and I figured it was.  But hey, a job is a job, you know.  When I told her about my job, she asked me to regale her with stories, so I did, no names don’t worry.  And the vast, vast majority of the stories were very good to great.  There were a couple funny ones.  Of course,  I made it a point to tell her stories where some guy and some girl got together for casual fun.  🙂

She thought that was great and wanted to join one of the sites from which I told her a great story – SeekingMilf.com.  She made a note with one of those little bowling alley pencils on a piece of paper she tore off a score sheet.  And she took my number too.  When the parties ended and all the little monsters were safely out of there, Laura said, “I will call you. I would like to hear more stories”.  That was fine by me.  I should have asked her out but I didn’t, don’t know why actually, lol.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard from her in a week plus so I actually forgot about her.  Nearly a month after we met at the bowling alley, she called me.  We talked for a bit and she said hey, let’s get together.  She invited me to her place for dinner the next night, Friday night.  Just like that.  Nice.  She did say she was bold and aggressive and knew what she liked and went after it.  Who was I to disagree with that?  So I went to her place and she made a great dinner.  Perfect for me.  It was hamburgers she grilled on her apartment patio and french fries and apple pie.  The perfect meal for a junk food junkie like me.   Then we drank some wine I brought and let loose from there.  The clothes came off, and we had a crazy good time.  She was a freak!  I never met her again.  🙂  She did join SeekingMilf.com by the way.  Maybe you can find her there.  If you do, mmmmmmm.

~ The 10K kind of run

Every once in a while I do something nice.  Every once in a while, lol.  Like I will do something for homeless people, or I will donate to Goodwill, or I will make a charitable donation.  One thing I did last year was run a 10K race for a particular non-profit having to do with women’s health.  And I got sponsors and raised a nice chunk of money for the non-profit.  I have never thought it was only up to the government to take care of everything, and I don’t think it ever could.  So that’s why I think it’s important to help others and not depend on others to do so.

At the race, and I did this alone, no friends with me, I looked around of course at the ladies who were running with me.  There were a lot, and surprisingly, and nicely so, it looked like half the people running were men.  I scanned the masses, about two thousand runners and walked a bit through the crowd as we were all getting ready to get set and go.  Luckily, about a couple minutes before the gun would sound and we would be off, I saw this really cute girl, obviously Latina, looking in her 20’s, getting herself ready to run by stretching, etc.  Her legs, nice legs, stretched, her arms, lovely arms rotating around, her head moving around to stretch her neck, it all going on.  She was wearing tight red running shorts and pink top showing some nice cleavage being held in by a red sports bra.  Brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

So I walked up to her and said hello.  She ignored me, lol.  Or so I thought.  Because as I figured she didn’t want to be bothered and turned to walk away, she said, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear you.”  I turned to her and she had this amazing smile and I stumbled over my words, “It’s OK, I don’t want to bug you, just this is my first run ever, never did a K, I have eaten Special K and said OK a lot on my life, but I never did anything like this, and I saw you looked like you knew what you were doing, so I figured, what the heck, stay near you and I might not be crushed by a moving mob of runners, at least for the first 100 yards.”  She laughed and said, “No problem, latch on to my coattails, that is, if you can keep up.”

At that moment, the race started and the mass pushed forward, and some did push, because even though this was a charity thing, people were competitive and wanted to get finished in a good time.  I then told my new sort of friend, whose name I still didn’t know, that she could go on ahead, I will be OK.  “See?  I just said OK.”  She laughed that sweet laugh again and said, “No, I now feel responsible for you.  I don’t want you to get crushed.  It’s OK.  Hey, I also said OK.”  And we both laughed.  We introduced each other; her name was Rosa.  I was already huffing and puffing even though we hadn’t gotten to half a mile, lol.

So we got to talking, and we had a great chat.  She was a nurse.  I told about my job and she told me she had a month back joined LatinAmericanCupid.com.com hoping she could find a nice guy.  She had only a couple weeks before that broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and although she thought she would give the whole bf/gf thing a rest for a while, she figured she would get back on the horse.  And she said she actually had a few good nibbles in the first two days, one guy that she was now seeing, and she felt it was a great match becoming serious.  I was happy for her and we chatted a bit more until I had to really slow down and she went on her fast way.  So that was that.  Beautiful Latina girl on LatinAmericanCupid.com.com.  And there are so many.  Find yours.

~ What happens in Vegas

So I went to Las Vegas this past weekend.  I had a bachelor party of sorts to go to, and well, although this wasn’t like the movie, The Hangover, it was fun and wild.

The guy getting married, Warren, was more of an acquaintance of mine, a friend of a friend, so it wasn’t like I was going to be the best man or anything at his wedding.  Hell, I wasn’t even invited to the wedding, which is this coming Saturday by the way.  But the best man, Frank, or Frankie, is my friend, and he wanted the groom’s last free weekend to be memorable for him.  So Frankie, a good friend to people, put together a group of guys, 7 in all, to go to Vegas with him and Warren to mess around, cavort, etc.  Now Warren’s fiancé wasn’t super thrilled, but she was OK with the whole thing as long as Warren didn’t do anything sexual.  He agreed and we all agreed that the rest of us had no such restrictions to worry about, lol.

We drove in two cars Friday at about noon, and hit Vegas at about 5, a little after.  Not bad for a Friday.  I don’t want to mention the hotel we stayed at because of what happened.  You will see.  Frankie had arranged for 2 strippers to some to one of our rooms to do their thing, and he also knew a couple girls from LA who had moved to Vegas who he asked to come by and also to bring friends.  So we were all excited about the whole thing, not knowing what would happen.

We had a good dinner and got Warren semi-drunk and then went back to our rooms.  We all crashed for a couple hours till 9:30 PM when we went to Frankie and Warren’s room and waited for the girls.  Frankie’s friends brought three other girls and they showed up at 9:45.  We all had a good time chatting and drinking and then the strippers showed up near 10.  They had this guy with them and we weren’t too thrilled with that but it seems sometimes that’s what happens.  He did leave after a bit, but it was a damper for the early part of things.  The strippers stripped to music on the box they brought and they went from guy to guy in the kind of circle we had and they also played with the girls.  That was fun to watch.  Damn, if two of the five weren’t bi in the least.

If you have ever been to one of these kinds of things, then you know what goes on.  As the night wore on the strippers got kind of wild.  One got drunk and fell and she knocked over a small table that had several drinks on it, wine and whatever, and all that liquid made a complete mess of the carpet.  When she got up she fell backwards against the curtain of the patio window and grabbed it and pulled the whole thing with its holder down, lol.  It was nuts.  Frankie would work it all out with the hotel but made me promise I would not reveal the name.

Anyway, after all that stripping stuff a few of us went out with Frankie’s friends and their friends and I had a great time with one of them, Angela.  Really hot, great legs and the rest. I say legs first because she had on this super short mini skirt.  Sigh.  We talked about all kinds of stuff, and believe it or not, Angela had a profile on NaughtyMatch.com.  I looked it up and we laughed about some of what she wrote.  She wanted a hookup and I asked her of we could make this get-together one of those.  She complied and we um, hooked up.  Want your own Anglela without having to go to Vegas?  Join NaughtyMatch.com.

~ I met her at the laundromat

When I first moved out to Cali and I rented a small guest house that didn’t have a washer/dryer, I used to go to a laundromat about a mile away.  It was kind of a pain in the ass and although as a bachelor guy I wasn’t super into being perfectly clean, I felt a bit weird using the same rows of machines that the great unwashed masses used.  I mean think about it.  Who uses laundromats?  I was a bit embarrassed as I schlepped my dirty clothes into some noisy room loaded with people like me, and those not like me.  I also felt bad for some.  It was one thing for young people who are just starting out having to go somewhere to pump quarters into washers and dryers.  It was sad seeing moms with kids and even a few elderly folks doing the same.  One would hope that all those who went to laundromats were those just starting out.  Not so.

But I digress.  The third time I did my laundry, and I was loading a washer, this cute chubby girl came up next to me and asked me if I was using the machine to my right.  I told her no.  So she said cool, and put her stuff on the bench behind us and started separating things and putting clothes in that machine and the one next to it.  Whites and coloreds she was doing.  Like me.  She had a nice smile so I introduced myself and she did as well.  Emily was her name.  She was from South Dakota.  I told he I had never met anyone form there till now and she said, “Then this is your lucky day.”  I told her it was hers too.  We both laughed.

Emily was a graduate student and she also worked part-time as a waitress.  She was about 5’ 5”, and was a bit heavy.  But damn, if she didn’t have a great personality.  I normally just put my stuff in the machines and go back to my place while the machines are going or I take a walk or something, rather than stay in the place, and Emily said she also would leave her stuff and come back.  But we were having such a good chat we both stayed and we did our laundry at the same time even using the dryers and chatting by them.  After we were both done and had folded our clothes and put everything in our baskets and cars we made a date to be back In two weeks to do our laundry together again.  I didn’t want to ask her out right then and there.  So it was OK, see you here same time in two weeks.

Sure enough when I got to the laundromat a couple weeks later at that time, um, she was not there.  I was a bit sad as I finished loading my stuff, even hoping I could keep the two washers next to me open for her.  Well, after I had fed the coins into both machines and turned them on, she came in and smacked me on the butt!  I told her that she had better mean it if she was going to do it.  When she took her jacket off I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra.  In fact, she could see that I could see, lol.  “No clean bras,” she said.  “You don’t mind do you?”  I told her I actually preferred it.  We both laughed.  And then I asked her out.  When I did I told her it wasn’t because of her flimsy top with no bra underneath where I could see very well the outline of her lovely chest.  She said, “Too bad, because that was the effect I was trying to make.”  Needless to say, we dated for a few months and had lots of fun.  It kind of just fizzled as each of us became too busy to mess around anymore and it was mostly that, messing around.

Hey, want your own fun Emily?  Lots of BBW lovers, and just lovers of women in general, swear by FindaBBWLover.com.  You will too!