~ Not bad at all

OK, so I really like this blog thing because I like just talking about my experiences and views and I like letting others know.  Being I just started, I will include dates I have had in the past, before the one I posted a couple days ago, which was recent.  And of course, as my dating life continues, so will I to write dating reviews.  On me and on others when I hear about them.  But enough of this.

Last month, I met a lady from LonelyWifeHookup.com.  I was surfing around the site and I liked her picture.  She was 49, and didn’t say much on her profile page, but that was OK.  Have you noticed that sometimes when someone says too much, they could end up being loony?  So sometimes I will go with the ones who are let’s say, profile word quiet.  Well anyway, she did get back to me right away which was nice, and we struck up a back and forth and then chatted.  Her name was Anna.  She was hotter on the phone than in her pic, which thankfully showed plenty of cleavage.  She thought I was cute which was nice.   Anna didn’t hold back, and the conversation brought me to attention real quick.  🙂  And hey, if the other party goes there, I don’t hold back.  I don’t push it, but I follow the lead if you know what I mean.  By the way, she was in an open marriage, at least she said so.  And she said her husband has his fun too.  So we decided to meet the next weekend.  We would get together in a coffee shop near me and if all went well, we would then go to my place.

I confirmed with Anna the next week and when I got to the shop she was already there.  And I was 20 minutes early!  Nice.  The chat went great and got a bit dirty and we had to get the hell out of there and go to my place.  So how did it go?  It was fantastic.  Anna’s body was pretty good for her age and the fact that she had 3 kids.  We had a drink first, and hey she likes beer.  We talked a bit more, and then we got down to business.  It was fun, let me just say that.  We were going to meet again in a couple weeks but she had to go out of town to help her sick mom.  We will get together again, for sure.  So all in all, a pretty good thing.  Thanks for listening.

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