~ Lena, thank you

When I was getting my graduate degree, yes, I do have a graduate degree, I am ejamakated, lol, there was this incredibly beautiful Chinese girl in my class.  Because I knew the topic of the class pretty well, I would hold library study sessions with a few people, including the girl.  Now I did not know at the time she thought anything of me except for being the smart guy, at least with economics.  Her name was Lena, well, that was what she wanted people to call her.  She had a Chinese name but didn’t go by it.  Lena was from Taiwan getting her master’s degree, and was fairly quiet but had a good sense of humor.  She must have, because she laughed at my jokes.  🙂  Lena was very quiet, and she seemed very shy.  Now I am not trying to say she was any stereotype of a submissive Asian girl, hell, I didn’t even know what that was then.  I am just saying she was quiet and shy.  And nice.  She was always very nice and polite.  I am remembering more as I type this, lol.

After our finals, a bunch of us students including Lena went to a local watering hole to drown our grade worries in some liquefied relief.  If I remember correctly, and I didn’t remember everything that night, lol, there were 7 of us and we drank pretty heavily.  I didn’t so much but enough to make me happier school was over.  Done, finito.  A degree if we didn’t flunk.  That last day was one of 4 finals, and studying for it was crazy.  An all-nighter for many, and then the exams.  So all of us were thrilled to death it was over, at least for that semester and we were only too glad to be out of school and down the block at the Tavern.  The Tavern was this sort of run down, dingy kind of place, with old wall paper and tables but we loved it.  I miss that damn place.  They had great food, cheap too.  Watered the drinks down a bit but still, it was an institution and I think anyone who would go there probably belonged in an institution!

We first had beers, all of us, including the 3 girls, Lena too.  One girl, damn I can’t remember her name, just that she was blonde, kind of big and tall and had the strangest glasses, said she didn’t drink but she knocked that beer down in a hurry.  Maybe it was the post-test giddiness.  Other people from another school nearby came in to have fun and after a bit it was pretty rowdy in the Tavern.  We started drinking more of course.  And that was when the weirdest thing happened.  Lena asked me if she could talk to me.  I said sure, so we went to a dark corner of the place.  It was dark anyway but there the light bulb had been out and that part of the bar, with a booth there was super dark.  I mean you couldn’t see a few inches in front of you.

I sat down on the wall side of the booth and Lena sat down next to me.  Without warning, she put her hand on my crotch and started well, messing around there!  I was shocked.  But at the same time, I was glad so I immediately decided to not do what as an idiot high school and college guy I did, which was to object, or to say, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  Lena said, “Hey, don’t worry, I am not drunk, I want this.”  Who was I to object.  We started kissing and Lena undid my jeans and her head went into my lap and well, what can I say?  Unfortunately, she left 2 days later to go back to Taiwan.  I wish I had tried to keep in touch, but I think that was how she wanted things.  Shy Lena acting not so shy and then disappearing into my dreams.  And me in hers as well, I hope.

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