~ Ah, Guliana

I met Guliana (pronounced like Juliana) on a dating site some years ago.  This was when I started in the business and was testing a combination dating site/phone database.  That was at a different company and they don’t do the phone thing anymore, most got out of that business because the net pushed it aside.  Guly as she liked to be called was about my age, and she was a girl who contacted me on the phone side.  We got to talking and I told her the truth, that I worked for a dating company and I was doing testing.  She thought that was great.  Hell, I also made her laugh.  I am charming after all, lol.

Guly was Mexican-American.  Her parents had immigrated just before she was born.  They actually did so illegally but were able to get documented and became citizens.  Guly was so cute on the phone.  We talked a few times before we finally met.  Which we did eventually.  She was not really all that close, about an hour away.  But what was interesting about her was that she was bisexual.  She liked girls more than guys, but both.  I had never gone out with a bisexual girl.  We still stay in touch but she lives with her girlfriend and the gf’s son.  The gf is a lesbian and had the kid but that’s a completely different story.  Good kid.

Anyway, Guly was my first close relationship with a Latina girl.  Look, I knew about them and hell, living in Southern California there are so many Latinos and Latinas one cannot but have some kind of exposure.  So two things happened when I moved here and shortly thereafter met Guly.  I began to like Latinas and also Mexican food!.  In fact, that is my favorite food now.  I used to go to parties at Guly’s parents’ house and chat got along nicely with her parents.  And if you are familiar with the stereotypical hot Latina lady aura, like that actress on Modern Family, you can imagine Guly not as much of a bombshell, but very attractive in her right and yes, a bit hot-blooded, lol.  She did not lack personality and I mean that for any room of the house, lol.

Because we are still friends and I have tremendous respect for Guly, and even though I don’t think she would care if I told of some of our let’s say, sexual escapades, I won’t do so.  Let’s just say that although my Latina friend was more inclined and partial to the female body, there were many times that she wanted what the male body had attached to it.  There are many, many Latina lovelies like my friend Guly within the sites we recommend here – DateSitesReview.com – Latin WomenLatinAmericanCupid.com is a pretty good site that you may want to check out.  You will find pretty women from many different related nationalities there.  Latin America includes many countries and the women are unbelievably beautiful and sweet.  Their families are so nice too.  So go find your own Latina and enjoy each other!  You will be very grateful.

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