~ Joannie and the Bobster

I was going to write about another encounter I had with an older lady, but one of the guys here at work insisted I tell his story.  I don’t usually just cave to people who want me to tell their thing, but Bobby told me his story over lunch, and it was an intriguing tale.  And he bought me lunch.  It was good too.  My favorite fast food place, lol.

OK, so here is Bobby’s story.  I told you a bit back that the boss wants us to join the sites we research, unless we are in a relationship.  Then we don’t have too.  A few in relationships do actually use the sites because they are in open relationships, so it’s cool.  (And yes, I am sure there are a few cheaters here too, lol.)  Anyway, Bobby had a profile on one of our free senior dating sites, MatureLoverSearch.com and he would periodically connect online with ladies there, but had never met anyone.  The Bobster, as I call him, loves the older babes, he just does, and a lot older than him.  He is 26 and he has been with ladies in their upper 50’s.  And good for him.  Everyone deserves some lovin’, right?  So the Bobster says that as he was surfing around on the site a couple weeks back, he gets this IM from a lady, 52 years old, and pretty darn cute.

Her names was Joan.  She told Bobby to call her Joannie.  Booby told me he told her his name was Bobby but to call him Jethro.  Funny guy.  But hey, he told me with that first joke, he had her.  Turns out Joannie didn’t live too far from Bobby and it was a Friday evening, so Bobby said to her, “Hey, if you aren’t doing anything, want to get a drink?”  She said sure and they met at a bar about 20 minutes from him.  Close to her place.  The Bobster said she looked great.  He got there before she did and when she walked in, he recognized her from her pictures, they were spot on, he could see she indeed had the great body her pictures showed, and for someone her age.  Bobby told me at that moment he knew he wanted her.  That somehow he would have to have her.  Sooner or later, would all be up to her.

So they got to talking and Bobby said it was as if they had known each other for a long time.  He told her directly after they each had two drinks in them, that he was very attracted to her and he was hoping they could get to the point where he could get to the next level.  Bobby actually said he told her, “Damn, you are hot, I would like to get to te next level with you as soon as I can and I don’t mean the second floor here, unless you think I am being too forward and fast, and then in that case yes, I mean the second floor.”  She laughed.  He then asked her if that meant yes.  He says she replied, “What do you think?”  “Yes?” the Bobster sheepishly asked.  She then put her hand in his lap, the upper part, and repeated, “What do you think?”  And Bobby went home with er, and he saw her again a few days later.  Looks like the Bobster is doing the nasty with another older babe, and they are both happy.

Hey people, if you like the older ladies, or even if you are not sure but are curious, try MatureLoverSearch.com you may end up like Bobby, and that’s not bad, not bad at all.

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