~ A frigid wind from Canada

Some years ago, I met a girl on a dating site, not one of the free adult dating sites reviewed here, and I think I can safely say it was one of the worst dates of my life.  It wasn’t completely unbearable, but it was pretty bad.  Anyway, I don’t remember who started with who, to be honest, but I do remember we had nice chats.  I was on the west coast and she was in eastern Canada of all places, Montreal, over 3000 miles away.  Her pics looked really nice.  She was a petite girl, cute, and she had a nice personality.  I had no plans to go to Canada but she said she had friends out here and that she visited fairly often.  So that was good.  Even though I liked her well enough long distance, I didn’t know if I was ready to go all the way toward her after what really wasn’t a long “courtship,” if you could call it that.  That would depend on how long it all went on.

So sure enough, as we stayed in touch, she was coming to Los Angeles where I lived.  We were both excited.  Our conversations had been great, about family and work and friends and travel, and more, etc.  We had a lot in common, and I had relatives in Canada not terribly far from the girl, so if things worked out, I would go visit her.  At that time, I really wanted to find my life partner and so, I thought, hey, this long distance thing might work out.  She could be the one, who knows?  So as we planned for her visit, we became even closer.  We talked a lot more and enjoyed each conversation.  There seemed never to be any down time in our chats.  So soon the day arrived.

Because we spent hours on the phone chatting, I was pretty sure we covered most things, at least most important things.  She knew about what I did and I knew what she did for a living.  I didn’t leave anything out and I just went with the flow as did she.  And I was completely honest, about my age and anything else that came up.  So she came to LA and we immediately made plans to meet.  For our first date, I would pick her up and take her to the beach for lunch and some walking around.  We were both cool with that, figuring it would be a good way to get started.  So the day after she arrived I drove about 20 minutes to pick her up.  As I got to where she was staying, flowers in hand, and rang the bell and she opened the door, that was when the whole fantasy stopped.

When she opened the door, I was shocked.  As I said, I was honest.  She was not.  Her pics must have been taken at least 10, maybe 15 years earlier.  And although mine were current, I had a baby face so I looked years younger.  For sure she lied about her age, and I could see she had displeasure as well.  I am sure it was because she thought I would lie like she did.  Now I have had people lie about looks and age and send me old pics before, and that’s just not right, but this was a bit ridiculous.  I was mad but I was determined to try things out anyway – I am polite, I just couldn’t yell at her, “You lied!” and so I said, “Ready to go?”  She said yes and she did go with me to my car and we did go where we planned.  But there was absolutely no conversation.  Zero.  I did try, really.  The date went very fast and I took her home, no talking in the car pretty much the whole way back to her place.  Oh well.

So people, the lesson for today is, tell the truth.  If not right away, do it before things blow up in your face.  There are a number of great dating sites you can find on this site and the best are listed here: DateSitesReview.com – Top 10 Dating Sites.  Being my date was much older than she advertised, here is a great seniors dating site, LOL – MatureHookupDating.com.  You can find young people here as well, I just thought after this blog column, it made sense.  🙂

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