~ David’s juggling act

Years ago when I lived on the East Coast – and I do very much remember the winters there, lol, that was why I left for Los Angeles, sorry all those in the New England area, well, I am not sorry, lol – my good friend David started seeing a lady who was about 5 years older than him and who had two kids.  She was divorced and really not bad looking at all.  Blonde, cute, good body, nice.  David was quite the ladies’ man.  Gutsy, not especially handsome but OK, not especially tall, but a nice guy.  And he knew how to turn on the charm.  I could turn on the charm as well, but wasn’t as gutsy.  So I marveled at how David went from lady to lady, girlfriend to girlfriend.  And he especially liked the mothers, the MILFs.  They were in his words, nice, and ready to go.  He didn’t say they were easy, just that they were sex-starved for the most part, and if you want sex go after those who want it too.

David was seeing another lady at that time, a brunette also divorced with one kid, who was crazy about him, a bit controlling I remember.  He juggled these ladies.  And that is my story today, David’s juggling act.  I do not remember the names of the women just what David was doing with both.  David lived alone and I would go to his apartment to hang out after school sometimes, and one day he is with one and the next with the other.  They weren’t there each night, after all David took them out and went to their place too and messed around there when their kids were asleep.  But there were a few times that he almost got caught because everyone kind of lived in the same area of town.  The girls would just show up sometimes and I told David that one day they will both come over at the same time and what will you do?

And of course it happened.   One night I was over at David’s and sure enough the blonde just shows up.  After about 30 minutes of her being there, the brunette came by.  Now David lived on the first floor and his kitchen window faced the parking lot, lucky for him.  He was in the kitchen and saw the brunette parking.  So David yells out to me to come to the kitchen and I do.  And he says, “Dude, you need to get out there in the parking lot and send the girl away.  I don’t care how you do it, just do it.”  The he calls the blonde to the kitchen.  Before I could get outside, the brunette is at the front door!  I open it and go out as if I am leaving, saying hi and telling her David wasn’t there.  But she saw his car and didn’t believe me.  I told her I had taken David to his parents, his car having a problem.  I came back to the apartment to look for a check David had left behind and I didn’t find it, and was leaving to go to back to David’s parents’ house.  I don’t know if she bought that but I acted as if I was locking up and leaving.  And I did and she did.

Then I went back to David’s.  The blonde was still there and I told David what I did.  Boy did he owe me.  The thing they all had in common?  They met on the same MILF dating site.  That site no longer exists, but when we were making this free dating site review place for you, I insisted we add MILFs partly because David was able to get two at nearly the same time from a MILF dating site.  So why not you if you want?  David wasn’t anything special.  Go to MilfAholic.com for hot, naughty MILFs who want it even more than you, lol.  And have fun with as many as you like!

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