~ Bowling and the cougar

MILFs.  Cougars.  Sometimes, lots of times, one and the same.  And as they say, it’s all good.  I have dated non-MILF cougars and MILF cougars, and they all excite me.  I want to tell you about the time I had a dalliance shall I say with this amazing cougar.  She was 46 and was amazing.  Laura was her name and I met her at a bowling alley.  Now I don’t bowl and she didn’t bowl.  Both of us were there for different birthday parties.  And we were sort of chaperoning along with a couple other adults.  She had shoulder-length blond hair, although she did admit to me that her hair was really brown, lol.  Laura was a petite little thing, maybe 5’ 1”, maybe, and she had striking blue eyes, although she did admit to me she was wearing colored contact lenses, lol.  Nice body, big boobs, and no she told me they were real when I asked her if she was a real person, and she caught me checking out her ample bosom.

So the kids were bowling and Laura and I sat in those uncomfortable hard plastic chairs drinking soda and eating pizza and just joking around.  Laura was a never-married administrative assistant for some printing office.  It was a boring job.  She told me it was and I figured it was.  But hey, a job is a job, you know.  When I told her about my job, she asked me to regale her with stories, so I did, no names don’t worry.  And the vast, vast majority of the stories were very good to great.  There were a couple funny ones.  Of course,  I made it a point to tell her stories where some guy and some girl got together for casual fun.  🙂

She thought that was great and wanted to join one of the sites from which I told her a great story – SeekingMilf.com.  She made a note with one of those little bowling alley pencils on a piece of paper she tore off a score sheet.  And she took my number too.  When the parties ended and all the little monsters were safely out of there, Laura said, “I will call you. I would like to hear more stories”.  That was fine by me.  I should have asked her out but I didn’t, don’t know why actually, lol.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard from her in a week plus so I actually forgot about her.  Nearly a month after we met at the bowling alley, she called me.  We talked for a bit and she said hey, let’s get together.  She invited me to her place for dinner the next night, Friday night.  Just like that.  Nice.  She did say she was bold and aggressive and knew what she liked and went after it.  Who was I to disagree with that?  So I went to her place and she made a great dinner.  Perfect for me.  It was hamburgers she grilled on her apartment patio and french fries and apple pie.  The perfect meal for a junk food junkie like me.   Then we drank some wine I brought and let loose from there.  The clothes came off, and we had a crazy good time.  She was a freak!  I never met her again.  🙂  She did join SeekingMilf.com by the way.  Maybe you can find her there.  If you do, mmmmmmm.

~ To app or not to app

Lately, I have received many inquiries about dating apps.  Makes sense.   I am in the dating business and I am in the technology business and I melt the two together, so why not?  You may think that being I promote dating through online websites that I might be against apps.  I am not.  In fact, many of the sites I use and promote have apps of their own.  Today, to stay competitive, you have to at least try to have that capability.  So generally I like dating apps, and I think they can be useful.

But, and this is an important but, there are issues with apps, some technological and others more scam-related and some a mix of the two.  The technological issues are those of downtime.  The scam-related issues are many seeded fake profiles or many prostitutes (yes, it’s true) and escorts with profiles, and a combination of the two, such as “hooker bots,” fake profiles that clutter the apps with pages and messages.  Yes, this has gone on and still goes on within dating sites, and if any of you use CraigsList, you may know about un-real people that attract searchers and then send them emails with links to pay sites, or escort sites, etc.  But the phenomenon of the apps includes why they are so popular.  It is because they are quick.  Phone app dating has become a “swipe” community.  Zoom, one way or the other.  There have also been criminals meeting up with people and making trouble.  And so much of this is because there is no care taken.  Again, it is all so quick.

I don’t tell people not to use apps.  I think like anything, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  But make sure your basket includes dating personals websites.  The app scams are wasting people’s time and money, and they are becoming dangerous.  Google it.  They are even a problem for gay dating or niche dating.  There have been complaints about how the apps are being used to racially profile, and it is making people mad.  Use apps, enjoy.  But by also in the least using dating sites, and taking a little, not very much, time to look around and find someone, you are usually better off.  Aside from the fact you see many more pics of people and much more data, you can also easily see everything.  Your computer monitor is much bigger than your cell phone’s screen, if you can even call it that.

Apps are being used mainly for the fast hookup.  You can find a great hookup here – FlirtBuddies.com.  And you can find great hookups even on sites where you think that might not be the case, like here – MilfAholic.com. Finally, even niche sites like MatureHookupDating.com, BBWdesire.com and BlackCrush.com can be easily used for the hookup.  So have a portfolio if you will of sites and/or apps that can and will work for you.

~ Senior ladies and MILFs

There is something to be said about dating women older than you, and sometimes even much older.   And older MILFs.  Cougars are older ladies, sometimes as MILFs and sometimes not.  These older ladies like younger guys, called cubs when with cougars, and they love that they can explore their sexuality either within a marriage or outside or after.  So today I am writing about both older women and MILF older women.

I must tell you I have not had lots of dates with older women but yes I have had a few.  And the best one was with a lady 30 years older than me.  Laura was so liberated and carefree.  And yes, her body was not perfect, but it was still pretty good.  And I am not perfect myself so why should I care.  She had 3 grandchildren and was pretty proud of them from what she told me.  Her marriage of 27 years went south and so she got divorced and became a wild lady.  And I was pretty darn glad.

Laura and I dated for like 3 months.  It was mostly physical more than dating going out dating.  Which was fine by me.  The whole reason we got together was for fun. I found her on MatureLoverSearch.com and she was quick to respond.  We noted back and forth a bit and then talked on the phone, which was super wild by the way, then we shared pics, hers very wild, and then we met.  Lots of “thens” here, lol.  Anyway, we had the same in-the-sack interests and she was only too happy to please.  As was I.  I think that’s important.

The only reason Laura and I stopped “dating” was because she saw her high school sweetheart at a restaurant and decided to give it a try with him.  I had no issue with that at all being we were only a physical thing anyway.  And I wanted her to be happy.  I never heard from my cougar again and I assume she is happy and having a nice life.  So do yourself a favor.  Look for the older MILFs or senior ladies.  They will add a new dimension in your life.  Again, you can find women like Laura at MatureLoverSearch.com.  (Here is a great MILF site by the way – MilfAholic.com.)